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Come Again by Harry Hoogstraten

This large collection of previously published and unpublished poems, prose and letters by the veteran Dutch poet and artist, Harry Hoogstraten is essentially his ‘Collected Works’ up to the present, at least in English.

With a foreword by Heathcote Williams, ‘Come Again’ includes several sections, each featuring poems originally published in limited edition collections; ‘From The Field’, The Organ Works of Johann Sebastian Bach’, ‘Boxing Days’ and ‘Akimbo’. Included are poems and prose previously published in poetry magazines and publications and in the ‘main stream’ press such as Rolling Stone, The Sunday Times and the Village Voice.

The previously unpublished (except 10 Gestetnered copies) epic title poem ‘Come Again’ is very different to the other poems. First of all they are mostly very short. ‘Come Again’ is very long. It is also possibly one of the most extraordinary pieces of poetry you are ever likely to read. Although mostly in English, it uses at least four languages, made up words and purposeful ‘typos’ (so don’t blame the publisher).

Reading ‘Come Again’, if you can handle it, could be described as being similar to taking a ‘legal high’. Do not worry if you think you cannot understand all (or even any) of the text. The best way to take ‘Come Again’ is if you just let it flow into your mind …. This poem is meant to be consumed, perhaps as you might the exotic smells, sounds and voices speaking many languages of a bustling market. Perhaps you can allow yourself some street food …. in this case for the soul.

An interesting ‘Letters’ section includes correspondence between the author and other writers; the eminent (and controversial) Rumanian skeptic Emile Cioran, Raymond Carver, and Eddie Woods. There is also a review of the authors artworks by the poet, artist and photographer Ira Cohen.

And last but not least, there is more…. This book is in fact a bundle of many treasures, jewels and gold, all carried encoded within its pages. Only a few people know how this is done.

Peer Reviews:

“You’ve got some wild & lovely things in those poems. The 3 Fuck is really beautiful! And the old sushi man!”
– Gary Snyder.

“Through this book you watch Harry spin like a ball of mirrors over a dance floor. He reflects (in all senses), but expands with each new scene, discarding the merely fashionable skin, adding body to body. I’m reminded at times of works by Anselm Hollo – not in any imitative meaning – but by a care for the spoken sound of a phrase refreshing the language for a native speaker.” – Tom Raworth (on “Boxing Days” poems).

“I thought you’d be happy to know that, since I am carrying ANDIAMO around with me, I decided to use “The Move” in class one day. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the poem (it stimulated their imaginations). Also, Electa Wiley – a poet who lives here- happened to be visiting my class that morning and she just completely tripped out on the poem. She told me the other day that she thought it said almost everything there is to say about the human spirit and the funky world we find ourselves in. Now, I don’t know about all that, but I agree it is a very beautiful poem.” – Lorenzo Thomas.

“A man who adds many glowing stitches to life’s rich fabric and is still boxing his way out of the box.” Heathcote Williams

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