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Cannibalism and Hollywood Area Elites: Cannibalism is REAL, and It’s One of Hollywood’s Deepest and Darkest Secrets

Chelsea Clinton, Katy Perry & Meryl Streep, all VIP Members of the Cannibal Club in LA (foto Before It’s News)

Cannibalism Is REAL: It’s One Of Hollywood’s Deepest And Darkest Secrets Starting With Human Sacrifice!

Yes, Cannibalism and Fine Dining at that! If you’ve been paying attention, the Cannibalism telltales have been there all along, including John Podesta’s enthusiasm over Walnut Sauce, damningly revealed in a Wikieaks trove of emails, and reported widespread use of Adrenochrome, which is simultaneously the ultimate high and age reversing!
Let me be clear, Walnut Sauce is derived from the Pineal Gland of Humans Being terrorized, tortured and typically ritually murdered before removal, and Adrenochrome is taken from the Adrenal Glands by the same methods.
The latter is unforgettably presented in the Mind boggling controversial film “Adrenochrome,” which is available on Amazon Prime, but was forced to go indie in order to get shown in Movie Theaters. The even more specific and elite exposing “Adrenochrome 2” was under concerted Attack, last I heard, to block Distribution outright. Fresh Blood from children raped, terrified and tortured also has Adrenochrome in it and is a favored Beverage.
This appalling video goes into considerable detail and should NOT be watched while eating or drinking. Please note that based on other Information, I don’t agree that the Pineal Gland is producing Adrenochrome. It produces its own Elixir, if you will.

The Pineal Gland is also the Biological Expression of the Third Eye of Mystics, that which enables Perception and Awareness beyond this Reality. By amazing Coincidence (yeah, right) almost ubiquitous Water Fluoridation here in the US calcifies it ever more over time. Being Third Eye Blind is NOT a good thing.

Divine Awakening & Ascension – Black Adrenochrome AKA Walnut Sauce! They eat our babies!

Published 24 jan. 2019

Divine Awakening & Ascension

A very disturbing video on my research and discovery about Walnut Sauce. It was far worse than Eye could ever have imagined. We truly are living in Hell.

Please Note
This video was made specifically to address and bring Awareness to the World & Black People in particular in regard to the targeting of Black babies and children by the Global Elite, Planned Parenthood and other nefarious individuals and agencies. Black babies are targeted more because of their calcified Adrenechrome known as Walnut Sauce among the sick Elite. I did not make that differentiation in blacks. The Elite did so take your argument up with them. I am very aware that all children are targeted but this video is about black children because this has been going on right up under our noses in our communities and neighbourhoods and we had no idea.

Make no mistake that I care about and love all children and I shouldn’t even have to say that. People with good hearts heard that and recognised it! So I would like to say thank you for all the Love and Encouragement from all the different Races of People that had nothing but positive things to say. I will fight beside you for our babies!

But to you few butt hurt white folks and any others that get offended because I say “My People” and attempt to accuse me of some weird Racism or “Playing the Race Card” when it comes to our little ones. Get over it and go work on your Ego! How awful and demonic can you be? Taking something so sad and hard for me to address in the first place and turning it into Criticism and False Accusations! My heart is for all the children but I don’t have to explain anything to you. I love My People and I make no apologies for expressing that but know this. PRO BLACK DOES NOT MEAN ANTI WHITE OR ANTI ANY OTHER RACE! Just because I love my people does not mean I hate others.

This video was titled BLACK ADRENOCHROME for a reason to get my peoples attention in hopes that they would listen long enough to hear the message and begin to work together with Trump and stop hating him.

It was not meant to attract any narrow minded individuals wishing to stand on their soap box and preach unity to me. Before you do that take that same energy and go preach it to some of your People who are still practicing blatant Racism. You can start with the Police. Any perceived Racism you saw in this video came only from your twisted self absorbed mindset. Not from me! With that being said Peace, Love & Blessings! Stay out of my comments if you intend to bring anything other than Love, Positivity & Encouragement.

Credit to Ella Cruz for the article on Black Adrenochrome

They are stealing your Organs, see the YouTube video.

Obama Bush Cheney all eat baby Pineal Glands.

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There’s a Cannibal Club in Los Angeles

Somewhere in Los Angeles is a Dinner Club for Cannibals, begun in 2007, where those who pride themselves on being “Enlightened,” Dine on “Cuisine” of Human Meat prepared by their in house Chef.

On Cannibal Club‘s Homepage is this Henry Miller Quote and a Drawing of a Woman (Eve?) about to Bite into the Forbidden Apple.

This is how Cannibal Club describes itself and flatters its Cannibal Clients

Specializing in the preparation of Human Meat, Cannibal Club brings the cutting edge of experimental Cuisine to the refined palates of Los Angeles Cultural Elite. Our Master Chefs hail from around the world for the opportunity to practice their Craft Free of Compromise and Unbounded by Convention.

Our exclusive clientele includes noted Filmmakers, Intellectuals, and Celebrities who have embraced the Enlightenment Ideals of Free Expression and Rationalism. On Event Nights, Avant Garde Performance Artists, celebrated Literary Figures, and ground breaking Musicians entertain our Guests.

At Cannibal Club, we celebrate Artistic Excellence as the Natural and inevitable Expression of the unbridled Human Spirit. [Blah, blah, blah]

Chef de Cuisine Sophie Laffite regularly updates our menu with new and daring culinary experiments. The meat we serve is selected from the young and healthy. Consistent with the practice of Cannibalism in many primitive societies, we view anthropophagy as homage to the dead, who are reborn into the bodies of their consumers. Each dish, therefore, is a study in taste and elegance.

Here’s Cannibal Club’s Menu for this week

(1) Penne Pasta with Meat Sauce “A delicious meat sauce made from fresh heirloom tomatoes, served over multigrain penne noodles.”
(2) Sirloin Steak “A flame broiled 8 oz sirloin steak seasoned with fresh garlic, sautéed onions, and our in house Worcestershire sauce.
(3) Liver and Mushroom Pirozhi “A Russian version of pierogies, baked rather than boiled, with a savory filling of wild mushrooms and liver.”
(4) Placenta Lasagna “An otherwise traditional lasagna with one layer of cheese substituted by minced placenta in heirloom tomato sauce, seasoned with garlic, onion and oregano.”
(5) Mrs Lovett’s Meat Pies “A delectable pot pie in a genuine puff pastry crust with locally grown vegetables and tender strips of meat.”

CC Vip Nov17 by Jay

This document uploaded to ScribD on January 10, 2018, claims to be Cannibal Club’s “November VIP List,” which names Chelsea Clinton, CNN’s openly homosexual anchor Anderson Cooper, actress Meryl Streep of the snake tongue, and pop singer Katy Perry (who admitted she’d Sold her Soul to the Devil, and whose recent single “Bon Appétit” is about Cannibalism) as its VIP diners.

Before It’s News, Friday, May 28, 2021 13:29

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