Anthony Haden-Guest – True Colors: The Real Life of the Art World

The Colors covers the past three decades of the American art scene, a period during which the prevailing artistic fashion has shifted as often as the focus of the Whitney Biennial, when art and money, talent and celebrity have often been confused. During this period, figures such as Julian Schnabel, Jeff Koons, and Keith Haring have crossed over from the rarefied world of high art into popular culture, and art dealers, like Hollywood power agents, have often claimed as much attention as those they represented. Anthony Haden-Guest has moved within this world, known the players, and delivers here an authoritative and deliciously inside account.
Focusing on the lives and personalities of the art world’s main players, and with a sure critical component, Haden-Guest gives us vivid portraits of the period’s key artists as they strive to fulfill their ambitions. He does justice as well to the machinations of those who have come to control the larger drama — the dealers, collectors, and museum curators. Filled with incredible anecdotes, dramatically told stories, and subtle critical assessments, True Colors tells the story of the art world that we have never heard before.