And We Know – Hawaii, Iowa, Tarmac Communications! Winning Information War! Pray!

Hawaii, Iowa, Tarmac Communications! Winning Information War! Pray!

And We Know

And We Know

Beyond Pearl Harbor! This is A Deep State Massacre!Our Dearly Beloved Duly Elected President, and urrently COMANDER IN CHIEF, Donald John Trump is Making the Deep State Look and Sound like DERANGED IMBECILES.

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The Trump I Know

Remnant Revolution Tour

Trump Rap on Eminem

Trump Fans are ChantingWe love Trump and Triggering Desantis’ Interviewer So Much that he Can’t Even Speak.

Kari Lake milks A Cow in Iowa and turns to New York Times Reporter and says “You know There are Only Two Genders, Right?

Massachusetts is Now Asking it’s Residents to Take Unvetted Illegal Immigrants into their Homes

The NewSnow White” is A Latino Who hates Snow White.

The Insanity continues in Queensland, Australia with 3.000 Nurses Still Not Able to Work because of the Jab Mandate, Some Still Being Fired for “Failing to Comply“.

When the Dragon’s Terrors began, the Men of Silene Gathered to Put A Stop to It.

@JoeRogan”On the Left. This Want for War in Ukraine. This Trust in the Military Industrial Complex.”

“The Government of Hawaii states Goal for Rebuild is to Make the Entire Island of Maui the First Smart ISLAND.

Here is Information about the Smart Cities Hawaii


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Monday, August 14, 2023, 14:10

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