Bloomberg Quicktake – Evergreen | Inside Story of the Ship That Broke Global Trade

Bridge Evergreen Troubled Water )fptp

There’s More To Why The Ever Given Got Stuck Bezoeken. (foto Gizmodo Australia)

Blockage pf the Suez Canal (foto FYFD)

Evergreen (foto Kade McKeow)

The Ship Blocking the Suez Channel (foto Insider)

Too Embarrassed to Name the Names (foto Twitter)
Evergreen Ever Given (foto
Grounded Container Blocks Suez Canal (foto The Shipping Bloke’s Blog by Brad Skelton)
Suez Canal Blocked (foto Diplomat Magazine)

Ever Given in the Suez Canal (fpto PrimoGIF)

Evergeen (

Evergiven Suez Blocked (foto

Suez Evergiven (foto
Suez Canal Boat is Not Going Anywhere, Just Like Me (foto Izismile)
Fun! (foto 9GAG)
Kölner Dom versus Frachtschiff (foto
Compared to Ever Given (foto Twitter)

Evergreen Ever Given (1) (foto

Evergreen Ever Given (2) (foto

Evergreen Ever Given (3) (foto
Ever Given (foto Facebook)

Ever Given Ship Blocking Suez Canal Freed (foto UNLAD)

This Is How Ever Given was Freed from Suez Canal (foto Reddit)

How They Actually Got That Ship to Float Again (fot Reddit)

Coke Did It! (foto Giphy)
Ever Given Scandal (foto Heiwa Co)

You Are Welcome! Ever Given is Free! (foto Imgur)

Worse Things Happen at Sea, Mate! (foto foto Imgflip)

So Alone (foto 9GAG)

Evergreen | Inside Story of the Ship That Broke Global Trade

Published 21 sep. 2021

Bloomberg Quicktake

The Six Day ttranding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal last March did Something Incredibly Rare. It made Regular People Care about Shipping, the Means by Which More than 80% of the World’s Goods are Transported. It took only One Wrong Turn for the Container Ship to bring a Critical Trading Artery to a Standstill. This is How a $1 billion Worth of Cargo got Stuck, Freed and iIpounded as the Courts Took Over.

Read Kit Chellel’s Full Feature Story in Bloomberg Businessweek

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