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Continuing in an emphasis with much of what George Webb reveals currently concerning Hillary Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Awans (4 brothers, 2 wives), foreign nationals, hired into IT for House Congressional Offices on Capital Hill, first installed by Greg Meeks in 2004, and given top secret security level clearances and access to the nation’s most sensitive information in matters of national security. Webb tells us Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and the Awans all had private servers. The Awans fled to Pakistan following a report to law enforcement in January by their stepmother claiming she was kept away from her husband who was in the hospital and her phones were being monitored by the Awan brothers. Representatives Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Jackie Speier were the ones requesting top secret security clearances for the Awans. Interestingly, the Capital Police, not the FBI, are supposedly investigating the alleged Awan, foreign national spies, crimes.

The Awan saga coincides with The Deep State and current soft coup; this Deep State is still very powerful as evidenced by the fact much of what Webb and others reveal, including Robert David Steele, Douglas Hagmann, and David Hodges doesn’t make it to mainstream news reports (aka fake news). Not surprisingly so, as Steele, Hagmann, and Hodges are warning the public of information gathered concerning a violent “American Spring” lurking ahead from well-orchestrated, well-financed groups. Because this warning is being sounded by several having contacts within the government, it bears repeating. I’m also reminded of John Moore, former Green Beret, a homicide investigator, Vietnam vet who’d stated he learned to carefully listen to “chatter” because it was his experience chatter is a precursor for an event(s) – as it had preceded the Tet Offensive in Vietnam.

Likewise, chatter is what Moore and many other seasoned professional investigators, scientists, and experts are warning in regards to Nibiru (Planet X, Nemesis – there’s several names), along with scientific reports. But further, BPEarthwatch and Higher Truth Channel provide observable data and lend their expertise in interpreting their observations (And this is greatly appreciated!) regarding this second source of cosmic rays and compressions on Earth’s magnetosphere. Please take the time to research what’s happening to our Earth – massive animal die-offs, globally, and an increase in volcanic and earthquake activity to name a few.

I reiterate Higher Truth Channel’s words “be prepared, not scared”… and BPEarthwatch’s “this is a heads up, be safe”.

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