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Quantum Financial System and the Tier 4B Internet Group, Dive Deep into the World of Currency Revaluation, Redemption Centers, and NESARA GESARA Payments

In A World where Money seems to Make its Own Rules and the Game changes Before Our Very Eyes, there’s A Seismic Shift Happening. The Shift from FIAT  to Asset Guaranteed Currencies.
For Those Who’ve been Scouring the Internet, the Mention of the Elusive Tier 4B rings A Bell. Let’s Journey into the Heart of this Monetary Revolution.If you’ve Ever Felt like the Financial World operates in Shadows, Pulling Strings that Determine the Fate of our Hard Earned Money, you’re Not Alone. The Murmurings of A Change, A Revolution, have Been Bubbling Just beneath the Surface. We’re On the Brink of A Massive Transformation, and it’s Essential you’re Armed with the Knowledge to Ride this Wave. It All revolves around the Quantum Financial System (QFS), and Whispers about Something CalledTier 4B’. Are you Part of this Clandestine Tier 4B? There’s A Vast Ocean of Mis Conceptions Out There, and we’re Here to Steer your Ship through these Treacherous Waters.

Understanding Tier 4B and the Internet Group Conundrum

You might have stumbled across mentions of Tier 4B, often dubbed ‘The Internet Group’ in enigmatic videos and online discussions. If you’re thinking, “I’m part of the Internet Group since I’m online, right?” – hold that thought. While it’s a convenient assumption, it’s not that simple.

Hear this clearly. Tier 4B is about intent. It’s about the actions you’ve taken in the realm of international currency. Have you dabbled in the world of foreign currency? I’m talking about purchasing currencies like the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, or the Zimbabwe Zim, anticipating a revaluation. If so, you might just be part of this exclusive club.

Here’s Primer

  • Tier 1 – 3 Not publicly disclosed but speculated to be major government funds and humanitarian projects.
  • Tier 4A Individuals privy to private exchanges.
  • Tier 4B, The Internet Group You, me, and everyone else following international revaluation events, armed with foreign currencies in anticipation.
  • Tier 5, The General Public The unsuspecting masses, holding on to foreign currencies without the keen insight of expected revaluation.

You must Be Prepared for the Black Swan Event!

The Redemption Centres: Your Pathway to Wealth

As this currency revaluation unfolds, those in the know (yes, that could be you) will be summoned to Redemption Centres. These aren’t mystical places; they might be as mundane as your local bank branch or an unassuming office building. Here, you’ll exchange the foreign currencies you’ve held onto for so long, for the currency of your homeland.

The General Public: Left in the Dust?

While we’ve been vigilantly monitoring the winds of change, the general populace remains blissfully unaware. But once the revaluation hits mainstream news, watch out for a mad dash to those Redemption Centres. For many, a forgotten bill tucked away will transform into a treasure.

Into the Vortex of QFS

Then comes the million-dollar question – where does all this money go? While many of us once declared our preferred bank accounts for this purpose, the instability of traditional banking has led to a massive tilt towards QFS. This system, rumored to be hack-proof and the pinnacle of financial security, might just be our salvation.

NESARA GESARA: The Hidden Treasure

As if this wasn’t enough, there’s another plot twist – the NESARA-GESARA payments. Though shrouded in mystery, these are believed to be refunds linked to various financial activities from birth certificates to mortgages. While the specifics remain hazy, one thing’s for sure – these payments, distinct from the currency revaluation, could flow straight into your QFS accounts. No Redemption Centre appointments required!

Seize the Opportunity

For those who’ve been on the fence, this might be your last chance. If you can, try to get your hands on some foreign currency. But remember, even if you can’t, this new era promises prosperity for all.

To sum it up: Tier 4B is more than just a term thrown around in conspiracy-laden corners of the web. It’s a call to action, a wake-up call, and possibly the key to unlocking untold wealth. Are you in?

QFS The Grand Shift from FIAT to Asset Guaranteed Currencies


The metamorphosis of the world’s financial system. In the heart of darkness, there emerges a gold-backed revelation, spelling doom for the Central Banking System. Buckle up!

Amidst hushed whispers, and corners of the web whispering about a global financial reset, emerges a behemoth called QFS – Quantum Financial System. The long-held, debt-ridden fiat currencies, the chains of economic slavery, are about to be broken and replaced by asset-backed currencies. Hold your horses as we dive deep into this whirlwind transition that’s set to rock the world’s monetary foundations.

The Fall of FIAT and Rise of Gold Backed Currency

For too long, we’ve been enslaved by the shackles of FIAT currencies. These debt instruments, perpetuated by a centralized banking system, have kept nations and individuals tethered to an unending cycle of debt and financial uncertainty. But behold, a silent storm has been brewing.

Once Tier 1 is completed and synced with the QFS, a revolution is set to unfold. Account holders possessing FIAT currencies, which are still considered “legal,” will experience a transition like never before. Their money will undergo a “reconciliation” process where every dollar, euro, or yen will be exchanged for a gold-backed currency on a one-to-one ratio.

Dismantling the Central Banking System

While the world remained engrossed in the old-school banking norms, QFS was developed, lurking in the shadows, awaiting its grand reveal. This system is poised to function wholly independent of the dated “centralized” banking system. The very Central Banking System, which has, for decades, perpetuated the notion of Debt Slavery”, is about to face its demise.

Now, this isn’t just another fad or an upgraded version of the traditional systems. This is a complete overhaul. Although the QFS boasts of state-of-the-art design, safety, and security, its deployment won’t be instantaneous. It’ll be a process, but one that’s worth the wait.

Breaking Myths: QFS versus Crypto Currency

Many naysayers are quick to bundle QFS into the Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Technology category. Let’s make this crystal clear: The QFS operates on distributed ledger technology. It isn’t Cryptocurrency or Blockchain. These distinctions are vital, for there is more to the QFS than meets the eye.

In this quantum era, qubits play a pivotal role. Within the QFS, quantum qubits “interact” with global financial transactions. Their purpose? To validate that every transaction is lawful, transparent, and intended by the rightful owner.

Central Banks, The End of an Era

Brace yourself for the earth-shattering truth: Central Banks, as we know them, are on their last leg. With no capability to “reconcile” age-old FIAT money into the avant-garde QFS system, both fractional reserve banks and central banks are staring at a dead end. Their era of dominance, control, and exploitation is nearing its final curtain call.

In the vast realm of the QFS, each sovereign currency, each bank, stands as a distinct ledger. To put into perspective the mammoth scale of QFS, data of all account holders, spread across a staggering
209 participating countries
, was downloaded onto this system back in March 2017, functioning as a “Distributed Ledger”.

Converting FIAT into Asset Backed Currency, The Future is Now

What QFS brings to the table is a radical transition, ensuring every bank account, regardless of its denominational fiat currency, is ready for conversion into an asset-backed local currency. Here’s how the magic unfolds: The QFS sends out a ping to the source fiat currency bank account. This ping’s objective? To verify the account’s validity, its active status, and its operational nature. Once this ping is successful, the transformation takes place, turning fiat currency holdings into the new asset-backed local currency at a 1:1 ratio.

Exciting News about QFS, All Banks are Transitioning Over into the QFS, Start Getting Hold of the ISO 20022 XLM and XRP, 7 Billion People will Inevitably Transition to the QFS

The world is on the brink of an unprecedented financial revolution, and the powerhouses of the banking sector are quaking in their boots. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is here, and it’s changing EVERYTHING. Prepare yourselves, the revolution has begun!

In the grand tapestry of time, every once in a while, humanity faces a seismic shift. A revolution so profound that the world is never the same again. We’re standing at the precipice of such a moment. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is not merely a new buzzword – it’s the dawn of a new era. The big banks knew this day would come, but they tried to hide it from us. No more!

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