Bloomberg Quicktake Originals – How Evergrande became China’s Biggest Financial Headache + Curious Reason – The Man Who Stole $300 Billion | Largest Ponzi Scheme In History 

Evergrande Development

Debt (foto The Economic Times)

Four China Constuction Projects (gif

Guangzhou Evergrande Logo (foto Wikipedia)

Evergrand Expansion Map (gif

Evergrande (gif Caixin Global)


Real Estate Price Rise

Contruction Boom

Evergrande (gif

Chinese Property Developer On the Brink of Default (gif

Chinese Property Developer On the Brink of Default (gif

Chinese Property Developer On the Brink of Default (gif

Too Rich (gif Sixth Tone)

Too Rich (gif Sixth Tone)

Too Rich (gif Sixth Tone)

Too Rich (gif Sixth Tone)

Demolition (foto

Wrecking Balls (foto

Domino Theory (foto

China’s Evergrande Risk Too Big to Fail?

Evergrande flaking on Dept Payments (gif Aïda Amer | Axios)

Evergrande (gif Baraka)

China Evergrande Centre

China Night Life

Protesting Lay Offs

Stocks Drop Over 200 Points As Economic Concerns Over Spreading Of Corona Virus Worry Global Investor (oto Wales Online)
Price of 2022 Evergrande Bonds

Anxiety on Stock Market (gif HardwareZone Forums)

Red Numbers

Hui Ka Yan (foto )

Hui Ka Yan (foto Money)
Hui Ka Yan (foto

Hui Ka Yan (foto Imgflip)
Show me the Money (gif
Umbrella (gif )

Asian HY Exposure on China Evergrande

Evergrande Validation

Evergrande Stock (foto Market

Evergrande Stock 2021 – 2022 (foto Market

How Evergrande became China’s Biggest Financial Headache

Published 28 jan. 2022

Bloomberg Quicktake Originals

Once one of China’s most successful developers, Evergrande has been labeled a defaulter and is more than $300 billion in debt. Now it’s racing to restructure as bondholders warn of possible enforcement action.

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The Man Who Stole $ 300 Billion | Largest Ponzi Scheme In History

Gepubliceerd 31 jan. 2022

Curious Reason

Once One of China’s Most Successful Developers, Evergrande has been Labeled a Defaulter and is More than $ 300 Billion in Debt. Now it’s Racing to Restructure Bondholders warn of Possible Inforcement Action. How Evergrande Became China’s Biggest Financial Headache. Evergrande Says Creditors Have Moved to Seize H.K. Plot. Everything You Need To Know About the Chinese Evergrande Crisis, So Far – How Money Works. The End of China’s Economic Miracle.

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