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Breaking: White House Issues CogCon 2 Warning

Key employees in the US federal Government received texts and emails this morning around 9:30 AM, announcing CogCon 2.

The message looked like this.


The White House has set Continuity of Government (CoG) Condition (Con) to Two. No Action is required by you at this time. As an Emergency relocation group member you are reminded that should an order for Continuity of Operations occur you must report to the Alternate Operating Facility within four hours

REPLY 1. Acknowledged

2. Acknowledged, not capable of reporting within desired time frame
3. Acknowledged, not able to report to Alternate Operating Facility

For those unfamiliar with CoG, here are the basics of the system.


The Continuity of Government Readiness Conditions (COGCON) system establishes executive branch readiness levels based on possible threats to the National Capital Region. The President alone determines and issues the COGCON Level.

Federal executive branch Government employees at their normal work locations. Maintain alternate facility and conduct periodic continuity readiness exercises.

Federal agencies and departments Advance Relocation Teamswarm up” their alternate sites and capabilities, which include testing communications and IT systems. Ensure that alternate facilities are prepared to receive continuity staff. Track agency leaders and successors daily.

Deployment of 50 – 75% of Emergency Relocation Group continuity staff to alternate locations. Establish their ability to conduct operations and prepare to perform their organisation’s essential functions in the event of a catastrophic emergency.

Full deployment of designated leadership and continuity staffs to perform the organisation’s essential functions from alternate facilities either as a result of, or in preparation for, a catastrophic emergency.

If everything with the Biden Inauguration is supposedly “normal” then why is government preparing to make an emergency move to alternate sites?

Something very wrong is going on.

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