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What is the road ahead for ramp models

Published on May 18, 2020, 01:00 IST

#CoronaCrisis With fashion shows being called off, what is the road ahead for ramp models?

The fashion industry has taken A hit during the lockdown due to the Corina Virus ID 19 breakout, especially professional ramp modeling, which has come to A complete standstill. Since fashion events, by their very nature defy social distancing, it may not see the light of day in the immediate future. This scenario poses A big question:What is the road ahead for ramp models?
The Bombay Times panel discussion saw ramp models, A fashion choreographer and A fashion designer coming together to discuss the uncertainty ahead, their concerns of being without jobs and facing monetary setbacks and plans to overcome it. The panel discussion was moderated by Achla Sachdev, a former model turned fashion choreographer and director. The glamorous panelists included models Sucheta Sharma James, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Reha Sukheja, Arjun Zander and fashion designer Gavin Miguel.

Reha captured the current state of the modeling World, when she said, “It takes A village to put together A fashion showmodels, choreographer, backstage team and the audience. Going forward, with social distancing, it is going to be hard to put together A fashion event. Fashion is my primary source of income and that is being challenged, but I am not ready to give up yet, I love being a model and love what I do.”
While the models hope that as an industry they can get back to their feet, they have realized the need to explore other things. Zander shared, “We have already started changing ourselves. I have other businesses to lean on.”

Sucheta’s husband, Harrison James is into fitness in A big way and now she is also into it. Gavin said, “We have to redefine what the fashion industry is going to be. My plan is to do sustainable fashion and keep it simple.”

Achla brought some light nhearted banter into the session when she asked the models on how they were pampering themselves with salons not being operational. While Parvathy, who is based in Dubai, is not salon dependent and colored her own hair at home recently, Reha was letting her eyebrows grow out.

Sucheta is an expert at threading and put up A tutorial on it online. Zander said he didn’t need the salon as he was letting his hair grow. Gavin, who’s in Goa, shared that he was getting good haircuts because his wife worked at A branded salon.

While the panelists differed on certain aspects of the fashion industry, they all agreed that digitization of fashion events is the future. They also hoped to return to the ramp early next year, if not the next few months.

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