Benjamin Fulford – October 22, 2018: Saudi-Israeli “Axis of Evil” Being Taken Down by International Alliance

The battle raging at the highest levels of world power is reaching a climax of sorts, with an ongoing operation to take down the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia and end their control of the petrodollar system, multiple sources agree. The so called murder of Nazi Muslim Brotherhood agent and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey was staged to provide cover for this ongoing operation, the sources add.

This is all about the financial survival of certain countries (Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the bankrupt US Corporation),” a CIA source explained.

The overall story as told by CIA, Mossad, Japanese intelligence, and Pentagon sources is as follows: Saudi Crown Prince and de facto head of state Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) was shot and killed in April and replaced with a body double. The people controlling the body double then had their funds frozen in retaliation, with the Khashoggi incident as cover. Now, the satanic Khazarian governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia are fighting for their lives.

Biscuit Israel Saudi Arabia

Biscuit Israel Saudi Arabia

So the real reason all the big corporations and government ministers cancelled their planned visits to this week’s “Saudi Arabian Davos” investment forum is because the flow of money they were hoping would be poured in their direction has been cut off.

The global boycott of Saudi Arabia escalates, as Goldman Sachs is forced to stop sending Dina Powell and Germany’s Deutsche Bank, and Japanese banks MUFG and Mizuho join the party,” was how Pentagon sources described the situation.

This appears to be a plan to end the petrodollar, the Israeli-Saudi axis of evil, and the fountainhead of terrorism, as many things converge to collapse the old financial system so the new Quantum Financial System and Global Currency Reset can be launched,” the sources add.

Confirmation of this can be found in reports that US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin cancelled his planned visit to the Saudi investment forum and will now instead visit Saudi Arabia to attend a “terrorist financing” meeting.

bin Salman

Mohammad bin Salman (MBS)

CIA sources also say “Khazarian war criminal Netanyahu is about to take the fall for something big that he is involved with. The US is pulling the plug. Too much pressure is being put on Trump and others very close to him.” We assume this will be Netanyahu’s involvement with the 9/11 and Fukushima mass murder terror attacks.

We will get back to the Saudi Arabian troubles later in this report, but first we need to explain why the situation in Japan, North Korea, and China is the ultimate reason for the chaos in the Middle East. Members of the cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Manchu royals both contacted the White Dragon Society (WDS) last week to explain what was really going on. In essence, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the central bank for central banks, was given strong warnings to cut off the Zionist Satanic Rothschild family “or else,” the sources say.

As a result, the control of the existing global financial system has changed hands. The Manchu Royal say that the Rothschilds never controlled more than 8% of the world’s gold.

Now, the Asian secret societies and the US Military Industrial Complex have agreed to end the control of the Zionists over the financial system.

In return, the West will receive about $ 40 Trillion in gold backed bonds to fund major projects to clean up the planet and create new ecosystems in desert, arctic and oceanic areas, among other things, sources said.

The US military will turn into a planetary protection force, a major improvement over its current status as a guarantor for large Zionist-controlled corporations, they say.

An initial first step in this process will be an announcement by the Japanese president Abe and Chinese president Xi Jinping at the end of this week that the two nations will establish an important mutual fund, according to a source from the Abe government.

This fund will be dedicated to cleaning the environment and managing aging societies for low birth rates, the source said. The US military government has agreed not to interfere with this activity, he adds.

Kake Gauken

Kake Gauken

However, many fights have yet to be done before the West can start this kind of work seriously, so let’s go back to the current chaotic situation in the West.

The suspension of arms sales in Germany could give Trump the cover to do the same, and it could even lead to an arms embargo, with UN resolution, in Saudi Arabia and then in Israel,” say Pentagon sources.

The US military-industrial complex will be more than compensated for any losses resulting from this embargo, say WDS sources.

Of course, the Khazarians are not taking this seriously, as can be seen from the huge push against the conspiracy on the Khashoggi journalist.

For example, as Russia Today noted, “Riyadh does not know how Khashoggi was killed or where his body is, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told Fox News the day after his country, and he said that the journalist was killed in a “violent clash” inside the consulate of Istanbul.

Furthermore, the media controlled by Khazarians are telling the story that their man MBS is still fully in charge of the situation.

However, a member of Abe’s office called a long-time friend, the lawyer who has looked after MBS’s interests for many years and confirms that he was shot twice in the head in April and died instantly.

The CIA sources have joined by stating:

Yes, Bin Salman was brought out.” A double (copy) controlled by Khazarian Zionism was put in its place.The real Bin Salman was causing too many upheavals for the powers.

The real MBS that buys the painting by Leonardo da Vinci Salvator Mundi for $ 450 million disagreed with the Zionist cabal, as the purchase was made immediately after the blackmail of the corrupt Saudi billionaires who worked directly with/for the Khazarian Zionists at the Riyadh Ritz Carlton Hotel. MBS sent a very direct signal, the true meaning of this is that only the Zionists would understand”.

Meanwhile, both US military intelligence and Canadian intelligence sources have warned that the Khazarians (“lizards”) would use a hidden technology to try to manipulate public opinion using holograms and “voices“.

Here’s what the Canadian source said:

Yes, the lizards do not want to lose ‘the Fed’ and yes, they have the technology to make Jesus or anyone who wants to talk to you in your head, not just that, Jesus or whoever will appear in front of you to give you a personal message.

The only problem with this technology is that the old naturally cultivated ‘real canabis’ has prevented this technology from working, which is why it was outlawed many years ago, and who knows what Monsanto and Bayer are doing with the cannabis plants.



Remember that the Earth is in “lockdown”, so they (the lizards) can not escape from the planet and no one can come in and “fetch” them.

No country wants to lend money to the US. China holds so much land as a guarantee throughout America, it’s unreal, if only people knew it. Let the game of chess go on.”

We can confirm from a nephew of a cannabis farmer in Canada that, in fact, although Canada has allowed cannabis, they try very hard to ensure that only varieties that make you more stupid are available.

In any case, a US military officer said that among the ranks there was a broad consensus that it was time to hunt down and kill all the Khazarian gangsters, when he said: ” The Cabal used the National Security Findings (NSF) for many years against all their enemies, so perhaps the same treatment should be held against them by the USN. It is time for the USN to accelerate and begin to sanctioning the cabal’s main characters who pedophilically love little children, then torturing them and sacrificing Baal to gain more satanic power”.

MK Ultra 1961

MK Ultra 1961

In addition to Israel, Saudi Arabia and parts of the United States, the other major Khazarian stronghold that is about to be demolished is Ukraine.

The move to take control of the 12,000 Ukrainian Orthodox Churches away from the Russian Orthodox Church, a new control, is the last straw that will provoke Russia, more sources agree.

This is what a CIA source said about the shootout by a “MK Ultra controlled” 18 year old at the vocational school in Kerch, Crimea:

“He had an accomplice, Putin and the FSB know who he is.

This was orchestrated by [the Ukrainian President] Porky (Poroshenko) with green light given by by [former US Vice President Joe] Biden.

Putin has already made a decision; Ukraine will return to mother Russia and the neo Nazis will be neutralized. Maybe not in that order.”

We tried to contact Russian sources in various ways, concerning the reported coup against Vladimir Putin and the situation in Ukraine, etc., but encountered a complete wall of silence.

This type of communication lock most likely means that some sort of military action is imminent.

In a development that may be related to this, Japanese intelligence sources say that many Japanese, Chinese, and other countries have satellites switched off and seemingly been hijacked by “the British and the Americans.

Relation to the secret space program?

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Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis, 2018-10-22

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