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The Dutch lead the World in the Fight for Independence! AGAIN!

It was the Dutch who First Revolted against their Sovereign, Phillip who was the King of Spain, in the late 1500. The People were led by William I of Orange, A noble, who stood with the People for their Rights. He said that if the King doesn T recognize the Rights of the People, they should Not Recognize his Right to Rule over them.
Starting to see where the Term Orange Man Bad REALLY comes from!!!

Many Battles ensued over Many Years. The Dutch People won their Independence from the King of Spain and it Changed the World for Ever!

After this Revolt, the Dutch States (Provinces) were All Sovereign Independent Self Ruling Republics that had A Very Limited Federal Government called the States General with A Senate and House of Representatives. NO KING OR QUEEN!

There was A Great Divide between the States in the North (Protestant) and the South (Catholic) due to Religious Rights and Freedoms. This led to A Split of these Regions and Dissolution of the Confederation on January 6, 1579 (January 6 () Ring A Bell?). The Provinces were Only United for A Short Time but they fought for and won their Independence!

On July 26, 1581 the Dutch (North) signed the Act of Abjuration (their Declaration of Independence). This stated their King Philip, who was also King of Spain, had Failed in his Obligations to his Subjects, by Oppressing them and Violating their Ancient Rights (an Early Form of Social Contract). Philip was therefore Considered to have Forfeited his Thrones as Ruler of Each of the Provinces which Signed the Act.



Our War for Independence was Directly Drawn on what the Dutch Accomplished. Thomas Jefferson used their Act of Abjuration as A Road Map for the Declaration of Independence that he Authored for the United States of America. Jefferson declared the 13 States Sovereign Independent States, Free from King George III and Great British.

Jefferson listed All the Ways the King George III had Failed in Upholding his Sworn Duty to his Subjects in the Colonies and how he had Oppressed and Harmed them (Taxes and Unlawful Killings, Bunker Hill).

Our Country was Modeled after the Dutch States General!

The One Word We All Love PATRIOT! Our Word Patriot comes from the Dutch. The Term Patriot (from Greek πατριώτης, “Fellow Country Man“) in Our Country comes from the Dutch Word Patriotten Tijd. Fellow Country Men Fighting Together for Independence. Also, Our State Militia S that won the Revolutionary War were Based on Militia S in Dutch Provinces that were Only Ruled by People of that Province, Not A Federal Government Army. They fought Together while Remaining Independent of Each Other. Just like Our State Militias during the Revolutionary War!

After Our Revolutionary War, the Dutch Agreed to Buy Our Revolutionary War Debt (Engineered by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams). The French King, King Louis XIV was going to Blame the Awful Living Conditions of the French People on the USA because of the Money he spent Assisting Us with the Revolutionary War. It was A Lie since he spent Almost All his Money on Him Self but the French People didn T know this Fact. This Lie was Designed to Justify A War between the USA and the French. The King was going to say War would be the Mechanism by which the French could Recoup their Money but this Lie was Really A Last Ditch Attempt to Stave Off the French Revolution.

The War between the French and the USA Never Happened because of the Monetary Aid of the Dutch. They bought Our Debt, saved us from French Invasion, then the French Revolution started () and King Louis IV lost his Head! Literally!

We, the People of the United States of America, owe the People of The Netherlands More than we can Ever Repay! However, I M Sure they would Very Much Appreciate 0ur Support and Well Wishes! A Telegram Message or Post from Any of Us showing Our Support for their Rights and Freedoms I M Sure would Go A Long Way, Especially Considering the Cruel Tyranny.

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