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Declassified after 59 Years, Phone Tap revealed JFK’s Murderers

Medeea Greere

Tap on Hoover’s Phone indicates that the Men behind the Shooters were J Edgar Hoover, Alan Dulles, LBJ, and GHW. Bush. But who was Behind these Men?

The iLLUMiNATi Central Bank Cartel?

One of the Most Effective Tactics employed by the JFK Assassination was to “Muddy the Waters” by bringing in as ManySuspiciousIndividuals as Possible into the Assassination Arena, even having Different Reasons for Each Person’s Presence if there were a Covert Reason for being in Dallas on November 22, 1963, All the Better.

Scores of People were Engaged in Varied Peripheral Plots and Sub Plots, Many of Which were Related Tangentially or Not at All to the Actual Assassination. As a Result, the Pertinent Facts Drowned in a Contrived Whirlpool of Suspicious but Not Necessarily Related Activity.

But Who was REALLY Involved?

Rodney Stich’s BookDefrauding America’ tells of a Deep Cover CIA Officer assigned to a Counter Intelligence Unit, Code Named Pegasus. This Unit had Tape Recordings of Plans to assassinate Kennedy from a Tap on the Phone of J Edgar Hoover.

The People on the Tapes were Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, Lyndon Johnson (of Texas), George HW Bush, and J Edgar Hoover.

According to Stich’s Source, there were Conversations between Rockefeller, J Edgar Hoover, where Rockefeller asks, “Are we going to have Any Problems?
And he said, “No, we aren’t going to have Any Problems. I checked with Dulles. If They do their Job, We’ll do our Job.”

Henry Makow Comment

Who is “They”? CIA? Mossad? Mob?

There are a Whole Bunch of Tapes because Hoover didn’t realize that his Phone had been Tapped.

The Inner Core of the Conspiracy is bound Tightly Together by Oaths of Secrecy and Affiliations with Various Secret Societies allied with Various Nazis Groups, Mind Control Operations, and Business Ventures.


Herbert the Pervert Bush Sr Laughs at JFK Shooting (Randy Stated Bush Was Involved) 16 Year Old MK Ultra Used for Reagan Assassination | Video Proof!

Much of the Operational Apparatus used in the Conspiracy lay Hidden in the Shadowy World of Ultra Secret National Security State entities such as Division Five of the FBI, the Defense Industrial Security Command and Double and Triple agents of Various Allegiances.

The Torbitt Document and Dick Russell’s The Man Who Knew Too Much detail the Working of this Actual Framework. Agents from PSI Bureaus, Future Narcs, Ultra Right Wingers, and Doubles and Dead Ringers, Politicians, Spies, Cops. All Fall into the Mix.

I think Piper got it Absolutely Right. The Comments in Milligan’s Book do not leave out the Mossad and Apostate Israel as being the Head Honchos, Movers and Shakers in JFK’s Death.

They simply Reveal the Collusion of Some of the Other Interested and Unterrelated Parties, in the Lower Echelons of that Conspiracy. We know that America was Led by Communist Forces during WWII, from the Very White House on Down.

According to Curtis B Dall, in “FDR, My Exploited Father in Law,” the Commies were set up in and Operating Out of the White House Right Along with Franklin and Eleanor; we know that Wilson was Controlled and Managed by these Internationalists in his Time.

The American Bankers who Bankrolled the Bolsheviks and the Nazis worked Out of their Offices on Wall Street. Didn’t Leon Trotsky AKA Lev Bronstein, come from the Lower East Side, NYC?

Communism is a Capitalist Venture of the Ultra Rich to Enslave the Masses, Disposses Them of their Properties and Resources, which All become the Property ofThe State” and these, the Ultra Rich, are that State.

JFK’S Historic Speech, April 27, 1961, exposes Obama, Hillary, Bush

JFK’S Historic Speech April 27, 1961 exposes Obama, Hillary, Bush, Pope Francis, Military Tribunals, Crimes Against Humanity and New World Order (NWO)

Kennedy’s Speech, April 27, 1961, was given Just a Few Months after his Inauguration, and Just a Few Months before the Birth of Barack Obama. The Speech has Puzzled Historians, Speech Writers, and Politicians for Decades. Perhaps Kennedy didn’t mean his Speech for the Time when he was LIving, but for a Later Time, for the Final Generation.

Kennedy Clearly knew Something and Attempted to Convey it to the Public in 1961, Shortly after his Inauguration. His Speech wasn’t Just about “Secret Societies,” but about a “Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy.”

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