Capt Dave Bertrand, Retired – Mossad and CIA Basket of Lies, Americans Have Awoken (Video)

Mossad and CIA Basket of Lies, Americans Have Awoken (Video)


The War For Your Mind and Soul Continues

Friends and Associates,

Today you will receive an Equivalent to 4 Years of College of what we should have learned, if Not in High School, A Historical Collection of alse Flag Attacks that dragged America into (Most) Every Single War on the Planet.

The Matrix is  Very Real () controlled by the ‘Military Industrial Complex(…) Eisenhower warned us about.

Those behind the Matrix Make Up Approximately 60 Families inside the United States and A Number of at Least 13 Families abroad, ALL with Mossad, British Intelligence and CIA on Speed Dial. They are the iLLUMiNATi that worship Satan, they are also Referred to as the “Oligarchs,” and THEY ARE the Deep State | Shadow Government that create our Reality into Anything they want in Order to Advance an Agenda for War.

Most Every Single pPlitician in Congress is Nothing More than a “Lobbyist” for the ‘Shadow Government’ and are Referred to as Deep State Minions. The Democrat Communist Party and the CIA Controlled Fake Media is their Power andControl over (Our) Minds (…) but AGreat Awakening” came about After the 9/11 Fake Atrack when the Internet began to Expand and Ideas, Truth and Fiction went through the Roof.

Truth was A Slow Process from 9/11 till Now and because of 9/11 and the Corruption on Display (Today) by the Bush and Obama Regimes, ANew Sheriff is in Town” and Things are about to Reverse () but Not before the Major Social Media Platforms and FakeStream Media attempt to cancel Any and All Truth that is continuing to Uncover their Crimes against Humanity and the Future of America.

We as A Country dodged the Proverbial Bullet as the Deep State | Oligarchy and their ’16 Year Plan’ came to an Abrupt End with the Election of Donald Trump.

But what is it that has Forced the Deep State into Such Panic and Foaming at the Mouth with Non Sense on a Daily Basis?

As I have reported Several Times (…) Satan’s ‘Achilles’s Heel’ is the iLLUMiNATi and Deep State’s Lust for Child Sacrifice and the Drinking of a Tortured Child’s Blood for the Massive Adrenal Rush that comes from the Chemical Excreted under Torture called Adrenochrome, while Blood Transfusions for [Billionaires] has become News Lately in their So Called Anti Aging Research.

Adrenochrome is A Chemical Compound with the Molecular Formula C9H9NO3 Produced by the Oxidation of Adrenaline (Epinephrine).

What does “Child Sacrifice” and Blood Transfusions have with Satan’s ‘Achilles’s Heel’ that can Take Down the Cabal?

Because (…) You have to have Child | Sex Trafficking Net Works for “Supply and Demand.”

This World Wide  Net Work of Child | Sex Trafficking is becoming the Downfall of Thousands involved in supplying the Oligarchs their Children, to Murder, Abuse, or Exploit. THEY are being Arrested in Numbers that are NOT Reported.

The Absolute Terror the Deep State Players are Facing  (…) those arrested [Net Work Child Trafficking] are Singing like Canaries in a Coal Mine. International Criminal Action is taking Place and you can bet () the “White Hats” of the Military Alliance, working with others around the world are on the scene, while at home, the investigations are about to be wrapped-up, but NOT before the Mueller team completed their report.

“The cards are stacking-up against the Deep State.”

The puzzle has to fit perfectly before the time comes to begin the indictments of those that participated in the ‘Coup’ to overthrow the United States and a sitting president.

As “Q” has posted….[We Have Everything….We Know Everything] is a message the Deep State knows as true, therefore…..the panic we are witnessing, as the minions and media project fear and total hatred for President Trump is evident everyday.

Trump’s [insurance policy] (if any) is if something happens to him or his family, ALL criminal activities….including ALL THEIR connections to child torture and trafficking would be released (immediately), causing Trump to be a “Martyr.”

Not to get off course (here), it is important for everyone reading this to review the following video (in full) in-order to understand how the Deep State operates, their past deeds, and what THEY attempted to do by creating the 9/11 false flag attack that has resulted in millions dead via unnecessary wars.

Because of the internet, WE THE PEOPLE woke-up to 9/11 as one of the most heinous crimes of the century that might be the reason why GWB and Cheney are in hiding, or (if anything) when GWB passed a note to Laura Bush and why we witnessed panic on display during the notorious criminal oligarch’s funeral.

EVERYTHING has been a lie……..[Suicide Watch In Effect]


Gepubliceerd op 4 jun. 2019

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In reality, America is ruled by an oligarchy, America’s 60 families, a de facto government according to Ferdinand Lundberg. This “shadow government” has controlled the top levels of the US government for most of our nation’s history. They have steered us into wars, by way of deception time and time again. And they ultimately seek to impose a one world government on humanity as author James Perloff explains.

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Rob Balsamo, Commercial Airline Pilot, Co Founder, Pilots for 9/11 Truth (, 4.000+ total hours flown

Operation Northwoods (foto Telegram)

Statement to this website 7/23/07: “In May 2006, I was watching Glenn Beck’s show on CNN. The Department of Defense had just released the infamous “5 frames” of stop-action video of the pentagon attack. Beck showed the frames and commented, “You can see a 757 in 10 seconds flat! Either that or a naked Michael Moore heading for the buffet! This should put all those conspiracy theories to rest”. While watching it, I’m thinking to myself,“I can’t see any 757.” And I’m asking myself, “Are there still unresolved questions regarding 9/11?”

So I started Poking around on the Internet trying to find Anything I can to back up the Government’s Story because I didn’t want to believe our Government might have had Something to Do with 9/11.

Early on, I came across Operation Northwoods ( It blew me away that elements of our government had seriously planned acts of terrorism inside the United States to justify invading Cuba. Consider that 9/11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean had said, “The greatest failure of 9/11 was lack of imagination”, yet just under 40 years prior, elements of our own government imagined perpetrating such an event!

In late summer of 2006, I co-founded the group Pilots for 9/11 Truth (, to more formally conduct research on the aviation-related aspects of 9/11. In August 2006, Pilots for 9/11 Truth received from the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) a copy of the Flight Data Recorder data of Flight 77, which, according to the official account, hit the Pentagon.

We analyzed the data and announced our conclusion on 3/26/07 that “The information provided by the NTSB does not support the 9/11 Commission Report of American Airlines Flight 77 impact with the Pentagon.” Much more information about this can be found in our press release ( and documentary:

Pilots For 9/11 Truth – 9/11 INTERCEPTED

Gepubliceerd op 16 dec. 2014

For more info see


So now, a year after I began looking into the events of 9/11 and having devoted a lot of time and effort researching those events, I’m frustrated because we haven’t been able to find anything to confirm the government’s story. And what’s worse is that the FBI and NTSB refuse to even discuss with us the many obvious problems we found in the Flight 77 Flight Data Recorder.

I continue to work with my colleagues at Pilots for 9/11 Truth, to grow the organization and to continue our research into the aviation-related aspects of 9/11, looking for confirmation of the government’s story.”

Audio interview by Mike Chambers 2/6/07: “I just recently – quote, unquote – woke up back in May [2006] due to a video that I saw on mainstream media telling me that I could see a 757 in ten seconds flat going across the Pentagon lawn. And from there I did my research and here I am now … with When I started my research I said to myself, I am going to do everything in my power to figure out and back up the official story, the government’s story – the government fairy tale, I now call it – so I can have faith and believe in my government. We have gotten to the point where I haven’t been able to find anything to confirm the government’s story.

Now, we received the flight data information through the NTSB back in August [2006]. (…) The files that we originally received from the NTSB shows the aircraft too high to have hit the light poles. They can see that on Full Analysis. And of course in our film Pandora’s Black Box Chapter 2.

The flight data recorder raw file that we have just decoded (…) it’s still showing too high for the Pentagon. (…) It shows the radar altimeter at 273 feet. That means 273 feet above the ground. OK? The Pentagon only gets up to 77 feet.”

Glen Stanish: Commercial airline pilot for American Airlines, ATA, TWA, and Continental, 15,000+ total hours flown. Aircraft flown: Boeing 737, McDonnell Douglas MD-80. Co-founder, Pilots for 9/11 Truth.

Capt. Russ Wittenberg, U.S. Air Force – Retired commercial pilot. Flew for Pan Am and United Airlines for 35 years. Aircraft flown: Boeing 707, 720, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777. 30,000+ total hours flown. Had previously flown the actual two United Airlines aircraft that were hijacked on 9/11 (Flight 93, which impacted in Pennsylvania, and Flight 175, the second plane to hit the WTC). Former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with over 100 combat missions.

Video interview 9/11 Ripple Effect 8/07:

”I flew the two actual aircraft which were involved in 9/11; the Fight number 175 and Flight 93, the 757 that allegedly went down in Shanksville and Flight 175 is the aircraft that’s alleged to have hit the South Tower. I don’t believe it’s possible for, like I said, for a terrorist, a so-called terrorist to train on a [Cessna] 172, then jump in a cockpit of a 757-767 class cockpit, and vertical navigate the aircraft, lateral navigate the aircraft, and fly the airplane at speeds exceeding it’s design limit speed by well over 100 knots, make high-speed high-banked turns, exceeding — pulling probably 5, 6, 7 G’s. And the aircraft would literally fall out of the sky. I couldn’t do it and I’m absolutely positive they couldn’t do it.”

Article 7/17/05: ”The government story they handed us about 9/11 is total B.S. plain and simple.” … Wittenberg convincingly argued there was absolutely no possibility that Flight 77 could have “descended 7,000 feet in two minutes, all the while performing a steep 280 degree banked turn before crashing into the Pentagon’s first floor wall without touching the lawn.”

“For a guy to just jump into the cockpit and fly like an ace is impossible – there is not one chance in a thousand,” said Wittenberg, recalling that when he made the jump from Boeing 727′s to the highly sophisticated computerized characteristics of the 737′s through 767′s it took him considerable time to feel comfortable flying.”

Essay Where is the Wreckage of UAL 93? 2/15/06: “I most certainly and honestly believe, that sometime in the near future, it will become common knowledge that the events of 9/11 were an “inside job” designed, engineered and committed by a very large and “in control” rogue element within our United States federal government, used as a false cause, a pretext, a lie, to invade two natural resource rich foreign countries, to further pursue and expand an empire, to change the borders of the Middle East countries, and as part of the war on terror, or more appropriately, the war on freedom, was used to frighten the American people so they would allow the infringement of their civil liberties and constitutional rights, to allow for closer monitoring and further oppression.”

Letter to the Air Line Pilots Association 10/3/06: “I have been a proud member of the Air Line Pilots Association for almost 16 years (…) Throughout my piloting career, I have tried to uphold the published ALPA Canons of professional airmanship, safety and comfort of passengers and crew (…)

Because of the abundant resources available within ALPA, including the ALPA Accident Investigation and Engineering and Air Safety Committees, on behalf of Professor Jim Fetzer (, PhD., Scholars for 911 Truth ( co-founder, I as an ALPA member and Associate member of Scholars for 911Truth, am writing to you, the ALPA National Officers and Executive Vice-Presidents to encourage your participation and partnership with Scholars, an organization of which I am also very proud to be a member. This is an open letter and invitation to join Scholars for 911 Truth. I firmly believe that with the resources within ALPA, its participation in the work of Scholars would help in the establishment and documentation of a more accurate account and correct historical record of September the 11th, and the corrective political measures required to be taken to restore our republic and beloved country and help to heal her deep wounds associated with 911.” Link to full letter:

9/11 documentary video 9/11 Ripple Effect 7/4/07: ”My initial reaction to September the 11th was that it was as advertised; that these aircraft had been hijacked; that it was a big terrorist operation; that we were attacked by Muslim extremists. I kind of just believed the initial story. I was in a state of shock.

As reports came out through the news and some alternative news services that I had been subscribing to there was some things that were reported by credible people at these accident sites that did not agree with my professional training and my background.”

All the recorded sources, all the different photographic evidence that was produced by CNN and ABC, they all show this pod. It’s there. You can see it with your own eyes. And in my professional opinion, there was a pod attached to the bottom of that aircraft. And therefore it was not United Airlines Flight 175.

Commander Ralph Kolstad, U.S. Navy (ret): Retired commercial airline captain with 27 years experience. Aircraft flown: Boeing 727, 757 and 767, McDonnell Douglas MD-80, and Fokker F-100. Retired fighter pilot. Former Air Combat Instructor, U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School (Topgun). 20-year Navy career. Aircraft flown: McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom, Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, and Grumman F-14 Tomcat. 23,000+ total hours flown.

Statement to this website 8/20/07: “I started questioning the Sept 11, 2001 “story” only days after the event. It just didn’t make any sense to me. How could a steel and concrete building collapse after being hit by a Boeing 767? Didn’t the engineers design it to withstand a direct hit from a Boeing 707, approximately the same size and weight of the 767? The evidence just didn’t add up. (…)

At the Pentagon, the pilot of the Boeing 757 did quite a feat of flying. I have 6,000 hours of flight time in Boeing 757’s and 767’s and could not have flown it the way the flight path was described.

I was also a Navy fighter pilot and Air Combat Instructor, U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School and have experience flying low altitude, high speed aircraft. I could not have done what these beginners did. Something stinks to high heaven!

Where is the damage to the wall of the Pentagon from the wings? Where are the big pieces that always break away in an accident? Where is all the luggage? Where are the miles and miles of wire, cable, and lines that are part and parcel of any large aircraft? Where are the steel engine parts? Where is the steel landing gear? Where is the tail section that would have broken into large pieces?

I also personally knew American Airlines Captain “Chick” Burlingame, who was the captain of Flight 77 which allegedly hit the Pentagon, and I know he would not have given up his airplane to crazies!

And at the Shanksville Pennsylvania impact site, where is any of the wreckage?!!! Of all the pictures I have seen, there is only a hole! Where is any piece of a crashed airplane? Why was the area cordoned off, and no inspection allowed by the normal accident personnel? Where is any evidence at all?

When one starts using his own mind, and not what one was told, there is very little to believe in the official “story”. …

Every question leads to another question that has not been answered by anyone in authority. This is just the beginning as to why I don’t believe the official “story” and why I want the truth to be told.” Link to full statement:


From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)

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Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid.

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