Ben Ged Low – Remembering the End of the World (Full Documentary)

Remembering the End of the World (Full Documentary)

Published 12 nov 2016


The EU 2017 Conference Future Science  Aug 1720, Phoenix

Produced in 1996, Remembering the End of the World was the First Documentary Covering David Talbott’s Labors to Reconstruct Celestial Events in Ancient Times. The Ben Ged Low Film Traces Talbott’s Work Back to its Beginning in the Early 70‘s.

By Following an Original Inspiration in the Work of Immanuel Velikovsky, Talbott discovered A Massive Ancient Story Focused on the Remote Planet Saturn, A Celestial Power Remembered as the “Primeval Sun.”

This Documentary is the First Production Dealing with the Mythic Imagery of the “Polar Configuration“. In the Years that Followed, the Presentation helped to Inspire Other Dedicated Researchers, Several of Whom are Still Pursuing the Subject Today.

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