Blogdog – The Situation in the Ukrainian Shout Me Out (SMO) on December 25, 2022

The Situation in the Ukrainian Shout Me Out (SMO) on December 25, 2022

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The Withdrawal from Kherson turns out to be A brilliant move by Russia .

It became A Race to Artemovsk for both sides.The Russians destroyed A rail line, leaving one open closest to Russian Lines and within Artillery Range.

Now the Ukranian Army shows up to Artemovsk in A Manageable Flow to be destroyed

The spokesperson of the Eastern Group of Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Serhiy Cherevaty, has said that the Russian Armed Forces will soon launch an offensive in the Liman direction.

Russian Troops are trying to advance in three Main Directions: Bakhmut, Avdeevka, and will now try to carry out A Counter Offensive in the Limansky direction.”

Ukrainian Servicemen, under A constant barrage of fire, are preventing the Enemy from breaking through our Defences,” he commented.

The Liman Section of the Front itself is increasingly mentioned in Reports from the Ukrainian General Staff as A direction where Ukrainian Soldiers are holding their Defences under constant Russian Shelling and Strikes.

• Putin сlamed “Тhe Conflict in Ukraine is based on the Policies of Russia’s Geo Political Opponents to tear apart historic Russia, we simply have No Choice but to protect our Citizens.”

• The Russian Armed Forces repelled Ukrainian Counter Attacks in the Direction of Pavlovka and Vladimirovka in the DPR, the Enemy lost over 50 Servicemen, in the Donetsk direction, over 80 Ukrainian Soldiers and Mercenaries were destroyed,

• In the Kupyan and Krasnoliman directions, Kiev lost about 90 men in A day,

Russian Troops hit A Temporary Foreign Mercenary Position near Artemovsk, DPR,

Russian Forces destroyed three American M777 Howitzers and  Polish Crab Launcher,

• Erdogan said the West had only stepped up Provocations and was not trying to Mediate the Crisis in Ukraine;

• Crimean MP Sheremet called Ukraine’s Statements on Crimea Complete Nonsense and suggested that the Kiev Authorities respond by preparing A Plan to Incorporate Kiev into the Russian Federation;

• Sanctions against Russia are Very Costly for Europe, only the USA benefits from them, Siluanov said.

🇷🇺🇧🇾  Russian Servicemen practise operating Chemical Reconnaissance and Smokescreen Vehicles within the Combat Training and unit Cohesion Course in Belarus.

💥  In Kupyansk Direction, over 30 Ukrainian Personnel, 3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles and 3 motor vehicles have been eliminated near Kislovka, Tabayevka and Berestovoye, Kharkov Region.

💥  In Krasny Liman Direction, 2 Company Tactical Groups of the AFU have been Beutralised by Artillery and Heavy Flamethrower Systems near Terny, DPR.

💥  In Donetsk Direction, Offensive Action of Russian Forces has resulted in the Elimination of over 80 Ukrainian Personnel and Mercenaries, 2 Tanks, 5 Armoured Fighting Vehicles, and 4 Motor Vehicles.

💥  In South Donetsk Direction, 2 Company Tactical Groups that tried to Counterattack the Positions of Russian Forces towards Pavlovka and Vladimirovka, DPR, have been neutralised by Artillery.

📹  Russian Defence Ministry shows Western MD Healthcare Professionals in Action within the Special Military Operation.

South of Bakhmut, Russian Army and DPR Forces expanded the Buffer Zone around Andriivka taking control over new Railway Section close to the Artificial Ponds; and began advancing towards Klishchiivka, Кліщіївка from this town.


The Need to Increase the Number of Infantry at the Front is Not in Doubt, and given this Fact, the Plans of the Ministry of Defense to form New Formations are Clear. But some Things would be Worth correcting. In Particular, the Formation of Five (!) Marine Divisions and two new Air Assault Civisions does Not look Fully Justified.

If the Experience of the War has shown Anything, it is the Need for Linear Heavy Infantry, Motorized Infantry, with A powerful Artillery Fist and Tank Support, which, Unfortunately, neither the Marines nor the Airborne Forces can boast of.

Marine Brigades performed Well in Combat, Not Least due to the High Level of Training of their Officers who demonstrated Outstanding Abilities to coordinate the Combat Operations of Interspecific Groups. There are Strong Doubts that the Same Level of Quality of Command Personnel will be preserved when transforming Five Brigades into Five Divisions, but in Terms of Staff, Marine Divisions will be Inferior to Motorized Infantry.

If they are formed in the Usual Motorized Rifle Staff with the usual Combined Arms Command Staff, then why is this Allocation? It would be More Logical to Increase the Staffing of Existing Ground Forces Formations, while maintaining the Marine Corps at its Current Strength as A Tool for Special Rasks. The same goes for the Airborne Forces.

We also lack Light Infantry Capable of Operating Quickly as A Mobile Reserve. But the Staff of the Airborne Forces, with their Focus on Air Landing and Special Vehicles that do not live long in Combined Arms Combat, has Nothing to do with it. There’s No Question about the Personal Courage of Paratroopers, but the Expediency of the Current State of Amphibious Units and Formations requires A Separate Discussion.

• The Decision to launch A Special Operation was A Forced and Difficult one, but it was about Russia’s Survival, it was Impossible to delay any further,

• The Russian Federation will make Every Effort to ensure that the Objectives of the Special Operation are achieved,

•  Moscow is Not Fighting with the Ukrainian People, but with the Kiev Regime, which is Responsible for Many Lives Lost, and any Negotiations with it are Pointless,

•  The World will continue to Teeter on the Brink of World War III and Nuclear Catastrophe unless Russia is Quaranteed Security. But Moscow will do Everything it can to Prevent such A Development,

•  Moscow will Act According to its Nuclear Doctrine in the Event of A Real Threat and that is the Only Thing Holding its Enemies Back Right Now,

•  Russia’s Geo Political Opponents No Longer hide their Intention to limit the Development of the Russian Federation and to divide it into Parts,

•  The West lied to Russia when it Pretended to want to Resolve the Situation in Ukraine Peacefully,

  EU Politicians gave Indulgence to Ukrainian Nazis for their Crimes,

•  The Western World is Gradually turning into A Besieged Fortress, Locking itself in A Cage while the Rest of the World lives Peacefully in Freedom,

•  Sanctions against Russia are A Signal to Other Countries that the West can Not be dealt with,

•  Russia must Not Maintain “Traditional Decency” and can Use All Means of Defence in Response to Sanctions,

• Russia will do without The West until Sensible Politicians come to Power There,

• Many Foreign Companies have been Reluctant to leave Russia, and their Replacement has been Successful,

• The Task of the Russian Authorities is Not Only to protect the new Regions of the Country, but also toMmake their Lives Prosperous, Safe and Comfortable,

• The Citizens who have Emigrated from Russia may have Different Motives, and “God is their Judge”, but there should be No Forgiveness for Outright Traitors.

Since February 24, when the Special Military Operation toDemilitarize and de Nazify Ukraine started, the Ukrainian Conflict has showed A 2% Ratio of Civilian Casualties.

In other Words, for every 100 deaths, 98 are Military, only 2 Civilians.

This is simply the Lowest Ratio of Civilian Deaths in the History of great Conflicts since the WWI.

If you want to compare with some NATO’s Wars Data, in Korea the ratio was 74%, in Vietnam 46%, in Yugoslavia 56%.

What does that mean?

Simple, Russian Forces are Really Concerned about the Risks of the Military Moves and do their Best in Order Not to Kill Civilians.

Not Even the Recent Attacks on Infrastructure generated A Significant Number of Civilian dDeaths.

In my Opinion, winning such an Intense Conflict without causing A Notorious Number of Civilian Casualties should be Reason Enough for Vladimir Putin and General Surovikin receive the Nobel Prize together.

The Most Atrocious Dictatorship of our era is being Defeated Virtually without Civilian Deaths as Collateral Damage.

This also reveals that the West does not care about Civilians in its Wars around the World, since we see more Civilian Deaths in much less intense conflicts.

And, of course, A Relevant Fact is that most of these Civilian Deaths in Ukraine are provoked by Kiev’s Forces themselves, which deliberately shell Demilitarized Areas in Donbass, mainly in Central Donetsk.

Also, these Data does not include the Pre Russian Intervention Scenario. Since 2014, tens of thousands of civilians were brutally killed by Ukrainian Military in Donbass. If these Numbers are considered, certainly the Figures would be much more shocking.

To sum it up, we can say that the Low Ratio of Seaths is an exclusively Russian Achievement.

On the part of Kiev, which is Nothing more than A NATO Proxy, the Deliberate Assassination of Civilians is still ATactic”.

But for the Russians things work in A Different Manner.

The West does Not need All of Ukraine, they smoothly Pursue the Goal of destroying the Entire Infrastructure Base and destroying Cities due to Hostilities, which will then “Merge” Russia, Exchanging Profit for themselves for some kind of “Partition” of Ukraine according to the Yugoslav Scenario. The Russian Federation will get the Ruins that will Serve as an Anchor for their Economy.
Perhaps Ukraine will eventually be Cut into Three or Four Parts, it’s Just that they don’t Tell you about it Now, then you will Stop Participating in their Game.

For the West itself, it is Not Beneficial for Ukraine to win, receive an Image, Money , Reparations, possibly new Territories, thereby becoming A major European Country with the Potential to Unite Others around itself, which in the Future may Already Threaten those who Now “Nourish” it they are Now Barely trying to break up and weaken the EU, why should they again Create A Problem for themselves in the Future. Western Partners have the Task of Splitting Large Countries into Small Ones in order to Control them like Puppets, Divide and Rule.

The best thing for Partners is the Collapse of Ukraine and Russia Together and Immediately into Several Dozen New Small Countries.
Here they are Gently Playing their Game, Adding A Little Nit of Fuel to the Fire of the Ukrainian Crisis, allocating to Ukraine Only as much as it needs for the “Smoldering Conflict

It is Worth Once and for All to understand A Simple Formula, “Western Partners” is Not A Charitable Organization, but A Corporation whose Goal is Power, Money, Control and Complete Dominance over Everything.

Maybe they will Throw us with Financing, but Not in the 23rd Year, and Then. We will Then fight with Machine Guns Alone,” Arestovich said.

Presenting the Cessation of Funding, Arestovich got So Excited that he said that Ukraine would Continue to Fight without American Support. He noted that Europe still supports the Kyiv Regime. A Fat Spit in the Face of US Taxpayers.

Our Propaganda has A habit of turning Rivals or Opponents into some kind of Comedic Folklore Characters. The former President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who Really liked to drink, was Portrayed as A Funny Alcoholic with Wrinkled Trousers. Zelenski is portrayed as A strange Drug Addict who has Mo Idea what’s going on around him. In World War II, Adolf Hitler is also shown speaking in A shrill, funny voice, and so on. But the problem is that this Positioning of the Enemy is not Just Amusing but also Overly Relaxing and lets your Guard down.

And what is Happening in Ukraine Right Now? There’s A Pretty Brutal Repressive Machine at Work There. No Post Soviet State has such A strict vertical of Power as Zelensky has Created before our Eyes. The Constitutional Court has been taken under Control, and the Kiev District Administrative Court (KDAC) was Recently Disbanded. The Opposition, the Platform for Life’s Mandates is under Threat, Everyone votes with the Servant of the People, and there is No Opposition in Parliament. The Courts, the Police, the Law Enforcement Agencies, the Tactical Defence Battalions, and everything else are run by Zelensky. The Only Force that does Not Obey him Now are the Anti Corruption Bodies Set Up by the West.

It’s Not Just us, but the US Leadership has been Wrong in their Assessment of Zelensky. They are Annoyed that he is Out of Control and has begun to take his own, Extremely Radical, Line. The West is Not Satisfied with such A Situation; it wanted to raise its Own, Fully Puppet Leader, and here is A Figure who seems to be Dependent but is Trying to be Autonomous. The USA will Not Abandon its Attempts to Replace Zelensky with its Puppet.

There is One More Intimate Moment Here. Intimate because it is Not Customary to say that the US and the UK have Different Interests. This is, in Fact, the Case. There are A Lot of People working for the UK around Zelensky. The US pays and maintains Zelensky, and the UK takes Advantage. The US does Not Like this Situation: he Who feeds the Girl has to dance her. This is Another, Not Insignificant Reason for Zelensky’s Displeasure.

The other day, the Kalinovsky Regiment of Belarusian Mercenaries published footage of Aerial Reconnaissance of Russian Forces’ positions in the village of Kolomychikha, Luhansk People’s Republic, near Svatovo.

As noted, large Forces of Poland loyal Westerners from Volyn and Lviv are now concentrated near Svatovo, who, together with Polish Mercenaries, are undergoing combat training at training grounds near Kharkiv.

The emergence of Pro Polish Belarusian Mercenaries in the same area indicates that a new player is emerging on the front, fighting for the interests of Warsaw, whose ambitions to reclaim western Ukraine have not gone anywhere.

Leonid Kasinsky, Assistant to the Minister of Defense, told about this in an interview with the STV TV Channel.

▪️ The Russian S 400 systems are capable of covering the entire territory of Belarus with A Reliable Dome.

▪️ Iskander M complexes can strike at A distance of up to 500 km. That is, Warsaw, Vilnius and Kiev are just around the corner.

▪️ Missile Systems and Anti Aircraft Systems have already been put on combat duty in Belarus, Lukashenko said earlier.

Our war is A spiritual One () Looking at the Footage of Azov Regiment’s Pagan Solstice Celebration, we see the True Frontline, the folk beliefs () From their Neolithic Swamp Cults, the Human Sacrifices, the Cannibalism, the Worship of the devouring Earth Mother, that Ancient Female Archetype, to the Teutonic Coldness of Neo Paganism, A LARP of A LARP, Reminiscent of All that Talk about ‘Occultism in the Third Reich’ and what not. It is overstated, of course, but I always imagine those Teutonic SS knights, with their white capes, standing in the grand hall of some castle in the Alps, singing chants in forgotten tongues, whispering incantations, carving runes, praying for the destruction of the Land in the East, in the background you can hear the guttural sounds of Tibetan lamas quoting the Kalachakra Tantra, brought back from some Ahnenerbe expedition () And there you have it, the Wehrmacht is on the outskirts of Moscow, the Volga runs Red with Blood, bombs are falling on Russian village huts ()That was then () And now? Billions of dollars, all that fancy technology, the HIMARS they worship as A minor god, we’re pulling out of Kharkov and Kherson ()

But somewhere, whether it’s 1942 or 2022, there’s A village, maybe in Lugansk oblast, maybe between Mariupol and Taganrog, there’s A tiny village, and an old woman, and her icons, and Christ on the Cross, and she’s falling to her knees, and she’s praying, and she’s wailing, “The Blessed Virgin slept in the city of Jerusalem, she saw A marvelous dream ()”, and there you have it, the Russian winter drops on the heads of the uninvited guests, their tanks are stuck in the mud, it is as if the soil is burning under their feet () And slowly, slowly () What are your Nordic runes compared to this grandmother’s lamentations? ()

EU put Itself in an Awkward Spot, Forced to Constantly Beg Russia to increase Gas Supplies

The Russian Army is Transferring Forces to Berdyansk and Melitopol

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