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The Road to Guantanamo Bay for Global Elite, Welcome to Guantanamo Bay, Home Sweet Home!

Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Arrests (1)


Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Arrests (2)


Prison Ready For Massive Swamp Draining. Prison Barges Sent To Gitmo .The List of Elites and Democrats Tribunals.


As you Recall, on the 21st of December Several Things happened

(1) President Trump Signed an Executive Order that basically declared A State of Emergency in Every Area, giving the President Authority to Take Down these Elites across the Planet.

(2) General Mattis (Secretary of Defense) made A Surprise Visit to our Leased Naval Base In Cuba called Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) for an Unannounced Inspection.
The Last Time A Secretary Of Defense visited GITMO was 16 Years Ago when Donald Rumsfeld went there to Prepare it to Receive Prisoners.

(3) The 850th Military Battalion from the Arizona National Guard was Mobilized with All 800 Personnel and Sent to GITMO for A 9 Monthly Deployment to Help Guard, 40 Prisoners?

Apparently the Last insane President Regulated that All Nation Guard Units to Deploy for 1 Year Every 3 Years, which Completely Destroys Any One’s Ability to find A Job in the National Guard. Hey boss , I can Work for you Only 2 Years out of 3 Years?

Speculation within the 850th MP’s is that the US is preparing for a Huge Influx of Prisoners into GITMO that are Very Well Off as the Base also just Received $ 800 Million Dollars toRebuild Not Only the Base Housing but the Prison Itself.

(4) Over 200 Elite CEO’s in America Resigned Immediately Following the Signing of the State of Emergency Act signed by the President.

Most of these Elites are Literally Running for the Hills, burying their Dollars in Offshore Accounts. Unfortunately All Bank Accounts World Wide may be Accessed by the Federal Reserve System, Except, the New Bank that is Being Created by the Chinese and Russians in their New Inter Bank System.

President Trump does have the Full Cooperation with the Russian and Chinese Leaders in that these Elites will Not Be Able to Run to Either of these Countries.

(5) IBC Airlines Now has Begun Regular Flights to GITMO and is Now Flying There 3 Times A Week.

IBC Airlines handles Freight, So Apparently A Lot of Supplies are Now Being Transferred to GITMO.

It appears that GITMO is preparing to receive some very High Level Elites that may be tried for Treason and find an extended stay at the “GITMO Resort.”

With any luck these Treasonous Elites may even get a pillow for their extended stay – not kidding.

This is not about left vs. right – this is about the destruction of Planet Earth.

Further – President Trump has enacted the Old Immigration Laws that clearly state if you wish to destroy the American Government you cannot migrate here – a law ignored by last 4 Presidents in a clear attempt to initiate the Cloward Pivens Plan and destroy America and Freedom.

What this means is that if you are an immigrant and part of an organization that plans to overthrow the US Government – you will be sent home.

I suppose this means the FBI will have to close ALL 50 Terror Camps they are running in this country?

This also includes those who follow the Koran and plan to destroy US Laws by implementing Sharia Law.

ATTENTION FELLOW PATRIOTS. It’s Happening! USA Financial System Collapse Is Imminent!

So as for the 258 Million Migrants World Wide they will enter the US If, and Only If, they support the US Government.

Please pray that if this is a new set of Nuremburg Trials begins of these Insane NAZI Lefty Leaders that the President is able to round up all of those up who need to be contained.

GITMO is able to handle around 800 Prisoners and the Private Prisons in the Arizona Desert are able to handle an unlimited amount of Lefties.


(1) The US Department of Justice has a New Sheriff and the Murders and theft committed against the ranches in Nevada and Southern Oregon are now being investigated.

Pray that those guilty of Theft and Murder either repent or are Neutralized immediately.

Finally, there is a Huge Fence being built between Afghanistan and Pakistan but we don‘t see any lefties rioting over that.

Apparently Afghanistan has an enormous amount of Oil and Mineral Wealth that US forces have been trying to have mined by the locals now for over 15 years but the locals refuse to destroy their own land for short term gains.

The only active mines there are the Chinese mining Lithium and the US Opium Farms, which may be coming to an end very shortly.

We wish you all a very happy new year as it will be a very interesting year.

Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: Arrests, Indictments and Executions for Thousands of New Ex-Elite Prisoners, Official Documents

Before we get started, let us first understand that before Trump was POTUS GITMO (Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp)was a fraction of the size it now is. This can be clearly confirmed by the following visuals, identifying a significant amount of expansion for what is expected to be tens of thousands of new ex-elite prisoners.

Well, those who are not executed via military tribunal at least. Now, if you are not aware of these indictments I am referring to, that makes perfect sense because they are still sealed and not yet public knowledge. Please allow me to enlighten you. These equate to roughly 222,000 sealed indictments and pertain to the most disturbing and corrupt crimes against humanity.

These range from human trafficking, organ trafficking, child sex trafficking, slavery, treason, terrorism, fraud, misuse of AI, genocide, brainwashing, defamation, 5G endangerment, religious discrimination, misrepresentation, censorship, privacy infringement, and prevention of saving humanity from biotech endangerment.

Below you will find the related and confirmed ongoing lawsuit filed by Cyprus A. Parsa, The AI Organization vs. Google et al. on February 26, 2020.

[1] Full Lawsuit – Cyprus A. Parsa, The AI Organization vs. Google et al.

Equally, there has been numerous documents published on the Human Rights Tribunal International website relating to violations of all 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) including war crimes to commit mass genocide involving ANTIFA, CDC, Fauci, Gates Foundation, National Lawyers Guild, National Governors Association, The Rothschild Family, and WHO.

[2] Full Document – Human Rights Tribunal International vs. Gates et al.

[3] Full Document – Human Rights Tribunal International vs. The Rothschild Family

[4] Full Document – Human Rights Tribunal International vs. ANTIFA et al.

Many of these deep state elites were given warning of their looming arrests via secret envelopes handed out at George H. W. Bush’s funeral. The following video and image will show you a few of those who were the served the letter and what exactly the letter said.

Essentially, George H.W. Bush confessed everything in his human rights tribunal (filmed on analog) which severely implicated many deep state puppets.

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Do You Remember When all The Members of The Cabal Were Handed Envelopes? A New One Theory Just Surfaced (…)

Many of these involved elites have been using COVID-19 as a guise for their crimes against humanity, using coded communications to let each other know their legal situations. The images below give us a great breakdown of their comms.

Many of these involved elites are currently suited with an ankle monitor or microchip tracker. They often fake a leg injury to get a large cast/brace over the monitor to conceal it easily. Below we can see Ellen DeGeneres with her SMART Monitor on.

The Hillary Child-Sex Tape Is Worse Than You Can Imagine | The SATANIC SYNDICATE

Justin Trudeau for example had the ankle monitor himself for some time, until he supposedly had himself micro-chipped as explained below in the following note by Annie, a Canadian Government official.

Whereas the clone/double Joe Biden so flagrantly shows off how not broken his foot is, just mere days after he allegedly fractured it. He is so obviously concealing an ankle monitor and this just makes it undeniable. Clearly he has entirely capitulated to the plan and is merely playing his role out, possibly even a white hat actor.

As of June 11, 2020 images of lists with elites’ names began surfacing on social media and circulating around in groups and group chats. They seem to identify who is currently on house arrest, in prison, awaiting tribunal, at GITMO, or already executed.

There are many versions of the lists and there appears to be quite some overlap in names, which helps to confirm the validity of them

The following 50 politically involved elites have been charged with any combination of the following Title 18 U.S. Code felony violations including

18 US Code § 2381.     Treason
18 US Code § 2382     Misprision of Treason
18 US Code § 2383     Rebellion Or Insurrection
18 US Code § 2384     Seditious Conspiracy
18 US Code § 2385     Advocating Overthrow of Government

These arrests, executions, and tribunals began as far back as 2017 during Trumps presidency and are still ongoing as of today as many indictments have yet to be unsealed. The following diagrams seek to make sense of the “plan” or “show” or “movie” or “script” the entire world is watching as the deep state cabal is being brought down behind the scenes.

Many of the elites that have already been arrested or executed along with those who have not yet had their military tribunal will continue to commit suicide or die mysterious deaths. This is also how the white hat clones/doubles filling in for the indicted elites will exit the movie we are all watching.


Watching The Following Video Will Give You Access To Knowledge The Government Does NOT Want You To Know About


The fake news media may even label many of these Rommel deaths as COVID-19 to push their narrative on the sleeping masses in order to keep as many fear-mongered as possible. These elites are attempting to keep their public image and legacy intact and have taken deals behind the scenes. The crimes they have committed are either treasonous or crimes against humanity which all equate to the death sentence regardless.

Operation Warp Speed, a military vaccine delivery operation is believed to secretly be these indictments unsealing for mass arrests via the military for crimes against humanity, treason, and other high crimes (the military is the cure). We have seen numerous live broadcasted vaccine injections (many of which appear to be using prop needles to fake injections) to some well known treasonous or pedophilic persons.

Now the key point that needs to be overserved in the following image is that all the flags are wrinkled, which is a com for traitor/treason. Is it possible that these vaccines are actually lethal injections? Have we just witnessed actors/clones/doubles being phased out of the movie?

The following videos will help you understand how Trump was able to use evidence of adrenochrome and child trafficking on all countries around the world to get them to capitulate to the plan. This includes royalty, prime ministers, presidents, the Vatican, and all Rothschild controlled central banks.

Essentially, this explains how Trump is currently the richest man in the world with the largest military in the world as all countries that agreed to capitulate to Trump’s demands are now following his every command.

As mentioned in the above videos human cloning has been confirmed and many of the elites you are now seeing are in fact clones or doubles standing in for themselves.

Q Drop 26 : “Military Is The Only Way” – A Deep Dive into America’s Secretive Military Movements & Cheyenne Mountain

As the mid-year of 2023 unfolds, the United States has seen an uptick in unanticipated military activity. This article delves into this escalating situation, from the secret police entities to the explosive whisperings of a potential military coup. Strap in for a journey through the undercurrents of our nation’s deep, dark secrets.

Let’s start with a seemingly cryptic phrase making rounds in conspiracy theory circuits, “Military Is The Only Way”. Q Drop 26, as it’s referred to, is gaining considerable attention. The enigma continues to deepen, as unusual and heightened military activity is noticed nationwide during June and July 2023. But what is this all leading up to? Let’s unravel the threads, one by one, in an attempt to decode the cryptic.

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The Final Stages of Military Operations is Taking Place. There is NO Coincidence!

There are no coincidences in life, just like there’s no room for indifference in the face of reality. The most intense storm of the century is brewing, a metaphoric tempest that’s set to shake the bedrock of our society, to reveal the lurid shadows that have long held sway in the hidden echelons of power. The covert labyrinth of the deep state, the perfidious cabal and their abhorrent deeds, is being unearthed, and we are at the precipice of a cataclysmic revelation.

This is not an article you come across casually while scrolling through the internet. This is a call to arms, a rallying cry for all free-thinking individuals, a demand for truth and transparency. We are at the cusp of the final stages of an unparalleled military operation that promises to reshape our world and its conventional narratives. (…)

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The Final Showdown: The Deep State’s Death Sets the World Ablaze! Brace for Impact! –

Clones, Doubles, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI, The Illusions are SO REAL Now (…) They Have Become Normal!

It’s being reported that many public figures have been replaced by stand in clones anddoubles these days. According to ZetaTalk these Military Tribunals have been running in the US since the start of 2019, authorized by President Trump’s Executive Order. Issues such as treason and crimes against humanity fall under the military purview and allow for a speedy trial in secrecy, commonly resulting in executions or lengthy stays at GITMO.

Types of Clones Used By The iLLUMiNATi

Actual Clones

This is A person grown from test tubes, known as “In Vitro” or implanted in A womb, having identical genetic makeup to another person.

Synthetic People
These persons look every bit as real as A real person although are made of certain tissues extracted from cattle for example.

Organic Robotoids
This is an artificial life created totally different than clones or synthetics. Organic robotoid technology is being used to make exact as possible copies of important people.

Look alikes An ongoing program to find look-alikes for prominent people, as well as A program to create secret identical twins, which are separated at birth and never see each other ()

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They Know Everything. I’m Sorry”  George Bush Funeral Envelope Reactions


PENCE Got One Too!

Do you remember George HW Bush’s funeral?
How about Jeb’s face went pale when he opened his?
Do you remember when all the members of the cabal were handed envelopes?
And do you remember how Jeb’s face went pale when he opened his?
If not, here’s A refresher


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