Bramige D Bank$ – America doesn’t realise that the Real Pandemic is Already Here + kimgary – Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Avenue, “Highlight” For Month of August

The Mirror Which Flatters Not (foto Reddit)

America doesn’t realise that the Real Pandemic is Already Here

First published at 02:33 UTC on September 6th, 2021.

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Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Avenue Story,Highlight” For the Month of August

Published 30 aug. 2021

Most Dangerous Street in Philadelphia

Kensington Philadelphia Drug and Crime Problems

Violent Crime and Drug Abuse in Philadelphia as a whole is a Major Problem. The City’s Violent Crime Rate is Higher than the National Average and other Similarly Sized Metropolitan Areas. Also Alarming is Philadelphia’s Drug Overdose Rate. The Number of Drug Overdose Deaths in the City Increased by 50% from 2013 to 2015, with More than Twice as Many Deaths from Drug Overdoses as Deaths from Homicides in 2015.2 A Big Part of Philadelphia’s Problems stem from the Crime Rate and Drug Abuse in Kensington.

Because of the High Number of Drugs in Kensington, the Neighbourhood has a Drug Crime Rate of 3.57, the Third Highest Rate by Neighbourhood in Philadelphia. Like a Lot of the Country, a Big Part of this Issue is a Result of the Opioid Epidemic. Opioid Abuse has Skyrocketed over the last two Decades in the United States and Philadelphia is No Exception. Along with having a High Rate of Drug Overdose Deaths, 80% percent of Philadelphia’s Overdose Deaths Involved Opioids and Kensington is a Big Contributor to this Number. This Philly Neighbourhood is purportedly the largest Open Air Narcotics Market for Heroin on the East Coast with Many Neighbouring Residents Flocking to the Area for Heroin and other Opioids. With such a High Number of Drugs in Kensington, many State and Local Officials have Zoned in on this Area to try and tackle Philadelphia’s Problem.


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