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Why Dr Milorad G Markovic was Murdered (foto YouTube)


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Translation from Serbian



Ravna Gora Warrior Dr Milorad G Markovic was the Deputy Director General of Reserve Police International for the World and at that Time also President of the Congress of All Serbian Parties in America.

He claimed to know Who Kidnapped Nicholas Kalabić and then Killed him in A Terrible Way and after that Captured the Minister of War of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, General Dragoljub Mihailovic Cica by A Ruse.

According to the Man, who gave this Information to Dr Milorad G Markovic, that was the Top State Secret of Yugoslavia and America.

According to the Late Dr Milorad G Markovic, ‘One of Our Serbs‘, who at that Time was an Active Senior CIA Official in Washington, told him All This in Confidence.

Namely that One of our Famous Dukes, after placing his Family and his ‘Chetniks Families in Safety inFree America‘ in Order to Save his Skin Made an Agreement and helped Josip Broz Tito and the Former US Intelligence to Capture Cica.

Whether All This is True, Only Time Will Tell.

If you ask me What I Think. It S Simple. This is an Agent Provocateur, who with Lies and Gossip Not Only Cheated Dr Milorad G Markovic, but Also Many Prominent Serbs.

The Man who gave Dr Milorad G Markovic this Information is the Son of A Prominent Serb even A Professor at A Military Intelligence School in California.

This Man was Actually A Member of the UDBA, while Abroad during a Meeting with his Father, they agreed that he would Confess Everything and that he Worked for the UDBA, and so he got Political Asylum, American Citizenship and Later Even became A CIA Officer.

It is interesting that after Dr Milorad G Markovic Vanished, this Man became A Billionaire Overnight and President of the Congress of all Serbian Parties in America.

I know him Personally, because I Beat him up in 1971 when he Attacked me Physically with A Group of Top Criminals and Drug Dealers, the Leaders of the Underworld Zemun, at the Place I worked in Stockholm, at the Time that I was Negotiating with the Swedish Kingdom about Capturing Top International Gangsters who were Involved in Smuggling Heroin.

When Dr Milorad G Markovic gave me the True Identity of “Our Serb” of the Central Intelligence Agency of America, who at that Time was the Main Financier of Slobodan Mlošević, it was Clear that here there was A Cunning Criminal who fed the Naive Americans and at the Same Time the Serbian Emigrants with Lies.

In 1971, A Secret Meeting took Place between the Heads of the Swedish Security Service IB, which was also Attended by the Heads of the Secret Services of Finland and Britain regarding the Capture of Top Drug Dealers in Europe and America. One of these Gang Leaders was ‘Our Serb‘ with the Son of Another Top Political Emigrant, whose Father was A Senior Serbian Priest in America.

In Order to Foil the Agreements between the Kingdom of Sweden and my Self, that ‘Our Serb‘ with his Maffia arranged for me to be Arrested on Spurious Charges, Even for Something at that Moment I could Not have done, because my Left Hand was Broken during Karate Training. But that did Not Help, the X Rays were Destroyed and I was Only Led in Front of A Judge after spending A Few Months Locked Up in Isolation when my Hand was Healed, ()
At that Moment I became Aware of How Powerful that International Gang is, but I did Not Surrender, I went after them Even Harder, but Not as Hard as I M going to do that in Future, ()

Many Members of the Yugoslav Secret Services Abroad worked for A Criminal who was Born in Belgrade, whose Parents had Emigrated to Israel. They smuggled the Heroin through Diplomatic Post from Europe to America.
Of Course, All This was Not Permitted by the Authorities of Yugoslavia and America ()

These were and Still are the Real Mafia in Uniform, who were SuccessfullyProsecuted by the Yugoslav Federal Counter IntelligenceTanjá‘ from the Late Sixties until my Defection in Brussels on December 15,1973.

It is Now Legally Impossible for myself to Fight against such A Strong Gang that under the Guise of the Police, and Intelligence Agencies are Active in Almost All Western Countries.

Dr Milorad G Markovic Disappeared from the Face of the Earth when he disclosed the Identity of the “Real Fighter” against Terrorism and Crime.

I hope there are Still People in this World who Really dare to Fight against the Real Criminals and Terrorists, which Unfortunately, our [Serbian] Nation also has ()

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