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URGENT! MILITARY INTEL: Congress and the INTEL Committee are Planning to EXPOSE the Military COUP

In an age where information moves at lightning speed, the corridors of power are not just navigated through secret meetings and quiet whispers. Now, the digital arena, especially social media, has become the new battleground. Reports have emerged of A daring Military strategy to use these very platforms to expose A Deep State operation. But, as always, there’s more beneath the surface than meets the eye.

As technology progresses, the very fabric of communication and information exchange evolves. Social Media, for instance, isn’t just for posting holiday photos or tweeting one’s breakfast choices anymore. It’s turned into an intricate web where power plays, Intelligence operations, and even Coups are allegedly orchestrated.

The Silent Military Strategy. For those who’ve always maintained A vigilant eye, the idea that Military Operations could harness the potential of Social Media isn’t new. In the heart of this digital age, they had, long ago, envisioned using these platforms as A weapon not against foreign adversaries, but to unravel the schemes of the so called Deep State.”

The term “Deep State” has often been thrown around in political corridors, sometimes dismissively, sometimes with gravitas. But the recent revelations add A sinister edge to the narrative. The claim? That there is A deliberate attempt by certain elements within the US Intelligence and Defense Apparatus to manipulate democratic processes and maintain clandestine control.

Congress in the Crosshairs. But this isn’t just A cloak and dagger tale of Military strategy. Congress, too, finds itself embroiled in this maelstrom. Behind the gilded doors of Capitol Hill, A storm is brewing. The Intel Committee, sources suggest, is on the brink of exposing A Military Coup. This isn’t just any Coup, but one that purportedly has tendrils reaching out to the biggest Agencies in the country, the DOJ, FBI, and CIA.

The allegations are damning. These Agencies, it’s said, used the immense potential of Social Media to spy, not on adversaries, but on Congress itself. And not just Congress. The Senate Intelligence Committee and even former President Trump were reportedly under this Digital Surveillance. The magnitude of data collection, if these claims hold water, is unprecedented and staggering.

Stolen Elections and the Cover Up Conspiracy. What’s even more shocking is the alleged connection to Stolen Elections. In an era where the sanctity of the vote is A fiercely debated topic, the very thought that Deep State Intel could be influencing electoral outcomes is nothing short of explosive. It not only shakes the foundations of democracy but also raises questions about the very essence of freedom and choice.

This purported web of deception doesn’t stop there. Accusations of cover ups, misinformation campaigns, and underground operations are rife. The deeper one dives, the murkier it gets.

Social Media

The Double Edged Sword. The very tool that’s now reportedly being used to expose these operations is the one that was supposedly harnessed for espionage. Social Media, in its vastness, is both a boon and bane. It democratizes information, yes, but also leaves gaping vulnerabilities.A vast Intelligence network.

THE EVENT United States under Military Control, The Hidden Web of COG and Military Operations

The activation of the Continuity of Operations Plan in the aftermath of the September 11 Attacks has paved the way for the covert and overt integration of Military Laws of War. As we delve into this paradigm shift, we unveil a concealed realm where Presidential Powers, Executive Orders, and Military Occupation converge in A labyrinthine fusion of control.

In an era of unprecedented uncertainty and global turmoil, the United States’ Operational Stability has been thrust into the spotlight. Beyond the Public Eye, A complex web of strategies and Protocols has been set in motion, bringing the Nation’s Governance, Security, and Sovereignty into question. The term “Continuity of Government (COG) once solely invoked visions of Nuclear War and catastrophic scenarios, today, it stands as the sentinel of an intricate framework with far reaching implications.

COG’s Evolution beyond Nuclear Threats

Traditionally conceived as A safeguard against Nuclear Warfare, the COG Principle took an unanticipated turn in the aftermath of the September 11 Attacks. The Nation awoke to A new reality, an adaptive and resilient Governmental Apparatus that could endure even the most Catastrophic Events. As the ashes of the Twin Towers settled, the Continuity of Operations Plan emerged from the shadows, acting as the Blue Print for A Government that refused to be paralyzed.

Behind this transformation lies the intricate interplay between Presidential Powers and the Department of Defense. At the heart of this symbiosis are the Executive Orders, wielding the ability to unleash covert and overt Military Operations. The obscure depths of Chapter 11.3, Laws of War offer A tantalizing glimpse into the arsenal of measures that can be employed under the Aegis of Military Occupation.

Shrouded in secrecy and employing the dark arts of Espionage, covert Military Operations have become the currency of this new era. Operating like ghosts in the shadows, these operations blur the lines between National Security and Individual Privacy. The echoes of Edward Snowden’s revelations reverberate through this clandestine landscape, reminding us of the price paid for unchecked power.

The Rise of Overt Military Control

As the cloak of secrecy parts, overt Military control emerges as A stark reality. The echoes of Martial footsteps reverberate through the corridors of power, as the Department of Defense steps into the limelight. The prospect of Military Law operating on domestic soil raises questions about the delicate balance between Civil Liberties and Security Imperatives.

The narrative surrounding this seismic shift is A Double Edged Sword. On one side, proponents argue that the Militarization of Government is essential to ensure National Survival in an increasingly chaotic world. On the other, skeptics point to the erosion of democratic norms, the veiling of autocratic tendencies, and the alarming lack of transparency that characterizes this new era.

As we navigate this landscape of intrigue and power, it’s impossible to ignore the distinct personality that pervades the proceedings. The scent of conspiracy, the adrenaline of secrecy, and the weight of responsibility hang thick in the air, creating A Tapestry woven from the threads of Human Determination, Ambition, and Fear.

When Major Broadcasters Unveil the Shadows: TRUMP, MUSK, CARLSON and the Rogan Twist

An intense undercurrent in the Media landscape reveals itself as major broadcasters and influential figures come to light, echoing A sentiment that’s been whispered about for years. The Nexus? Trump, Musk, Carlson, and an unexpected Rogan twist.

When you pull the veil off, what’s underneath is often far more fascinating and intricate than what meets the eye. For years, theories have run rampant about the Behind the Scenes Interactions and Collaborations of Major Power Players. With the explosion of Alternative Media Platforms, the dissemination of these theories has gained incredible momentum. Now, as we cross the mid point of 2023, some of these rumors no longer seem so outrageous.

It’s no longer A whisper, it’s A roar. The undeniable resonance comes from none other than influential figures like Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet David (PBD), whose reach has become A Force to Reckon with. PBD’s podcast, A Juggernaut in the broadcasting world, impacts over 30 million people every month. This isn’t merely A single Stream but A massive, rippling effect as his podcast is rebroadcast on thousands of channels, websites, and browsers globally.

The Silent Alliance

It may seem like A bold claim, but the evidence is mounting. Several key figures are supposedly coming together, moving like A well oiled machine beneath the surface. Think about it, Trump, with his undeniable charisma and ability to stir the masses; Elon Musk, the genius entrepreneur known for groundbreaking ventures and his audacious comments on societal structures; and Tucker Carlson, the articulate and often controversial host, shedding light on subjects many would rather stay in the dark.

The whispers and speculations surrounding this trio are not new. They’ve been suggested in many discreet DROPS over the past couple of years, hinting at major internet podcasts being activated for pivotal information dissemination. And while many may have brushed these off as mere conspiracy theories, the recent rise in specific broadcasts begs us to reconsider.

And if this Triumvirate wasn’t intriguing enough, there’s an even more compelling layer. Joe Rogan, known for his brutally honest and no holds barred style, has been A significant presence in this unfolding narrative. A couple of years ago, certain DROPS suggested Rogan’s apparent disdain for Trump was all for show. It was A ruse. Now, in A climactic twist, Rogan allegedly seeks Trump for A monumental 2023 or 2024 podcast.

Why would this be significant? Because Rogan has turned his sights against perceived adversaries. In recent months, he’s taken on Vaccine information, challenging notable figures like Bill Gates and organizations such as the WHO, WEF, and even highlighting George Soros’s role. He’s gone so far as to expose Joseph Biden and validate controversial topics like the Hunter Biden Lap Top situation and the Russia Collusion narrative.

Confronting the ‘Deep State

The term ‘Deep State’ has been bandied about for A while, sometimes mocked, often dismissed. But what Rogan, and now potentially this alliance of Trump, Musk, and Carlson, is doing is forcing us to confront its existence. Is there A global machinery working quietly, shaping narratives and controlling outcomes? The more one delves into the tidbits being exposed, the harder it becomes to turn A blind eye.

These aren’t just mere ramblings of A select few anymore. The drumbeat is getting louder and impossible to ignore. When the lines between reality and staged narratives blur, an aggressive tone isn’t just preferred, it’s essential. We are, arguably, in one of the most politically and socially charged eras in recent history. The populace is waking up, and they demand the truth.

In this vast Media landscape, it’s easy to get lost, to be swept away by MainStream narratives. But as platforms like PBD’s podcast and the likes of Rogan’s show have proven, Alternative Sources can no longer be dismissed. They’re here, they’re powerful, and they’re pulling back the curtain on many hidden agendas.

So, Where does This Leave Us?

Armed with Keywords like Trump, Musk, Carlson, Rogan, Deep State, and more, A deeper dive into the world of Alternative Media and its explosive revelations is warranted. The call to action is clear: Stay vigilant, question the MainStream, and most importantly, seek the truth. No matter how dramatic or aggressive it may sound, the age of passive consumption is over.

As we head further into 2023 and approach 2024, brace yourself. This drama is just getting started, and if the current trajectory is anything to go by, we’re in for an unforgettable rollercoaster ride. One where truth, power, and intrigue collide in A spectacle that the world has never seen before.

America’s Clandestine Operations and Covert Leaders

With the world watching, certain figures emerge from the shadows, playing their roles with precise intent. From the public disdain of former President Trump to RFK Jr’s revelation about the so called “Plandemic,” the inner workings of secret American operations are slowly, yet resolutely, coming to light.

The world of politics isn’t just about ballot boxes, speeches, or election campaigns. Far from the spotlight, hidden operations steer the course of history. This deep dive will unravel the complex and covert narratives, bringing to light the secrets of US Military White Hats, key players, and their interconnected missions.

A Game of Disguise: The Trump Paradox

To an average observer, the widespread disdain for Donald Trump seemed organic. But in the clandestine corridors of Military Psychological Operations, this was A calculated move. Why? To cultivate networks. Every time someone voiced their opposition to Trump, another node in the vast web of patriot communities and anonymous fighters against the Deep State was created, bringing together neutral Americans without even their realization.

Bobby Kennedy Jr wasn’t just another Democrat. Commanding 30% of the Democratic Party, RFK Jr wielded substantial influence, and he didn’t hesitate to use it. He worked tirelessly to expose what many have termed the “Plandemic,” unmasking the elites’ Vaccine agendas, biolabs, and their involvement in the Ukraine War. His revelations about giants like Black Rock, Vanguard, and the Military Complex shocked the very core of the establishment.

While some might argue that RFK Jr is just an activist, in reality, he’s A chess piece, moving methodically across A grand board. The endgame? Bringing different leaders and their communities together under covert Military Operations. This amalgamation, once slow and undetectable, is now rapidly coming to A head.

The Curious Case of Musk and Desantis

Enter Elon Musk, A billionaire known for space rockets and electric cars. Musk’s support for Desantis was not just A casual endorsement. It was a move in A bigger game. The subsequent failure of Musk’s Twitter campaign for Desantis in May was not accidental. Instead, it was A planned failure. Many recall the infamous night when Twitter inexplicably crashed, ensuring Desantis’ political momentum never recovered. Accidental glitch or meticulous strategy?

Jim Jordan, RFK Jr, and the Fauci Nexus

As Representative Jim Jordan tirelessly goes after Dr Anthony Fauci, intent on exposing the National Institutes of Health, he’s not alone. RFK Jr holds cards, strategic and devastating, that can unveil the origins of the current Pandemic and the intricate layers of deceit around it.

Supreme Power: SCOTUS Under the White HatsControl

The highest court of the land, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), is believed by many to be the last bastion of justice. However, rumors swirl that behind the scenes, it’s the US White Hats Military that truly pulls the strings. The Brunson Case, mysteriously kept under wraps, may well prove to be the key to exposing A Military Coup tied to the controversial 2020 Election.

The 2020 Election Saga and the Trump Indictments

Remember the predictions that Donald Trump was on the verge of arrest? It wasn’t mere speculation. The saga of the ‘Stolen2020 Election, the indictments against Trump, and the US judges, suspected plants from A bygone era, gunning for him are all intricately linked. These plants, established to collapse and expose A weaponized, compromised Judicial System, are connected with Foreign Governments and entities such as the World Economic Forum, Davos Group, and the evercontroversial George Soros.

The Great Unveiling

As the intricate web continues to unravel, one thing is clear, the shadows hold more than just darkness; they hold the strings of power, the puppeteers, and the story yet to be fully told. The stage is set, the actors are in place, and as America watches with bated breath, the grand narrative unfolds, revealing the power plays of the elites and the resilience of those who dare to challenge them.

The Hidden Military Messages in Trump’s Controversial Mugshot: An Investigation into Global Power Plays

In a world dominated by MainsStream narratives and where photos drive public opinion, the Trump ‘mugshot’ emerges not as a simple image but as A beacon of clandestine military communications. Dive deep as we expose the underbelly of international power dynamics, unveiling truth buried in A wave of misinformation.


Trump’s Mugshot: Not Just A Photo, But A Message

Images tell A thousand words, and in today’s digital age, they spread even faster. Recently, A ‘mugshot’ of former President Donald Trump went viral, but for those in the know, this wasn’t a mere photo—it was a message, a communication; it was military comms.

But why does this photograph ring alarm bells? Simple. When arrested, protocol demands that an individual look forward with their head up for three distinct shots. No chin down pose. No deviations. So, this very obvious photoshop work, which could never have been released by a Police department, begs the question: Why is it here? What message does it carry?


Understanding Military Comms: The Language of The Shadows

To the untrained eye, this photograph may seem like a poorly fabricated image meant to slander or perhaps mock the former president. However, discerning eyes know better. This is military comms from Trump, signaling the world that what they’re witnessing is all staged—a grand show for global audiences.

Such clandestine communication is sent out for three fundamental reasons

  • To Let Important Anons Know: The ‘in-the-know’ community, the “Anons,” immediately recognize the theatrics. This photo serves as a flag, a call to arms, a message that says, ‘it’s staged.’
  • A Warning to the Deep State: It’s no secret that organizations like the CIA, DS, and the military sector within the Pentagon have their eyes and ears everywhere. This image stands as a stark reminder—military operations are drawing near, closer than they might think.
  • Russian and Italian Operations

    A few years ago, the grapevine was abuzz with whispers. Wires from military sectors in Italy and Russia were buzzing with information about a forthcoming public event concerning Trump—an arrest, a scandal, something big. And when this event, like the released mugshot, would go public, it would be the trigger, setting off Italian and Russian operations that would lead to the declassification and release of essential public information. The Alliance Military Operations, it seems, would kick into high gear, revealing the secrets of the deep state to the world.


The Visible Pawns: Kash Patel and Jan Hayes

Both Kash Patel (former Chief of Staff to the acting United States Secretary of Defence) and Jan Hayes (from the Department of Defense) have made appearances on Q supported channels. This visibility isn’t casual it’s a declaration. They’re letting the world know that the military is gearing up to expose certain truths. Topmost on this list? The controversies surrounding the 2020 elections.


Behind The Scenes Power Moves

While the world remains embroiled in media fed narratives, significant moves are happening behind the curtain. Pelosi has been removed, and other influential deep state actors are on the chopping block. And then there’s the curious case of Kamala Harris. Who placed her in the position of Vice President? Was it A mere political move, or was it A masterstroke to ensure that she’d never occupy the president’s office if something were to befall Biden?


Trump’s Power Handover The Deep State’s Worst Nightmare

Since 2017, the narrative has been consistent. Trump, it seems, handed over significant power to the military. It’s not as simple as it sounds. The military, though supportive of Trump, required his signature to initiate operations meant to purge the deep state.

And it gets deeper. In 2018, Trump’s Executive Orders empowered the US Military to not only carry out covert operations but also maintain the continuity of government operations. All fingers point towards personalities like Ezra Cohen Watnick and the team at Cheyenne Mountain. This group is rumored to have created the ‘Devolution Plan’, A Blue Print for global power shifts.


The World’s Patriots: The Last Line of Defence

To the world’s patriots, this isn’t mere politics, it’s A battle, the final war to end all wars. They stand resolute, watching, waiting, and preparing.


In an era where truth is the first casualty, images like Trump’s ‘Mugshot’ are more than they appear. They’re symbols, messages, and warnings. It’s time the world read between the pixels.

This is the’Safest House in America

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It’s BQQM Time, The Great Finale, Cryptic Message

As the ominous clouds of A possible ‘Scare Event’ gather over our horizon, it’s high time we, the citizens of this global community, unite. With potential threats looming, A Nuclear False Flag, A strategic Black Out, Cyber Attacks, we need to keep our resolve unshaken.

We must trust in the benevolent force, in God, and stay on mission. Indeed, the storm is approaching, but so is the dawn of A new era. It’s ‘BQQM Time’ and it promises A grand finale. Brace yourselves, for we are entering A phase of immense transformation (. . .)

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The Final Stages of Military Operations is Taking Place, There is NO Coincidence!

There are no coincidences in life, just like there’s no room for indifference in the face of reality. The most intense storm of the century is brewing, A metaphoric tempest that’s set to shake the bedrock of our society, to reveal the lurid shadows that have long held sway in the hidden echelons of power. The covert labyrinth of the Deep State, the perfidious Cabal and their abhorrent deeds, is being unearthed, and we are at the precipice of A cataclysmic revelation.

This is not an article you come across casually while scrolling through the internet. This is A call to arms, A rallying cry for all free thinking individuals, A demand for truth and transparency. We are at the cusp of the final stages of an unparalleled Military Operation that promises to reshape our world and its conventional narratives ( . . .)

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