American Media Group | Medeea Greere – The House Oversight Committee will Present Bank Records Today Indicating Vice President Biden, Serving in Office, Received $ 1 Million Bribe

BREAKING: The House Oversight Committee will Present Bank Records Today Indicating that Vice President Joe Biden while Serving in Office, Received A $ 1 Million Bribe from Romanian Real Estate Tycoon Gabriel Popoviciu

BREAKING The House Oversight Committee will Present Bank Records Today Indicating that Vice President Joe Biden while Serving in Office, received A $ 1 Million Bribe from Romanian Real Estate Tycoon Gabriel Popoviciu


Romanian Tycoon Hired Hunter Biden, Ex FBI Chief to Help him Avoid Jail: Emails

Hunter Biden and his Colleagues at A High Powered Law Firm tried to Leverage their Government Connections in the Final Months of the Obama Administration in A Failed Bid to Help A Romanian Real Estate Tycoon avoid A Conviction on Bribery Charges.

Emails Obtained from Hunter’s Abandoned Laptop Show the Younger Biden then Working as A Counsel at Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, Reached Out to Former FBI Director Louis Freeh in June 2016 about the Case of Gabriel Popoviciu, who was Accused of Acquiring Land to Build A Bucharest Mall at A Below Market Price.

Hunter Biden Met with Dad Immediately after Romanian Business Meetings

Hunter Biden met with his Father Multiple Times while Working for A Romanian Real Estate Tycoon Accused of Corruption,  an Effort that Netted Joe Biden’s Second Son and Associates “Millions” of Dollars, A Source Close to the Arrangement told The Post.

Experts Previously told The Post Hunter Biden’s Failure to Register as A Foreign Agent was Almost Certainly A Violation of the Federal Foreign Agent Registration Act.

President Trump TRB Card, The Best is Yet to Come!

Gabriel Popoviciu was A Romanian Real Estate Tycoon. He had Made Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Romania. He was Convicted of Bribery and Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison, and he was Looking to Have that Conviction Overturned. In that Effort, he Enlisted Hunter Biden and A Number of his Business Partners to See What they could Do on that Front, and Millions of Dollars, According to Someone I spoke to Involved in that Effort, Exchanged Hands with Hunter and his Cronies for that Effort.

It appears that Hunter Pulled Out All the Stops because What’s Really New Here is that if you Look atImmediately After he was Meeting with his Father. You can See All of This in the Calendar. You’ve Got Situations Where He’s in Romania Meeting with the US Ambassador to Romania to Talk about the Case, and he comes Back from Romania, and Two Days Later in the Calendar, it says Breakfast with Dad at the Naval Observatory (…)

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh was Also Part of this Effort to Get the Conviction against Popoviciu Overturned. There’s Really No Reason for Hunter and Louis Freeh to Be Having A Call at That Time Other than for Popoviciu. As You can See from that Email, it Confirms What you can See in the Calendar that There was A Meeting with Joe Biden that Same Day Just tTwo Hours Afterward.

Arrest Warrents of the Deep State Military Coups


Q Mystery Book | Where We Go One, We Go All!

Do You Want to Know Who Is Behind QAnon? According to the New York Times, Using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Stylometry, and Statistics on Q Texts, Two Separate Teams of NLP Researchers from France and Swiss have Identified the Same Two Men as Likely Authors of Messages that Fueled the QAnon Movement.

First the Initiator, Paul Furber, A South African Software Developer and Then Ron Watkins took over, Who Operated 8chan Website Where the Q Messages began Appearing in 2018 and is Now Running Election for Republican in Arizona.

Does America Really have ANational SecurityDeep State”?

Is “Deep State” is A Real Thing?

There are Parts of the US Government that wield Real Power Outside the Conventional Checks and Balances of the System!

Is there A Case for A More Robust Deep State, Especially when the Power of the American Presidency keeps Growing? Is it Necessarily Bad to Have an Alternative Check on the Executive?

For the Deep State, Trump Was Never President?

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