Brian de Palma – Dressed to Kill (1980)

Dressed to Kill (1980)

Publiceerd 17 March 2021


Author:Taltoska Taltoska

Kate Miller is A Sexually Frustrated Housewife Who is In Therapy with New York City Psychiatrist Dr Robert Elliott. During an Appointment, Kate Attempts to Seduce him, but Elliott Rejects her Advances. Kate goes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where she has an Unexpected Flirtation with A Mysterious Stranger. Kate and the Stranger Stalk Each Other through the Museum until they Finally Wind Up Outside, where Kate joins him in A Taxi. They Go to his Apartment and Have Sex.

Hours Later, Kate Awakens and Decides to Discreetly Leave while the Man, Warren Lockman, is Asleep. Kate sits At his Desk to Leave himANote and finds A Document Indicating that Warren has Contracted A sexually Transmitted Disease. Shocked, she leaves the Apartment. In her Haste, she Forgets her Wedding Ring on the Nightstand, and she Returns to Retrieve It. The Elevator Doors Open on the Figure of A Tall, Blond Woman in Dark Sunglasses Wielding A Straight Razor. Kate is Violently Stabbed to Death in the Elevator. A High Priced Call Girl, Liz Blake, Happens Upon the Body. She Catches A Glimpse of the Killer in the Elevator’s Convex Mirror, and Subsequently becomes Both the Prime Suspect and the Killer’s Next Target.

Dr. Elliott receives A Bizarre Message on his Answering Machine from “Bobbi“, A Transgender Patient. Bobbi taunts the Psychiatrist for Breaking Off their Therapy Sessions, Apparently because Elliott Refuses to Sign the Necessary Papers for Bobbi to Get Sex Reassignment Surgery. Elliott tries to Convince Dr Levy, the Patient’s New Doctor, that Bobbi is A Danger to Herself and Others. ()

Directed by Brian de Palma
Produced by George Litto
Written by Brian de Palma

Starring Michael Caine Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen

Music by Pino Donaggio
Cinematography Ralf D Bode
Edited by Gerald B Greenberg


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