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The Video Freemasonry doesn’t Want You To See! FEMA Death Camp Executioners

A Secret Left for Us in the Movie Gray State Exposes that the Freemasons are Planning to Kill Millions of People.

This Video is Styled as A Documentary Expose, and contains A Huge Amount of Information , which is Typical for my Videos. I was Led by the Holy Spirit to Review The Trailer for Gray State by David Crowley.When I arrived at the Trailer, I did Not Know What to Look For, but Then I caught A Glimpse of the Executioner with the Masonic Apron. I believe This is What the Lord Wanted me to See.David Crowley left A Secret in his Conceptual Trailer for Gray State. It is A Secret that, I Believe, is Intentional. Crowley wanted Us to Know about the Identity of A Terrifying Character Who is Operating A Guillotine at the End of the Trailer.The Character is Covered in Blood and the Scene is Quite Gruesome. I Noticed, However, that This Character is Wearing A Masonic Apron, Almost Identical to the One Worn by 33 Degree Grand Master Harry Truman in his Portrait.

It isn’t Surprising that Masonic Hollywood publishes So Many Movies about Things that are Meant to Distract from the Truth. Western Countries are Having their Basic Way of Life come Under Attack from all Sides, Political, Spiritual, Emotional, and Social. The Most Powerful Nations Once Existed in The West, but Will Now Be Brought Down to Make Way for the New World Order.The Freemasons are One of the Most Mysterious Organizations in the World. However, There is Evidence that they are Behind Many of the World’s “Revolutions,” the Overthrowing of Governments, and Rebellions against Authority.There is Significant Evidence they are Behind the Following

• The Overthrow of the Roman Catholic Church,

• The American and French Revolution,

• The Italian Revolution of 1830. They are Also behind Other Revolutions that I did not List in this Video,

• The Klu Klux Klan, KKK, Formation between 1865 – 1869 and It’s Reinstitution in 1915 under William Simmons Grand Master of Freemasonry,

• The Trail of Tears under Grand Master Andrew Jackson,

• The Detonations at Hiroshima and Nagasaki during 33 Degree Freemason Harry Truman’s Presidency.

Freemasonry has A Lengthy History of Rebellion, Revolution, the Toppling of Entire Governments and Authorities, and the Provoking of Chaos. It is All Intentional, Meant to Set Up their New World Order.

I have Studied and Read Thousands of Pages of Text Written by Freemasons. They are behind A Prophecy Known as the 5776 Anno Lucis “In the Year of Light,” which is the Time Period for the Arrival of Lucifer on Earth.

This Started on September 14, 2015 and will Continue Through. During this Time the Capstone will be Ushered In, and They will Begin Steps to Fully Eradicate All Believers in Jesus from the Earth as A Part of the “Quest” and Accomplishment of the “Great Work.”


Crimes Against Humanity, List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions 


The List of Arrests and Executions of Famous People should be Released Early 2022 to the Public. If you have Any Other Info on Arrests and Executions of Famous People 2021, Please Share in the Comments Below.

There are ANew and Updated Lists that has been Confirmed with Many More Added to It. The Deal that They Got was That If They Gave Information that was Useful, they Could Have A Better Death or A Jail Cell for Life.

This Information will Give you 20 | 20 Vision to see through the Illusion of the Matrix.

Here You will See Some of ‘The Movie’ Players and Actors.

Be Sure to Show this to Your Skeptic Friends Who Say Nothing is Happening.


Medeea Greere

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FBI Agent Ted Gunderson | FEMA “Smart” Guillotines Placed In FEMA Internment Camps In Case Of Martial Law in Times of Civil Disorder
Update  List of Famous People Arrested and Executed ‘The Movie’ and More


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During Obama’s Reign the FEMA Camps were Prepared for Patriots and Christians!

Hillary Clinton “We need Camps For AdultsConcentration Camps

In 2014 through our US Government, Obama Secretly Ordered $ 1 Billion Worth of FEMA Coffins. Not to Squash A Revolution, but to Kill All Participants.

In Hindsite, I Beleive he was Preparing for When Hilary took Office in 2016, as the Vaccine and Depopulation Plan would Have Already Been Accomplished had She Won. Thank God, Trump won by A Landslide and Disrupted Everything!

The First Step of Action was to Disarm All Americans and Throw Anyone that is, or Might Be A Threat into A Detention Center, A FEMA Camp.

Rex 84 Allowed Many Military Bases to Be Closed Down and to Be Turned into Prisons. Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are the Two Sub Programs Which will Be Implemented Once the Rex 84 Program is Initiated for its Proper Purpose. Garden Plot is the Program to Control the Population.

During this Course, Many would Die, Both in Battle and in the Camps, an Inevitable Consequence that Obama was Prepared fFor. Not Enemies of our Country! We the Good Patrioits, Christians, and Citizens!

The Current Acting President of the US, has $ 1 Billion Dollars Worth of Disposable Coffin Liners Stored. That’s 5 Million FEMA Coffins in Various Locations around the US.

According to Land Owners, the CDC is Leasing Land in Order to Store the Strangely Large Amounts of Coffins on their Land. The FEMA Coffins are for the Deaths of Patriots and Christians.

A Man Who Recently Stumbled across A Stockpile of the Top Secret Government Purchase, Claims that, What looks like Plastic Bins are Cremation Containers for Multiple Bodies.

The Containers are Excessively Large and the Commentators Notes Read, they will Hold Three to Four Bodies, or More.

He continues To State that the Containers, under Patent N° 5.425.163, “Are Multi Bodies Cremation Containers for Pollution Control.”

Four Bodies Times Five Million Crematory Liner Containers = 20 Million Americans.

Obama wasn’t Being Mindful of the “Green Initiative” he’s Thinking of the Stinch, Diseases, and Pollution Control from Millions of Dead Bodies!

We had No Idea This was Happening Thirteen Years Ago!!??!

A Secret Left for Us in the Movie Gray State exposes that the Freemaasons are Planning to Kill Millions of People.

This Video is Styled as A Documentary Expose, and contains A Huge Amount of Information, which is Typical for my Videos. I was Led by the Holy Spirit to review the Trailer for Gray State by David Crowley ()

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Complete List of 1000 FEMA Concentration Camps | The Road To Hell: Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide


Medeea Greere

Medeea Greere, an Independent Publisher, is Now on Telegram at and exists Only on Reader Support as we publish Truth, Freedom and Love for Public Awareness. Thank You for your Support!

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