Brenda Parkerson – “Whatever You Say, Say Nothing” IRA and Women in Belfast (Documentary, 1995)

Female IRA Resistance Fighter (foto Tumgir)

Brits Out Female IRA Resistance Fighters (foto Tumgir)

Whatever You Say, Say NothingIRA and Women in Belfast (Documentary, 1995)

Gepubliceerd 15 mei 2017

Original Title Whatever You Say, Say Nothing

I Don’t Like Living Here, but I Can T Run Away Just Because of the Killing, I hope Nobody in My Family is Going to Get Killed“.

On the 14th of July 1994, A Woman was Found Dead Close to the Northern Irish Border. 34 Year Old Caroline of Belfast Had Been Executed by the IRA for being A Spy.
6 Months Earlier, Filmmaker Brenda Parkerson had Met with Caroline’s Daughter Shauna. Caroline said in an Interview that she could Not Remember Living in A Time of Peace. She has been A Young Child when the “Troubles in Belfast Started. During the 25 Years during which the War Lasted, she got Married and Raised Three Children and Only A Few Weeks before the Ceasefire started she was Killed. Since the Ceasefire, the Situation in Northern Ireland has Not Changed Much. The Fear to Talk is as Big as Ever Before.
Brenda Parkerson investigates the Sociological Conditions that Allowed such A Crime to Happen.

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A Film by Brenda Parkerson

Script, Directing Brenda Parkerson
Camera Sophie Maintigneux, Peter Miller
Editing Brenda Parkerson
Sound Simon Wood



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