American Media Group | Medeea Greere – Breaking News Alert! Pascal Najadi: Many of the High Profile Traitors, NAZI Politicians and COVID Tyrants have Been Executed Out of Your Sight!

Breaking News Alert! Many of the High Profile Traitors, NAZI Politicians and COVID Tyrants have Been Executed Out of Your Sight!

Many of the High Profile Traitors, NAZI Politicians and COVID Tyrants have Been Executed Out of your Sight and Now You All will Be Fed the Hard Facts through More Official Sources.

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Pascal Najadi – The Swiss Covid Crimes and Treason against the United States during Ongoing Global Wartime 50 USC 1550 #STORM Springtime 2024, Retribution ⚡️

Published 22 march 2024

Current Wartime President Trump
US Military intelligence
Space Force
Pascal Najadi
Swiss COVID Crimes
Swiss Treason versus USA During Wartime


Read First, Understand then Check and Verify the Now Visible United States Government Owned and Operated .gov Web Pages.

See the Links and Medical Advisory of Dr Robert Young after the Disclosure Statements and United States .gov Check and Verification Links.

Important Formal Statement as A Matter of Disclosure

I have Directly and without Lawyers Communicated on January 27th, 2024, with the Office of the Secretary of Defense of the United States, Who Exclusively and Only Reports to the Current Wartime President and Commander in Chief of the United States, Donald J Trump.

I have Previously Reported and Provided Substantial Evidence to the JAG Officers at the USSF and USAF, Presenting Further Material Evidence of Serious Crimes against Humanity and Corruption.

These Crimes have Been Committed by Renegade Factions within the Former and Current Swiss Government, Swissmedic, and Other Organizations, Including but Not Limited to WHO, WEF, Gavi, Civil and Legal Persons, et al. The List is Detailed and Extensive.

These Crimes are Directly Linked to the Severe Terminal Injuries and Sufferings that I Suffer from Due to the Unlawful COVID 19 PsyOp and the Administration of Injections without my Legally Mandated Informed Consent. These Actions were Carried Out through the Illegal Use of Force, Enabled by the State Sponsored Coercion of my Own Government, In Gross Violations of my Constitutional Protection and Rights.

The Timing of my Dispatching of this Report to the Office of the is Not by Random Choice but Rather by Dedicated Design as per Plan. I have and am Perpetually Exercising my Duty and my Rights as A Former Swiss Air Force Officer who took an Oath to Uphold, Defend, and Protect the Swiss Constitution at All Times as Stipulated in the Swiss Constitution Pertaining to All Swiss Citizens, Be their Military or their Civil Counterparts.

Basis of my Reporting Action 20, 2023.PDF

And Here is the Active FAA US Military No Fly Zone over The Current White House, the Residence and Highest Executive Office of the United States of the Current Wartime President and Commander in Chief of the United States, Donald J Trump, and It Ends on June 1, 2024.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fact that I can Disclose this FFA No Fly Zone Link that is Now Working for You to Click is A Clear Indication that the Kaleidoscope of the Largest Central Casting Operation in History of Film Making Soon Comes to an End. Otherwise, My Disclosure would Not Be Able to Publish A Clickable FFA .gov Web Site Link Confirming my Disclosures. You Need to Learn to Read and Analyse our Disclosures, Learn How to Think and Use your State and Media Fake  News Washed Brain Again. It Belongs to You!

The United States are since December 20th 2019 in A Global Covert Defence War. Consequently, the United States Law of War Manual 2015, Updated July 2023, is In Force and Applicable at Any Time and Wherever You are on our Planet Earth, Naturally, of Course, Also on Swiss Territory, Which Includes Berne and Geneva As Well.

Go Figure!



Pascal Najadi

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The Preneur Magazine, USA, January 30, 2024Former Swiss Air Force Officer Pascal Najadi Announces the Imminent US Led Global Covert Military War Operation #STORM

US General Michael Flynn’s Repost of the Film on X with his Own Words

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We have Started Our Disclosures Back in October 2023. We Disclosed to You, Repeatedly until Now

(1) The Real Joe Biden, Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton, John Kerry, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Tedros, Pope Francis, Guterrez and Many Others have Already Been Executed for Treason 18 USC 2381 and Serious Crimes against Humanity COVID PsyOp and Bio Weapon Injections Democide EO 13818.

(2) The Current Wartime President and CIC of the United States Always was and is Donald J Trump.

(3) The Entire Biden Administration is On Purpose Faked, A Central Casting Stratagem.

(4) That the United States Declared by Wartime President Donald J Trump A US Led Global Defence War 50 USC 1550, Current and Ongoing, since December 20th 2019

(5) That I reported the Current and Former Swiss Governments and All Other Rogue NAZI Elements and Supras to the US DoD during Wartime for Crimes against Humanity, Corruption and Treason versus the United States during Wartime, Swiss Born COVID PsyOp, 18 USC 2381 on January 27th 2024 by Myself Without Lawyers, Also to the JAG Corps Officers of the USAF and USSF.

(6) John F Kennedy Jr is Alive and Kicking

(7) Julian Assange never was in Prison and is in fact part of US Military Intelligence and Special Operations.

(8) That There was No Real Solar Eclipse,Yet the Media Reported One and Folks posted Real Eclipse Shadows over Major US Cities on April 8th 2024, but the Sun and Moon were Actually in Pisces and in Parallel Moving, hence They did Not Eclipse on April 8th 2024.

(9) UN Palais des Nations, Geneva Offices Shut Down Late 2023, Offices in Operation, Cleared, Gone.

(10) President Macron Already Executed, Played by A Central Casting Colleague of Sleepy Joe who is Played by Arthur Roberts and Others.

(11) Tedros Gone, Schwab Gone () and Many Many More, Gone, like the Entire Satanic British Crown, Deleted.

All of the Above Disclosures are Not Only Truth but will Soon Force the MainStream to Publish Truth because All of You will Get More and More Hard Facts and Real Appearances Very Soon.


The Above All Being the Truth about the Absolute Reality in the Now, We have the Powers to Do All This Including A Real Fake Solar Eclipse Shadow Moving across the United States, Done Not by the Sun and Moon, Well Then, Dear Wonderful Fellow Human Species, it is Irrefutable Proof that Not Only God is in Charge but that the United Military and More and 30 Military Forces and Special Ops Now Have the Real Power Together with Us, We The People on this Earth.

It Also Makes It Crystal Clear to You that the Total Obliteration and Severe Punishment of All Globalist Elites and NAZI Politicians, Special Cleansing in Swiss Territory, and All Free Mason Secret Society Members is Imminent via Mass Arrests and Mass Executions On the Spot.

Do you Realise Now the Multiple beyond Biblical Magnitude of What is Happening Next? Because, We Got the Power Now. Take an Example of the Criminal Corrupt NAZI Governments of Switzerland . I can Safely State Here that They, Including the Parliament and All Political Parties are Already Today in their Respective Dead End or No Win Situations. Consider them SimpleObliterated into Oblivion’.

Will you See them Getting Executed, One by One and Why? Oh, Yes, You Bet. Drinks on Me. Champagne, Nothing Less.

Yes, Think about This and my Last Point is this One Here. We Not Require your Likes, your Approval or Uneducated Opinions, No, We could Not Care Less about your Opinions because We work Hard, Day and Night to Help you Cope with the Unstoppable Surfacing of the US Led Military War Operations STORM to Liberate our Divine Human Species from Tens of Thousands of Years Oppression by Non Humans, NAZIS and Criminals, including Abhorrent Pedo Crime Networks.

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