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Surveillance Detection and Counter Surveillance for Use in A World with Gangstalking

An anon on 4Chan noticed something seemed odd on the subway.

This is actually very common for dissidents online. If I had a nickel for every time I saw this expression in my own travels, when people noticed I videotape too:

The reason you never hear about it from the big names, is they are usually working as controlled opposition for the operation behind what you see above.

Here is a good video by somebody else which shows the nuances of the phenomenon from the perspective of a young woman who was living a quiet peaceful life when this machine dropped on her head. I see this all the time, everywhere I go, so it is a safe bet she did as well. This was just the team assigned to her home departure.

You think we are ready for the revolution. All we need are patriots, each with an AR, and a plate carrier, and a chest rig. Maybe you’ve even joined the local militia, and have trained in small unit tactics with a couple of ex-Rangers, who ran you through urban combat drills. Your group has a ton of ammo, and you are confident if there is a socialist takeover, your group, and others like it will be the last stand for freedom.

I used to think that patriots amassing like that was at least maybe a plausible last ditch option to preserve freedom from a socialist takeover. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with guns, and martial arts, and just assumed the fight was about taking the battle to the enemy. In reality, all of that is the last thing you should be studying. It is like in warfare, where they say, “Survival comes first, kicking ass comes second.” You are focused on the kicking ass part. You need to look at the survival first. Because if you are only thinking about kicking ass you will be dead before anything begins.

“Intelligence is paramount in all matters of war.” What do you know about intelligence? Has anyone ever put you under surveillance? I don’t need to ask – Because you are here, I know they have. Every American is under surveillance at some point, even periodic close physical surveillance by real, living people, for short periods every few years. Did you notice? No? Then you have a lot to catch up on before you are ready for the collapse. That is OK, it is what we are here for.

What is the intelligence operation like, which is supporting this socialist takeover we have seen the last couple of decades? What kind of intelligence gathering do they do? What kind of surveillance do they run? What does it look like? What do they know? Do they already know who you are? Where you shop? What food you buy? The answer, more likely than not is yes, believe it or not. And by the end of this piece, I think you will hopefully not just agree, you will understand why this is the natural state of any large government. I’ll even show you videos of it, and how you can see it in your own neighborhood, on Google Streetview.

I will tell you how your revolution will end, if you do not learn these lessons. You will pull out a half gallon of the same brand of milk you buy every week at the same corner store, selected according to expiration date. You will take a glass of it with some cookies to the TV, months before the revolution begins. You will drink it, and the carcinogen put in it will give you a fast moving cancer that will hit just before the revolution begins. How did it get there?

They had already ID’d you as a problem in the course of regular surveillance every citizen gets every couple of years courtesy of the local covert surveillance operation in every locality. They would have a special annotation in your file right now, noting you are a problem child. They have already documented how you buy all your food, figured out when you buy everything based on usage rate, how you select it, and just before you arrived at the store on the big day, a woman pulled a custom made half gallon of your favorite brand of milk, with a super far-off expiration date, out of her over-sized purse and put it on the shelf in front. And just as she placed it and walked away, in the front door you walked. There would be another guy already in the store when you arrive, near the front, who would walk behind you, stop at a shelf to look at something near the refrigerator where you would grab the milk, and he would confirm you took the right one.

You grabbed that milk, put it in your cart, and off you went. There were probably two or three other surveillance to confirm you chose the right container. If by chance you didn’t chose the right one, no problem, they would pull the spiked one and get you next time, sooner or later.

You have some learning to do, if you ever want to be dangerous, and capable of protecting freedom. It is OK, I have prepared your starter courses at the bottom of this blog. By the time you are done with them, you will see the world works much differently than you have been told.

It turns out discovering the biggest advance in perhaps the entire history of Political Science, the link between r/K Selection Theory in Biology and Politics, was just the beginning of my adventure. Under the Obama regime, the surveillance state quickly identified me and the covert surveillance in my area went overt harassment to intimidate me.

Surveillance and intelligence operations quickly became a major topic of this blog, starting long before President Donald Trump found himself buried beneath a massive illegal surveillance operation. I predicted the 2020 voter fraud, and even told my readers back in 2018, there should be a massive intel op targeting the 2020 election to expose the electi0on rigging, because I predicted we would see election fraud unlike anything in history. I knew this would happen, because I knew we were the target of an intelligence operation. And that is how intelligence operation operate.

As I began researching the US domestic surveillance machine, I found I was not the first person to see it. From Free Republic to 4Chan, telling people you are under surveillance will, from a surprising number of people, elicit an unfazed, “You too? Welcome to the club!” We are our own not-so-secret club. Some call it gangstalking, some call it surveillance, and some call it Zersetzung, after the Communist East German technique of gaslighting political dissidents. Some see it, as in this Reddit thread, (archive here), and know something weird is happening around them, but they never realize the domestic surveillance organization is targeting them, following them, gathering intel on them. They are told America doesn’t do that. They are told Americans value freedom, and would never spy and inform on each other for the government. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

The truth is, it is just a massive domestic intelligence/informant network, created in the model of the East German Stasi. It is probably run in the nation under the guise of training operations, I assume under auspices of CIA. (You thought CIA isn’t allowed to operate domestically? Overstock CEO Patrick Bryne’s friends at the FBI say things have changed behind the scenes. From here “They explained that in 2008 a law was passed that gave authority to the Director of the CIA to sign a piece of paper and, in a sense, “take the steering wheel” of the FBI…”)

For decades, people apparently have been running into the same operations, launched on all sorts of Americans, many for seemingly no reason. This operation has grown to the point it now runs coverage, neighborhood by neighborhood, assigning embedded neighborhood informants, living in each neighborhood in covert observation posts which look like normal houses, to amass files on every American. They watch each person closely for short periods on regular schedules, using professional intelligence operations and high-end surveillance technology. And that is in addition to the big-data archiving operations of all your other data, from mail, to phone calls, to credit card receipts.

Today, from what I have seen, I believe even the children of the people in this operation are running surveillance on fellow students in their schools, and reporting their observations back to their parents, beginning every American’s file before they are even into their teens. I actually have a video of a surveillance-kid talking openly to another surveillance-kid about taking part in professional physical surveillance operations on people in the neighborhood. From what I see there are even quasi-government summer camps held at hotels by the surveillance organization, which the Secret Society of informants sends their kids to for a couple of weeks, which schools them up on all the techniques and technologies they will be using.

There is only one agency which runs children in surveillance operations, with parental consent – the CIA. Make of that what you will. Is it CIA? Or is this a private sector, unofficial network? I have no evidence. All I can say is it is a domestic network if civilian spies and informants, run as if a plain-clothes Police force whose sole job is watching everyone and knowing who everyone is, neighborhood by neighborhood. They have radio communications, high-tech surveillance gear to document what they see, and we all have people who we have never met who know us very personally, and files in some archive with material we would never believe – including transcripts of private conversations we have had inside our homes, which we think nobody ever knew about. And it is in our official record.

Though with respect to the CIA operating domestically against American citizens, it is worth noting as I cited above, Overstock CEO Patrick Bryne has said, FBI Agents told him, “… that in 2008 a law was passed that gave authority to the Director of the CIA to sign a piece of paper and, in a sense, “take the steering wheel” of the FBI regarding certain matters. “ CIA is operating domestically a lot more than we are told.

There are indications that whatever this is may be linked up at the top with a sort of global intelligence agency syndicate, made up of numerous agencies within multiple governments, probably run by global elites who have both the money and the real power in the world. In the US it has corrupted federal agencies from the CIA to the FBI, and probably a lot of local agencies as well. This clique was drawn into the open more recently, as President Trump appeared to be wielding one part of government against it, leading to their conflict coming out into the open.

You saw the more overt parts of the network in the Russian Collusion instigation, where elements of the CIA and FBI teamed up with foreign intelligence operations like Italian intelligence, and British MI-6, and launched illegal intelligence and surveillance operations to try and alter an election outcome, and then unseat a lawfully elected President. Those foreign agencies are linked at the top somehow, probably all ultimately controlled by the wealthy global elites who really hold the power in this world. Its more covert and elite element began to emerge in the form of the sonic attacks on our diplomats globally, from Cuba, to China, to even within the most heavily surveilled area of America, Washington DC, where Trump staffers were hit with sonic weapons while right on the street near the White House, yet our National Security apparatus and the Secret Service was helpless to stop the attacks, or catch the perpetrators. There was even a story about the investigation into this which revealed CIA Officers who returned from Cuba wounded by these attacks also reported hostile surveillance activity targeting them, breaking into their houses and rearranging furniture, and following them as they traveled in their home neighborhoods.

Understand fully the implications of all of these articles. We have a covert intelligence operation that has operated freely, assaulting US Intelligence personnel in foreign countries such as Cuba. It also operates freely in the most heavily surveilled city in the United States, Washington DC, to assault members of the White House staff. It even openly harasses wounded members of the CIA on US soil, and no element of our government can identify them, or impede their activity. They attack White House staffers physically with directed energy weapons, on White House grounds, injuring them, in the most heavily surveilled place on earth, and Secret Service is helpless to stop them. Either they are an element of our national security apparatus, or they have corrupted it somehow. And they are working for some non-US-governmental entity and do not report to our elected government or its official law enforcement and executive protection agencies.

This machine is not harmless. Its victims are legion. It kills citizens, from John Lang to Army Hero Brian Mancini. Neoreactionary intellectual and author Bryce LaLiberte clearly described encountering it, with all its strange psychological operations ploys, and while he died of endocarditis, it is easy to see how having a medical issue while living your life, 24 hours a day, seven days per week, in some mishmash of the movie Enemy of the State and the Twilight Zone, would predispose you to dying at age 30 from a medical crisis. Deputy Natalie Corona, Police Officer Miosotis Familia, Police Officer Eric Talley, Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans, as well  as Police Officers Brad Garafola, Matthew Gerald, and Montrell Jackson all had served their final watch before running into some person this machine spun up into a frenzy and let approach the officer, after making them think it was the Police that was harassing them. The surveillance did that so when the target popped and began shooting, they would kill Police Officers.

Numerous mass shooters have reported being harassed by it before going on shooting sprees, often with through-wall energy weapons, from Aaron Alexis to Myron Mays. In some cases they just terrify neighbors for seemingly no reason, but in others the local team apparently enjoys drugging the food of young women while they are at work, and then returning at night to rape them, as happened to this lovely young woman:

There is a backup copy of the above video here, in the event that one is deleted.

Her friend in the video, Dr John Hall, MD, has since become an activist against the program, collecting information on it nationwide. In the next video he discusses his theory that this is a psychological experiment being run nationally, along the lines of the old CIA MK Ultra program. In his theory, they are testing how to psychologically condition freedom-loving people to accept a more oppressive government structure with an all powerful, dictatorial government, in preparation for introducing such a program more widely as an official governmental structure.

Those are the ones which make news, but there are thousands more who quietly live their lives as they labor under the stress of a covert intelligence operation made up of the seemingly regular citizens all around them, who have amassed into a Secret Society which targets them for seemingly no reason. I’d have never believed it, but it is true. I can testify to two aspects of those accounts – they can hit you with some sort of thru-wall “vibrations” in your own home, and they try to make you think it is the Police doing it. (Due to knowing a local cop, I can affirm it definitely is not.)

I point that out mainly to alert you to the fact this is not just about surveillance. What you are seeing in the surveillance is the very tip of a full-featured intelligence operation iceberg that is about to impact the country. You can see the surveillance/informant part of it because I suspect it is the flotsam and jetsum of the operation, floating recklessly on the surface and exposing itself. I suspect from that wild and reckless operation are culled the capable operators of a much more dangerous operation that is involved in much deeper and darker things you are not going to see in the open on these pages. From the murder of JFK, and probably his son, to terrorist attacks on America, to the rigging of our elections, I assume their operations have been beyond belief. They don’t need this much surveillance to jaywalk. Even more ominously, that given what I have seen, there is no way the 9/11 hijackers entered this country, as reckless as they were, and they were never observed by this thing. At the very least, this thing knew. And if it knew, who is to say it didn’t think such an operation beneficial, given how it would justify enlarging the surveillance state and expanding intelligence budgets?

Below, CIA Officer Kevin Shipp notes, many of the 9/11 hijackers were in fact CIA assets, something apparently known throughout the CIA.

I am hopeful President Trump may alter the trajectory of these things, but if he does not, let this page serve as a testimonial – Americans will not submit to betraying the nation or her Constitution, even under threats of force or coercion. This nation, and the real Americans within her will never submit.

John Lang owned a small marine business in California, and complained about license plate reader surveillance of the populace in a newspaper article, and next thing he knew he was filling a youtube channel with videos like this.

His story ended when he filmed this next video of a carpet cleaning van, with a fake logo for a non-existent company nobody could find in business in the area, rushing a team of guys into the abandoned house next door. He tweeted a reporter, saying he was about to be killed by a hit team, posted his final youtube saying they were going to kill him and this was the van, and an hour later he was found stabbed in the back on his kitchen floor in his burning home. Later the cause of death was changed to smoke inhalation, and it was all written off as a big misunderstanding.

Vaccine Skeptic Brandy Vaughan ran up against this, made the following video, and ended up “found unresponsive” by her son, before being declared dead.

She never realized it, but I will assure you she had extensive telephone pole tech wired from the pole devices and geophones in the ground, into at least one, but probably more neighbor’s houses, it was monitoring sound in her house as well as the surrounding areas (and other neighbor’s houses just to keep their files up to date) in real time, and she was followed by a massive, embedded vehicular and foot surveillance machine everywhere she went. The locksmith she called was more than likely in this network, as was the alarm company, because the network will funnel business to them and give them extra income for aiding surveillance activities. This was not a team deployed from some far-away area and deployed onto her. This was the local embedded network which had been already established and operational in her area (and which is established in every metropolitan and suburban area for monitoring/control of the population). It was simply given orders to focus on her. Although they may bring in whoever killed her from out of town. That part I do not know.

Bill Binney was the legendary NSA leader who was played by Nicholas Cage in the movie Snowden. Here is a youtube video in which NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney discusses how he is helping people who are being hit with Directed Energy Weapons to try and prove they are being used as guinea pigs to test the technology by some unknown organization. He reports he is involved with a case where it appears the directed energy weapon was deployed aboard a drone to zap someone in their house.

Unfortunately, Bill just had a hole blasted through the shielding in the ceiling of his house, when Cabal used a Directed Energy Weapon mounted on a drone flying over his house to try and assassinate him. Nope, that is not a typo, or a made up story. Bill Binney is a character so legendary in NSA lore that he was played by Nicholas Cage in the movie Snowden. Snowden himself cited Bill by name as the reason he wasn’t going to try and follow in Binney’s footsteps by using official whistleblower procedures. Given what Bill is going through, you can now see why. You would think if a character this big in intelligence circles, says he just had a hole blown in the shielding he installed in his ceiling (because our government was trying to kill him with deathrays from drones) by a Directed Energy Weapon that was used to try and kill him by a secret Cabal of criminals that infiltrated our most powerful intelligence agencies, and those weapons are being used on other innocent Americans, it would get reported on some news program. But you will never see it on the news. Why? as you will see below, many of the reporters are actually running surveillance on innocent citizens from their news vans between reports, and one’s video of his target even made it into the New York Post. The conspiracy knew the news programs were a threat, and they got their people hired on to them to make sure the news would never tell you about this. You think it sounds crazy? What if I told you an intelligence operation rigged our election so thoroughly that Joe Biden, who never campaigned, was going to beat President Donald J. Trump, who was in control of our government during the election? Our problems are deeper than you would beleive.

Karen Melton Stewart is another NSA whistleblower who is under hostile surveillance activity from this secret quasi-governmental program, and who has dedicated her life to trying to help other innocent Americans experiencing it. Here she describes the program in two youtube videos, where she notes her harassment began when she discovered a foreign actor had penetrated NSA and was controlling hiring practices there, and had also taken over the Intelligence Community Inspector General’s position. She also says that it is an open secret in NSA that the intelligence community knew 9/11 was coming, and the leadership forced everyone to keep it secret, and one of the men who tried to report this also fell under the harassment program.

This thing has popped up in other media cases. Governor David Patterson and more than ten other New York legislators all said they had seen this machine surveilling them for blackmail, though he thought it was State Police. Antonin Scalia reported it was watching the entire Supreme Court, shortly before he was found dead with a pillow over his head, though he thought it was Obama who had ordered the surveillance. Reporter Sharyl Attkisson found it hacking her computer to plant classified documents, and said it was the Department of Justice, writer and former LAPD officer Michael Ruppert fled the country because of it, the detective who led the Epstein investigation was found dead after a short illness at age 50 in 2018, Pulitzer prizewinning author John Kennedy Toole tore apart his house looking for bugs and was in car chases with it, sci-fi author Phillip K Dick (Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report) describes the next-door observation post, and them breaking in his house and stealing his papers, while Rolling Stone writer Michael Hastings reported it had tampered with his car right before he was seen trying to run from it and died in a fiery car crash. Clinton Mistress Sally Miller went to the FBI about it, and was offered advice by a sympathetic FBI Agent, before she walked out into the parking lot as was almost run over. Youtube food reviewer ReviewBrah reported his own gangstalking.

This article on prominent Democrat political donor Ed Buck was interesting. He was arrested because some of the homeless black male prostitutes he would pay to let him sexually assault them and inject them with drugs turned up dead on his couch. The article was interesting because Buck has felted all his windows to completely black them out permanently so nobody could ever see in or out (a counter-surveillance technique), and his neighbor appears to be some kind of surveillance/handler. When Buck shot the kid in the article up and then was too aggressive with him, and the kid came down from the drugs, Buck gave him cash and sent him out to get a drink. The kid went to get a taser and a knife to protect himself if Buck got too crazy again. While out, he said he saw Buck’s older, large, white male neighbor following him, and when the kid returned to the apartment, Buck was super cold and got rid of him quick, as if the neighbor reported the purchases to Buck. Also, the neighbor was regularly calling Buck on the phone while the kid was with him, telling Buck to drink water and eat, as if he was watching Buck on hidden video cameras in the condo and trying to keep him functional. Locating an observation post in an adjacent residence whenever possible is actually standard operating procedure in surveillance operations.

Here, Vox Day covers the strange phenomenon where people going back through old photos notice their significant others, roommates, coworkers, and other significant people in their lives, in the backgrounds of their old photos, from long before they ever met them. As he points out, the statistical probabilities would be quite small, unless some people have followers assigned to them, who later go on to perform an even deeper level of penetration of their lives.

Following is the account of a reporter who wrote a book. It contained detailed accounts from Mexican Police and other officials alleging the border invasion and Cartel smuggling operations were supported economically and militarily by Chinese military/intelligence units as part of operations to degrade US sovereignty and national strength. He recounted the stories of a Mexican Police Officer, later murdered, who said he had seen actual Chinese military encampments set up in Mexico, as well as stories of Border Patrol Agents who had been fired on from Mexico by what appeared to be actual Chinese soldiers who were running support for Cartel smuggling operations. After writing the book, he reported the following:

I’ve been followed, bumped (with a car) and these cars have also ‘cased’ my house. They’re always the same car, Ford Taurus sedans. Different colors but always the same [model]. When they bump me, it’s usually from behind at a stop light. I get out to exchange insurance, and they take off. Once, the driver (always white males 25 – 35) told me I am lucky I didn’t get killed and then sped off. I’ve reported them to local police and the tags are always ‘retired.’ The casing of my house I’ve also reported and each time the police never do a thing. I’ve also been followed on foot when I am in New York and also several times shopping with my family. Always [it is] the same ‘looking’ white male who follows me, enough to make it known. Almost like they want me to know and be scared (…) which I am not. I also have been approached by attractive women (…) who flirt (I am married with two kids) and say cryptic things like ‘You look like you’re a safe person (…)’ Or ‘Be careful not to get hurt (…)’ These all come out of thin air and have no context.”

Conservative Talk Radio Host Tom Bauerle encountered it but thought it was the Governor. And most tragically, 60 Minutes did a story about wounded Army Vet Brian Mancini, who encountered it, only to be disbelieved and called crazy, until he finally updated his will to leave everything to his church, went out to a gully, and committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. His surveillance would have been watching as he made his preparations, drove out to the culvert, and completed the act. Indeed, that may have been a completion of the mission they were assigned.

The operation has been reported to be international in scope, with the organization running it crossing national boundaries. Some civilians under it have reported that on entering a foreign country, the domestic intelligence of the host nation they traveled to used local civilian networks to continue their surveillance on arrival. This would be supported by the fact even Mexico’s President reported he had been placed under this prior to his rise to power.

Many of those who report they are under gangstalking also report the use of a technology in which they hear the voices of their surveillance operators in their heads, often while in their homes. Many deride this as symptomatic of schizophrenia, whoever the afflicted insist this is a technology being used, which they have come to refer to as “voice to skull.” I have never experienced this myself, but given the bizarreness of my own experiences, I would never rule it out.

Following are a series of videos. In the first video, which became incredibly viral online, a young man who believes he is afflicted with Schizophrenia, recorded a video of himself relating what he was experiencing, during what he believed was a schizophrenic episode, while he was hearing voices in his head. It is cued to a specific point in the video. Listen to the video with the sound turned up, and listen for a soft warble in the background, almost like whispering.

A viewer of that video focused on the whispering, and applied sound editing software to it to draw out what appeared to be a voice, saying what the young man reported hearing. just before the young man reported hearing it. Those in the gangstalking community who report the use of voice to skull always cite studies which have shown microwave energy can create sounds as it enters a skull, which can only be beard by the targeted individual. In the following video, the creator argues this energy bleeds over, and either jiggles the microphone in the young man’s computer, simulating the movement produced by sound waves, and gets recorded, or it triggers a movement of electrons in the wires of his microphone, which the computer registers as sound. The result is a subtle recording of the voice.

This article offers some insight on directed energy weapons, something developed entirely in the shadows, which is deployed against citizens with more or less total freedom from any cost of consequence. Notice, the same vibrations Aaron Alexis reported, and which I have experienced, are one of the symptoms. I experienced them before ever reading any of this, and can assure you, there is no innocuous explanation for the sensation. I actually was experiencing some for the other symptoms of directed energy weapons in the article, listed below, while I now realize I was a target, but before I knew any of this

• Sudden waking at exactly the same time at night, as if prompted by an external force
• Hot stinging or needling sensations deep within the flesh, especially while attempting to sleep
• Vibration of muscles and body parts or nearby immobile objects
• Fast and pounding heartbeat and ringing in the ears
• Very high body heat despite cool surroundings and lack of actual fever
• Sudden and extreme fatigue

What you will find below is the archive of my writings on real-world examples of surveillance detection, using real photos of the operation in action, and how this massive surveillance operation works and looks if you are the target. I do not proffer these pages to you lightly. In the immediate term, I will get hit in my house with some sort of through-wall energy weapon, waking me up when I sleep with vibrations/pressure on my body, because I offer this resistance to these operations. I am not the first to report this. Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis said he was driven to the shooting due to his own vibrations preventing him from sleeping, and the killer of Deputy Natalie Corona said the same thing. It happens in this new America. The comment by Darren M, on this page below the article, blew me away when I read it, because it is essentially exactly what I experience:

My name is Darren M and I believe I am being targeted with concentrated infrasonic sound waves while I attempt to sleep at night. I believe I am being targeted for DEW (directed energy weapon) experimentation and or harassment purposes by an entity within the U.S. government employing private contractors to carry out this experimentation and or harassment.

I am awakened many times throughout my sleep periods to a feeling of vibrations traveling through my body in a straight line. The vibrations are focused in a narrow beam. It is impossible for me to stay asleep when I am targeted with these inaudible concentrated sound waves which increase my pulse rate as they travel through me. Different parts of my body are targeted at different times. When my head is targeted I will awake with moderate to severe headaches. I have also experienced head spins to the point that I had to lift my head up out of a lying down position to make them stop. When my chest area is targeted, I will awake with rapid or irregular heartbeats. In addition, I experience sleep deprivation on a nightly basis due to the repeated forced awakenings. The private contractors that target me hit me every 1-2 hours on average during the first part of my sleep period, and they increase the frequency of their targeting to every 15-30 minutes during the 2nd part of my sleep period. I fear that I will lose my job and become homeless due to the sleep deprivation that this experimentation/harassment has caused me. I also fear that my health will deteriorate.

I want to make sure that my story is told in the event this experimentation causes my premature death. I also want to make sure that potential future victims do not suffer the way I have from these silent sound wave weapons. I don’t believe anyone can help me because of my failed attempts to provide proof of this experimentation and the apparent disbelief and disinterest of the authorities in the U.S.

Darren M
Email dewtarget05 AT yahoo DOT com
716 – 541 – 7062

More recently such thru-wall directed energy weapons have entered the public discussion with their deployment on American spies and diplomats, in what has been called the Havana syndrome, something even deployed on the streets of Washington DC against two Trump staffers, one on White House grounds. Interestingly, the wounded CIA Officers and State Department workers who were injured with Sonic Weapons overseas have reported mysterious harassment by individuals in America, who have followed them obviously on the street, broken into their houses and rearranged things, and even tampered with their computer equipment. Some have reported feeling the use of the same energy weaponry on them in the US.

I know the allegation sounds crazy, but I can only report what I see, and hope the additional allegations of others will lend some credence the the account.

Had I read any of those accounts ten years ago, I would have ascribed any explanation to that other than his. I would not have thought it possible. But now I can confirm, none of the people above were crazy. It is out there, right now – a covert intelligence operation with a massive civilian informant network right out of the East German Stasi, disbursed through our population and armed with offensive weapons technology that has been developing technologically right along the most advanced medical imagery technology – only fully in the shadows, and designed to be deployed without any risk of consequence.

In the longer term, I will likely end up the Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn of the West, exiled from my homeland and allying with Russia and her intelligence services against the biggest enemy of my nation and her Constitution – this intelligence operation. That is, if I am not dead from cancer or some other physical issue produced by this in the near term.

Each of these pages below was crafted as my retaliation for some “vibration of the night,” as is this one, and each has probably triggered its own nightly vibration as it was made public. I think this page’s genesis was me warning some plebe on another website to be careful about the fact he revealed something of his foreign-born wife’s hostility to her nation’s intelligence services. They do not like anyone even mentioning surveillance to their fellow Americans. I’ll probably get hit tonight, and tomorrow we will explore the vehicular surveillance of southern Alaska. (Turns out I was right about that one – and we did do Alaska below.)

The vibrations are attempts to “teach” me what to say and what not to say, using the threat of an attack it is difficult to respond to kinetically, and impossible to use law enforcement to stop. I try to respond to each with an escalation here until they abate. I hope that if surveillance comes to believe vibrations equal such retaliations they will cease trying to use them to suppress such content, and perhaps other countrymen will have somewhat more freedom of speech than we have today.

Much of these pieces were based on an interesting observation – the local embedded surveillance follows the google car as it takes Streetview photos. I suspect the Streetview car has some secret technology on board, measuring something as the car travels. The surveillance teams are probably designed to make sure the driver doesn’t take a detour, and try to crack the hood and take a closer look at some secret technology from the domestic surveillance machine that is on board, humming away scanning something as they drive around.

What you must note when viewing the pages below is that in the West, these surveillance teams were not shipped in from some far away place to follow the google car. When I have done this is Russia, as I head into poorer areas where cars are run down and rusted, the cars which meet me at each corner will be bright, shiny, new government cars that clearly don’t belong. Russia appears to not have a domestic informant program running vehicular surveillance for the government in the neighborhoods where these informants live. They ship in teams from Moscow that don’t quite fit in and have newer cars, because they leave their citizenry quite free of localized coverage and infiltration, by comparison to the West.

But in the West, be it America, Britain, or even Asia, all of the places where the Cabal runs wild, these followers are not shipped in. These are informants who are embedded in those communities covertly, for whom surveillance of neighbors is a secret side hobby. They live in the house down the street from you. They just had a baby. They mow their lawn when you do. They laugh in your social circle just like they are one of you. Their kid goes to school with your’s, hangs out in your child’s social circle, and probably helps fill out reports with observations of your child, so their file can start early. If you are not one of them, you are the enemy. And when they follow you, their cars match those of the community perfectly because they are the community.

Here we will examine how across the globe, some sort of global intelligence operation assigns these local surveillance teams to follow the google car wherever it goes as it films the Streetview photos:

Surveillance Detection – The Professional Course Of Real Life Experience, Part One

Surveillance Detection – The Professional Course Of Real Life Experience, Part Two

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Surveillance Detection – Domestic Surveillance In Action – Two Video Examples

Doubtless there will be more, which will get added here as necessary.

Here is a good video of a guy whose coverage is trying to slow him down by pulling out in front of him, though he doesn’t recognize it for what it is. Slowing a target down will occur for a variety of reasons. If you are returning home, they may have someone in your house, and need a few extra minutes to reset things so you won’t notice the entry. If you are heading somewhere, surveillance likes to have their operatives in place at your destination and moving around on foot when you arrive, so you don’t see people following you there and arriving behind you and jumping out of cars fast to catch up. So you may get slowed down as they get their operatives there, parked, and into position. When doing vehicular follows, they like to spread their team out in front of you, so you can’t make a stop light, and get away from them. Regardless the cause, notice how as this guy arrives at intersections, cars are arriving there at almost the same moment. It obviously isn’t absolutely decisive, but as you spend time under coverage, one of the things you will notice is that repetitive visual, of cars arriving at intersections, just as you reach them, even in places where you would not expect to see such traffic so regularly:

In the meantime, here are some collected comments from people who put these surveillance detection techniques into practice, and suddenly found they had these operations in their own neighborhoods:

An interesting piece, which could show what it looks like from inside the surveillance car. This was a local reporter who videotaped as he was attacked by a guy just walking by his news van. But if you watch the video, it begins with the reporter saying into the phone’s microphone, “You’ll see him now,” as if he is trying to not move his lips. Then the guy who attacks him complains about him filming him. If you are under coverage yourself, you recognize the general vibe behind what was going on there.

As an interesting side note to the above piece, you will note the surveillance person appears to talk to their controller. I have seen numerous instances of people who appear to be receiving commands from their central controller as they have run surveillance on me, I have assumed through a hidden earpiece. They also often seem to talk into a chest microphone, even when entirely alone. I have also seen indications this operation may exert more control over more areas of society than we are aware. Below is a video of Ilhan Omar, and fellow lawmakers, looking rather glassy-eye’d, as if listening to someone, before suddenly all five visible women away from the podium break out laughing simultaneously, as if someone talking into their ear told a joke and they all heard it at the same moment. Replay the video five times, looking at each woman’s face as they all laugh at the exact same moment, obviously not at what is being said out loud by the woman at the microphone. Even AOC and Tlaib break into a smile. I think quite a few politicians may actually wear such earpieces, and receive instructions on the fly from some sort of controller, dictating to them what to say, and what to do. They may not have the autonomy we think, and may just be be some type of fleshy robot to the controllers on the other side of their earpieces.

There is Joe Biden, in another well-publicized case, approaching a door with Marines flanking it, when his earpiece appears to tell him to, “Salute the Marines.” Due to his cognitive decline, he appears to mistake this for something he is supposed to say out loud, and he actually says out loud, “Salute the Marines.” And then he walks through the door without saluting them.

A pretty clear case of a mix of foot and vehicular surveillance running support for the murder of Jay Danielson in Portland during BlackLivesMatter protests.

Who could be doing all of this?

I’ll probably be adding more as time goes on. Surveillance may be the unstoppable force, but America will undoubtedly prove to be the immovable object.

Spread r/K Theory, because the Storm cannot happen fast enough.

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