Breaking News TV – And the War begins (September 13 , 2020) | US Navy attacked Chinese Military in the South China Sea

And the War begins (foto YouTube)

And the War begins (September 13 , 2020) | US Navy attacked Chinese Military in the South China Sea

Gepubliceerd op 11 mei 2020

A US Navy guided missile destroyer sailed through waters near the Paracel islands in the South China Sea challenging China’s claim to the area, the Navy said Wednesday.

Later on, The US Navy’s 7th Fleet said in a press release that on Thursday it had sent the USS Montgomery and transport ship USNS Cesar Chavez near the West Capella, the oil exploration ship which is operating within Malaysian waters.

Meanwhile, The US Navy was targeting China with live fire missile tests in the Philippine Sea last week, sending a message that it was up to the challenge of the PLA’s new advanced systems, military analysts said. In the drill in waters east of the Philippines on Thursday, the guided missile destroyer USS Barry launched a medium range Standard Missile 2, the US Seventh Fleet said on its Facebook page. It was accompanied by the guided missile cruiser USS Shiloh, which also launched an SM 2 during the drill.

Later on, Four B 1B bombers and about 200 airmen from Texas arrived in Guam on Friday to conduct training and operations with allies and partners, the Air Force said.

Later on, The Global Times editor He tweeted about the post on Friday. “I said on Chinese social media that China needs to expand the number of its nuclear warheads to over 1,000 to strengthen nuclear deterrent, given US’ rising strategic ambitions and impulses targeting China,” Hu wrote. “It received over 60K likes. China pledges no first use and it loves peace.” here are all the details.


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