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Message to the Government of The Netherlands

Published November 14, 2021

Be Free


Anonymous Message Directed to the Government of The Netherlands. It’s Time You Stop Acting on Your Own Interest and Listen to the People.

This is the Battle of Our Lives. Of All of Us! – During a Lecture by Lawyer Mr Drs Arno GW van Kessel for a Group of Farmers, it is Explained How a Group of Lawyers Want To Sue The Government. They have Found that the State is a Criminal Organization!

The Way Vaccines are Now Being Forced on Our Children is Causing Radical Resistance. The State is Being Declared Null and Void.

We are Under Attack by an Elite who Completely Control Our Parliament, Media and Science.

We will have to Fight for Our Lives and the Lives of Our Children. All of Us!
Color, Political Affiliation, Background and Ideals. We Must Put them Aside.


The Struggle to Preserve Freedom. Choose Freedom!

World War C


It’s War. War against an Invincible Enemy that is Demonstrably Not as Deadly as We are Told. The World is Changing Rapidly. All over the World, Disproportionate Measures are Being Taken That Are Disrupting the Entire Society. A Divide in Society, Forced Vaccinations and Freedom Restricting Measures. Where does it End? What about the Vaccine? Have we had the Worst of It? Or is Something Far More Disturbing on the Horizon?

Cyber Polygon 2021

Globalists create a Simulation of a ComingCyber Pandemic” to Prepare for an Economic Reset

These are the Geo Strategic Factors that will Determine Whether China Wins the World War.

We All Put Ourselves at Risk to Some Degree When We Rise, but we Put Our Children and Grandchildren and All Future Generations at Even Greater Risk When We Do Not.


The 2020 – 2021 Global Corona Crisis

Destruction of Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup and the “Great Reset“.

The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID 19

Corona Virus Patent
US10130701B2 2015-07-23; Application Filed by Pirbright Institute

After it was Revealed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Philanthropic Brainchild of Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, bought 500,000 Shares in Monsanto in 2010 Worth More than $ 23 Million, it became Abundantly Clear that this So Called Benevolent Charity is Planning Something Other Than To Eradicate Diseases and Feed the World’s Poor.


The New Nuremberg Trials 2021  | Dr Reiner Fullmich Crimes Against Humanity.

The “Experimental” Vaccine Violates All 10 of the Nuremberg Codes, which carry the Death Penalty for Those Who Seek to Violate these International Laws.

The “VaccineDoes Not Meet the Following Five Requirements To Be Considered a Vaccine and is By Definition a Medical “Experiment” and Trial

Provides Immunity to the Virus
This is a “LeakyGene Therapy that does Not Provide Immunity to Covid and Claims to Reduce Symptoms, but Dual Vaccinees Now Account for More Than 60% of Patients Requiring Emergency Care or ICU with Covid Infections.

Protects Recipients from Getting the Virus
This Gene Therapy does Not Provide Immunity and Double Vaccinated People can Still Contract and Spread the Virus.

Reduces Deaths from Virus Infection
This Gene Therapy does Not Reduce the Number of Deaths from the Infection. Duplicate Vaccinees Infected with Covid Also Died.

Reduces the Circulation of the Virus
This Gene Therapy still allows the Spread of the Virus because it does Not Provide any Immunity to the Virus.

Reduces the Transmission of the Virus
This Gene Therapy still allows the Transmission of the Virus because it does Not Provide Any Immunity to the Virus.

The Nuremberg Code establishes the Principle of Informed Consent.

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  1. Nou spannend, wat gaat “Guy Fawkes” doen ? De servers van Bernhards gecamoufleerde SS-staat in gijzeling nemen, zoals dit geboefte van plan is binnenkort met dhr. H. Plug te gaan doen? Eerst een exorbitant bedrag betalen en dan laten we ze weer los ?

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