Blessed2Teach | B2T Show – Gene Decode! The Netherlands Underground Bases (4) April 27th, 2021

Gene Decode! The Netherlands Underground Bases (4) (foto YouTube)

Gene Decode! The Netherlands Underground Bases (4) April 27th, 2021

Live gestreamd 27 April 2021, 04:32

Gene Decode! Netherlands Underground Bases (4)

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In numerology, XXX translates to 666. Let this be a reminder what a Project Management Office really is. Hell.

It’s true. X is the 24th number in the alphabet. 24 reduces to 6 (2 + 4). So XXX reduces to 666. Number reduction is big in the Occult. Monster Energy drink logo is also 666 in Hebrew. Even WWW = 666 in Hebrew (W= VAV, numerical value of VAV is 6). 666 is all about base consciousness, pure selfishness, materialism, lust, greed, et cetera. Satanism is all around us, hidden in plain view.

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