Bravo von Muller – Case Study Closed on George Webb, MOSSAD, Periscope, Crowd Source, PSYOP: Free Crowd Sourcing

Case Study Closed on George Webb Sweigert, MOSSAD Periscope Crowd Source PSYOP: Free Crowd Sourcing

Gepubliceerd 19 jun 2017

Bravo von Muller

The Final Chapter of the Case Study on George Webb Sweigert. Case Closed. Who are the Players in thi ? Periscope Bernstein and Wasserman, Lee Stranahan, Jason Goodman, Trish, Dave “Acton” Sweigert, George Webb Sweigert, Defango, Assange?. MO MOSSAD SOP Free Crowdsourcing and YouTube CrowdSource Agenda to Figure out the Puzzle. Who Killed Seth Rich? Or where is he?


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