Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz – Girl from Ipanema (1964) + Adam Neely – The Girl From Ipanema is a far weirder song than you thought

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Girl from Ipanema (1964)

Published 4 aug. 2012

Get Yourself a College Girl is a 1964 Metrocolour film comedy in the style of a beach party movie. The plot involves a college co ed who tries to balance her time writing songs and dealing with her publisher who tries to pursue her. It was directed by Sidney Miller and written by Robert E Kent, and filmed at Sun Valley, Idaho, USA.

Turner Classic Movies critic Mel Neuhaus calls it “A curious 1964 hybrid of teen movie musical with pre feminist overtones as well as a parody of moralistic anti rock message films.” It is notable for the appearance of Astrud Gilberto, the Brazilian singer who sang the international hit song “The Girl From Ipanema“, appearing as herself in the film.


Terry Taylor (Mary Ann Mobley) is a senior at conservative Wyndham College for Women and, under an assumed name, a successful pop songwriter. After her publisher Gary Underwood (Chad Everett) unknowingly exposes her career, Wyndham’s board of trustees including the college founder’s grandson, California State Senator Hubert Morrison (Willard Waterman) – condemns Terry for indecent behaviour

To distract herself from a possible expulsion, Terry, her friends Sue Ann Mobley (Chris Noel) and Lynne (Nancy Sinatra), and their physical education instructor Marge Endicott (Joan O’Brien) travel to Sun Valley, Idaho for a Christmas break ski vacation. There they meet Gary and his artist friend Armand (Fabrizio Mioni), Senator Morrison, who wants to solicit the youth vote, and Lynne’s husband.

The Dave Clark Five, The Animals, and other musical acts perform in the background as Gary and Armand romance Terry and Sue Ann, respectively, while Lynne and her husband spend the entire vacation in their room. Senator Morrison courts Marge and shows that he is a talented dancer, but an embarrassing newspaper photograph threatens his reelection. The others demonstrate his support among the young by holding a successful telephone poll with musical performances.


Mary Ann Mobley as Teresa ‘Terry’ Taylor
Joan O’Brien as Marge Endicott
Nancy Sinatra as Lynne
Chris Noel as Sue Ann Mobley
Chad Everett as Gary Underwood
Willard Waterman as Senator Hubert Morrison
Fabrizio Mioni as Armand
James Millhollin as Gordon
Paul Todd as Ray
Donnie Brooks as Donnie
Hortense Petra as Donna, the Photographer
Dorothy Neumann as Miss Martha Stone, Dean of Wyndham College
Marti Barris as Secretary
Mario Costello as Bellboy
The Standells as The Standells
The Dave Clark Five as Themselves
Stan Getz as Himself
Astrud Gilberto as Herself
Roberta Linn as Herself
The Bellboys as Themselves
The Animals as Themselves
The Rhythm Masters as Themselves

Sidney Miller and Fred Karger wrote two songs for the film, “The Swingin’ Set,” performed offscreen by Donnie Brooks at the film’s opening, and “Get Yourself a College Girl,” performed in the film by Mary Ann Mobley
Stan Getz with the Stan Getz Quartet back Astrud Gilberto as she performs “The Girl from Ipanema.”

The Rhythm Masters perform “Beat Street Rag.”

Jimmy Smith with The Jimmy Smith Trio perform “Comin’ Home Johnny” and the instrumental “The Sermon.”

Freddie Bell & Roberta Linn with the Bellboys perform “Talkin’ About Love.”

The Standells perform “Bony Maronie” and “The Swim.”

The Dave Clark Five perform “Whenever You’re Around,” and “Thinking of You Baby.

The Animals sing “Blue Feeling” and “Around and Around.”

Singer Nancy Sinatra, who would have a hit record two years later, appears in this film but does not sing.

Editors note

With such a plot how on earth did this movie get made?


The Girl From Ipanema is a far weirder song than you thought

Gepubliceerd 15 jul. 2020

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