BuzzFeed Unsolved Network – The Harrowing Hunt for Bigfoot

The Harrowing Hunt for Bigfoot

Published 15 apr 2017

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

We’re on A Quest to Catch Us A Foot!


We’ve Got It!

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They’re Coming for You
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Group of Multi Ethnic Business People
Rawpixel | Getty Images
Cropped Image of Hand by Elevator Floor Indicator on Wall
Junichi Ota | EyeEm | Getty Images
Film Can and Reel
Geoff Black | Getty Images
Masking Tape
airdone | Getty Images
Old Film Look V2
GokhanApaydin | Getty Images
Old Vintage Cassette
Yuri_Arcurs |  Getty Images
Cracked Elements
CDH_Design | Getty Images
Ready to Kick It Retro Style!
Foot Print Icon Set
kimberrywood | Getty Images
crazy monster
THEPALMER | Getty Images
African Animal Icons
AlonzoDesign | Getty Images
Hair in Plastic Bag
Steven Puetzer | Getty Images
Anthropologist Grover Krantz Holding up Sasquatch Prints
Bettmann | Getty Images
Big Foot
Topical Press Agency | Getty Images
Phil Thompson Measures Bigfoot Footprint
Bettmann  | Getty Images
Old Newspaper Design Vector Template
Seamni | Getty Images
Antique Map of Asia
duncan1890 | Getty Images
Scientist Using Blood Centrifuge
kukhunthod | Getty Images
CSA Images | Getty Images
Map of the US State of California
PASHA18 | Getty Images
He’s Got Decades of Experience in the Field
People Images | Getty Images
Orange Warning Construction Ahead Message Road Sign over Blue Sky
Ryasick | Getty Images
Pile Driving Machine at Road Construction Site
David Sailors | Getty Images
Footpath Passing Through in Forest
Joachim Schenk | EyeEm | Getty Images
Juan Carlos Martin Revirao | Getty Images
Heavy Equipment
takepicsforfun | Getty Images
Scientist with Notes in Pathology Lab
Hybrid Images | Getty Images
Doctor Working
RossHelen | Getty Images
Legendary ‘Bigfoot‘ Creature
Bettmann | Getty Images
Expert Says Bigfoot Exists
Barcroft | Getty Images
Stack of Stones on the Top of A Mountain
Marek Fritz | Eye Em | Getty Images
Hominids of the Australopithecus robustus
De Agostini Picture Library | Getty Images
Bigfoot Silhouette
Big_Ryan | Getty Images
Andreas Meyer | Getty Images
illustrated Bigfoot
Bigfoot Sasquatch Sketch Pen Drawing Illustration
Gil Design | Getty Images
Bigfoot Sketch
Big_Ryan | Getty Images
Twisty Road
Billy Richards Photography | Getty Images
United States and the State of Utah, Relief Map
Planet Observer | UIG | Getty Imagess

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