AmericanSpyFox – Did Courtney Love Murder Kurt Cobain?

Who Killled Curt Cobain? (foto YouTube)

Death Kurt Cobian (foto Sandow Birk)

Courtney Love Getting Away With Murder (foto Pinterest)

Love Kills (foto

Update to Kurts Death (foto

Courtney Reacts to the Haters (foto

Did Courtney Love Murder Kurt Cobain?

Published 2 jan. 2018


Kurt Cobain’s Death Left Millions with an Empty Hole in Their Hearts. While We Cried, His Wife Mocked his Existence on TV.

We Never Imagined a Person Could be So Bold had They Conspired to Take Our Hero at the Time. Had We Known, we would have Demanded a Thorough Investigation instead of Accepting Suicide as the Only Answer to this Tragedy.


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