C Ervana – Top iLLUMiNATi Grand Wizard “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West,” WWIII

Most Christians don’t Even Know (foto Telegram)

Top iLLUMiNATi Grand WizardWe Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy The West,” WWIII

Gepubliceerd op 24 mrt. 2016

In this documentary short we discuss Albert Pike’s Three World War Predictions. There are websites with this information, however I believe the most important aspect of the predictions is that the iLLUMiNATi is using Islam to accomplish its goals. Albert Pike openly stated that Islam will be the central component in a War against the West, and that the iLLUMiNATi will lead Islam into direct confrontation with the West. We have already seen what the New World Order has done with Islam, and that is to foment a crisis and watch as Brussels, Begium and Paris, France attacks happen. But it’s all been planned, setting the stage for WWIII. Just as they set the stage for WWI and WWII.

After Islam is used for its purpose, it will be done away with to make way for the religious system of pure Luciferianism. All Muslims will partake in the new system and worship Lucifer.


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  1. The mountain will fall down, the water will flow, and you will never fall

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