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George Floyd Cover Up Exposed, Dirty Cop Hit Job, Feds Knew About the Cartel Connection Under FBI James Comey

Black Lives Matter (foto Twitter)

Black Lives Matter (1) (foto Twitter)

Black Lives Matter (2) (foto Twitter

Black Lives Matter (2) (foto Twitter)Letter of Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington DC to President Donald J Trump, June 4, 2020 (foto Twitter)Letter of Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington DC to President Donald J Trump, June 4, 2020 (foto Twitter)

White House fenced off (foto Twitter)

White House fenced off (foto Twitter)

Donald J Trump now lives at 1600 Black Lives Matter Plaza NW, Washington, DC (foto Twitter)

Donald J Trump now lives at 1600 Black Lives Matter Plaza NW, Washington, DC (foto Twitter)

Black House Autonomous Zone (foto Twitter)

Black House Autonomous Zone (foto Twitter)

Was George Floyd a martyr?

Was George Floyd A martyr? (foto Twitter)
Five Years in prison for assault in 2009 (foto Twitter)Five years in prison for assault in 2009 (foto Twitter)

George Floyd was a freemason (foto Twitter)

George Floyd was A freemason (foto Twitter)Anomalies in the Floyd George story (foto snippets&snappits)Anomalies in the Floyd George story (foto snippets&snappits)

Something S not right (foto Before It S News)


 The War For Your Mind and Soul Continues

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Friends and Associates,

Premeditated hit,” “organized hit,” and connections to sex and drug trafficking, including counterfeit money laundering involving Peru?

Our poster boy, George Floyd and his connections with the former dirty cop, and the night club they BOTH worked at, is now very suspicious and warrants A full blown investigation. However, the cover up to what really happened, to silence George (for whatever reason) can and would set the Deep State and their communist cronies [ANTIFA] further down the road to outright anarchy and murder.

Eight plus minutes with A knee on Floyd S neck, over a counterfeit $ 20 note, handcuffed on his stomach, not resisting, is NOT your typical law enforcement method, being played out as Aracist” event, but is that of an orchestrated hit job, under the guise of restraining A black man on “drugs, resisting,” and for some very odd reason. A cop that figured he could get away with his actions, knowing it would be overshadowed by the black community as A racist event.

Whatever it was that George Floyd knew about the dirty cop, A fellow night club security colleague, is A future movie drama in the aftermath of America S ashes.

I don T think the dirty cop figured he would get A second degree murder charge, since many cops have been acquitted, especially if they think there are dirty judges and prosecutors on (their) side. The worst he likely figured was A firing, followed by manslaughter charges, but enough he was willing to accept in Order to (maybe) avoid A life sentence for his possible connections and cover up support for the night club owner and her aiding and abetting of terrorism and human trafficking.

How deep does it all go? VERY DEEP.

The club owner, La Raza organizer Maya Santamaria, has ties to A terrorist organization. known by the feds (Comey), but nothing was done to pull her green card. We also need to ask why CIA John Brennan is on her Twitter List of favorites and others you will see in the video below at time mark 18:19.

Very suspicious indeed and the more we know, we can continue to map out the connections and how A Civil War is underway while the Fake Stream Media refuses to investigate the truth behind the murder of George Floyd.

Dave Bertrand


Nobody Filming Cop Kneeling On George Floyd On Opposite Side of the Street Where Media Video Originated For The Riots? – Video

RedPill78 – The Counterfeit Connection, Cabal Front Exposed?

4th Generation Warfare | Riots & Lockdown

Soros "Fist" around the globe (foto nTwitter)
Soros “Fist” around the globe (foto Twitter)


Patriot Richard H –  OK, here S the real story 

The club where the two worked was involved in sex trafficking. Floyd was intentionally killed to shut him up. It was A hit by that cop and intentionally filmed to spark the riots. We are dealing with pure evil here. More coming out. Can T believe it hit Main Stream Media!

On Jun 4, 2020, at 12:23 PM, Larry wrote
Heard he had drugs in his blood, that he had COVID 19, then some autopsy said no drugs. Conjecture,  now this possibility of sex trafficking. Confusing as to what is the whole truth.
Larry Jordan

BREAKING: Antifa terrorists to be bused to Sparta, Illinois with Orders to burn farm houses and kill livestock in rural “white” areas

 Illinois farmhouse (foto Natural News)

Today Natural News has learned that Antifa operatives are organizing A plan to bus large numbers of Antifa terrorists to the vicinity of Sparta, Illinois, where they will be directed to target rural white Americans by burning farm houses and killing livestock. The purpose of the attack, according to sources, is so that Antifa can send A message to white America that “not even rural whites are safe” from the reach of Antifa, and that if their radical left wing demands are not yet, all of America will burn (not just the cities).

Sources tell Natural News that Antifa terrorists are currently expected to move along state routes 154 and 4, seeking out rural targets including isolated homes and farms to cause maximum mayhem and property destruction. Although our sources did not specifically mention the methods by which killing livestock would be accomplished, it seems almost certain that firearms would be the most effective way for Antifa terrorists to achieve that morbid goal.

Facebook will not allow you to share this story from, as Facebook has blacklisted this entire website in Order to censor reporting that exposes Antifa and other criminals operating in America. To share this story, look for it on and share from there.

It is possible that Antifa may alter its planned routes of destruction based on the appearance of this report. Although our sources are highly reliable individuals, the information and disinformation warfare tactics of Antifa are incredibly advanced, and part of the Art of War is to make your enemy think you’re in one place while you re actually attacking another.

We are told that the timing of this attack is this coming weekend,” which could indicate Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. Today we are urging the citizens of Sparta to prepare for the possibility of Antifa terrorism activities in their area. We are especially urging individuals who have houses located near the major highways to be on alert for attempted arson, property destruction, shootings or the killing of livestock.

About Sparta, Illinois

Sparta, Illinois is A small town of just 4,300 people according to the 2010 census. It is located in Randolph County and is roughly 45 miles southeast of St Louis, the regional home of the Ferguson, Missouri riots of 2014. Rural towns around Sparta include Blair, Tilden, Coulterville, Baldwin, Cutler, Willisville, Bremen and Chester.

Illinois, dominate by anti gun Democrats, is A state where citizens are not allowed to defend themselves with firearms. This is likely why Antifa is targeting Illinois for the kind of destruction that would be immediately halted by A barrage of return gunfire in states like Texas, Florida or Tennessee. In Illinois, Antifa terrorists practically have their own shooting gallery of unarmed civilians who have been forcibly disarmed by the corrupt anti Second Amendment politicians in Chicago.

By turning Illinois into A gun free zone, Chicago lawmakers have transformed the state into A shooting gallery for Antifa terrorists

We encourage all law enforcement in Randolph County to be on high alert this coming weekend. This will not be your normal weekend of dragging overdosed methed up, heroin addicted white boys to the emergency rooms in Chester and Waterloo. This is going to be something on an entirely different level, if Antifa makes good on its current plans.

Antifa has been labeled A terrorist organization by President Trump, and the actions of Antifa property destruction, arson, looting, attempted murder of police officers and extreme violence toward innocent people reveals the terrorism goals of the radical left wing organization. With this tactic of moving into rural America, Antifa seems to be deciding that burning down left wing cities isn T having the fear effect they hope to achieve. For many nights, Antifa groups have been threatening to fan out to the suburbs and start targetingwhite America.”

Now, it seems they are planning to expand into rural America, at least in “gun free” areas where the citizens can T shoot back (foto Before It S News)

Targeting infrastructure is the next escalation of Antifa terrorists

Over the last 10 days, Natural News has learned from multiple Intelligence sources that Antifa S next escalation will target US infrastructure such as water, power and telecommunications. Although not specifically mentioned by our sources in Illinois, we anticipate A very high probability that Antifa terrorists, if they carry out their planned mayhem in the rural areas surrounding Sparta, will likely target water towers with gunfire.

Water towers can be very easily destroyed with gunfire, as bullet holes can often cause structural instability, leading to catastrophic collapse of the containment structure. Even when bullets don T achieve the total destruction of the tower, bullets are rapidly stopped by the water inside the tower, causing those bullets — usually made out of lead — to saturate the water with lead, A toxic heavy metal (even high velocity rifle rounds barely penetrate more than three feet into water).

This means that Antifa has A readily available means to poison the water supplies of rural towns in Illinois and elsewhere, while causing high repair costs for local infrastructure.

As we have repeatedly warned in previous articles, much of America S infrastructure is shockingly vulnerable to bad faith actors and terrorists who are willing to cause mass poisonings, mayhem and destruction in Order to achieve their twisted political goals (which, in this case, are the rise of communism and the total genocide against whites, A goal that most of the Big Tech industry seems to openly support).

Prepare to secure your farms, your homes and your towns against Antifa terrorism actions, and DEMAND an end to restrictions on your Second Amendment rights

We strongly advise citizens of Randolph County, Illinois to ready whatever legal weapons you may still have in your possession and to prepare to support your local law enforcement in defending your homes, farms and towns against this potential Antifa terrorism invasion.

We were warned in publishing this article that Antifa would simply move their target to another town in Illinois, but we decided to move ahead with publishing this anyway, as refraining from publishing this intel would be irresponsible.

We further urge all citizens of Illinois to demand an end to restrictions on your Second Amendment rights, as these Antifa riots have made it abundantly clear that the police cannot protect you (or have been ordered not to protect you, in many cities). This means that, especially for rural Americans, your personal security is now up to you.

The Randolph County Sheriff S deputies can T be everywhere at once. If you want to be safe in rural Illinois, you need to first defeat Antifa terrorists, and then secondly call for the arrest of Chicago lawmakers who have committed treason against this nation by suppressing your right to self defense.

The Second Amendment debate is now over. Anyone who wants to survive the Antifa uprisings is getting armed. Any state where self defense rights are restricted is A state that effectively sides with the terrorists. The towns where Antifa is failing to cause mayhem are the towns where local citizens are walking around with AR15 rifles slung across their chests.

Tonight we pray for all the citizens of rural Illinois who are about to be targeted by unbridled left wing violence and mayhem. They will kill your cattle, set fire to your homes and terrorize your towns. And the left wing Media will defend these terrorists and call them peaceful protests.”

Prepare to defend your communities or watch them burn to the ground.

From the Desk of Capt Dave Bertrand (Retired)

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