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QFS, GCR, MedBed Intel, Trust The Plan!

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Translation from German to English with Deep!

President Trump. Former President Trump. Current President Trump. What is Happening Now. He said a Few Days Ago that the Next 7 Days will be Remembered. 2 Days Earlier Elon Musk confirmed that Quantum Internet would be Available by the End of December. The Regulation for it would Also be Available at that Time.

The Activation of the Quantum Internet will Mean that the Quantum Financial System will Also be Used. According to Musk, this should Happen by Mid December. The Three () (could not Raus Hören, what he Means with it, around Seconds 50 – 53 Tüm), and the Gigantic Pharma Laboratories will start the Black Swan Event, with which Everything Else will begin.

Not Only the Revaluation of Global Currencies as Well as the Distribution of Wealth and disclosure of 6.000 Cures but also the Securing (Restoration) of Freedom will Go Along with it. These Events will change the World Forever. We are talking about the Present Period Up to the End of December.

The Earthquakes around Yang Lake and the Floods Happen from the Background to Destroy The Deep State and their Underground Structures. These Belonged to the CIA. I don’t know if [couldn’t get the Name out] talks about it. But in Such Cases, he seems to be the First Port of Call. So I’m Not Going to Go too Far Out on a Limb with Statements like that. Nevertheless, it Caught my Attention.

What is Happening Right Now is Neither a War against Russia Nor Directly against China. What we See, is that the White Hats Worldwide against the Reptiliode Rothschild Family in the Lights. They are Also Fighting against their Helpers.

They pay them with the Useless Money. Which is Why they (the Rothschilds) are Going Crazy as the New System is Being Built. Before we Get Back to that, I want to share Something. Mike Adams did a Interview with Christine Messy. Which is Absolutely Recommended. Every One of You should Listen to It. Also Recommended is Doctor David Martin.

What Else can be Added

The HIV Virus has Never Been Isolated. HPV has also Never Been Isolated. Although its Existence has Never Been Proven, Vaccines are Given against these Viruses. He Misspoke. Instead of Vaccine he said Virus. Polio is Caused by Heavy Metals. They were Sprayed for Support.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Unconverted This into a Virus so they could sell a Vaccine to Go with It. It is a Dark Business.The Omicron Variant is Highly Contagious Only through your Radios or your Television.

The Iraqi Government was Supposed to Expose their International Rates Last Monday. The IMF Required Yhem Not to Do So. Now the Iraqi Government released this Yesterday. The International Rate for the New Dinar is $ 11.90. I don’t Know what they will be for Each of Your Countries. But we Expect to See them on Forex this Morning. Probably on Sunday.

The Interesting Thing about the New Dinar is that it’s Called the Golden Dinar. Since it is Gold Backed. The Kuwaiti Government shares This Currency. What is Remarkable? On the One Hand, this will give Stability to the MidWest. For Another, İrak has Repaid Kuwait for the İnvasion by Saddam Hussein.

QFS THE NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM, Step Out of The Matrix and Into The Golden Age!

But Not with the Worthless Dinar, did they undertake this Repayment. They paid with the New Gold Backed Currency. Thus Both Countries are Ready to Forgive Each Other and to Put the Past Aside. It should be Mentioned Here that the İran is behind this Reconciliation.

Those of you Who followed the Currency as Well as the Currency Basket know for the Global Revaluation of the Currencie, Not the Great Reset Bullshit of the Rothschilds, the İraq had to Be the First Country. All Others would Follow.

The Country Rate in İrak is 4.81 Dollars. Outside it is 11.8 Dollars. It could be Higher in Some Other Countries. If you want to Exchange Your Dinar within the USA I am Sure you will Get the New Currency in Return. The USN Note. Not the FED Note. Many Good Changes are Available. But that does Not Mean that Yhere are No Difficulties are Not to be Expected. They Certainly are.


There is News about Medbeds. These come from MI Thank her for That. She has Connections with the Military. I will read you her Information, for the Provision of Which I thank her. She writes İch want to Share from the Last Webinar some İnformation on the Use and Release of Medbeds. I have the Sources in the Military as well as within Friends and Acquaintances Represented in the Medical İndustry.

There is No Gas or Drug Used to Fall Asleep for Medbed Treatments. They are 100 Percent Natural. The Melatonin in a Person’s Body is Ramped Up to such a High Level that Natural Sleep sets in. There will be No Sedative Numbing Use. This is because Melatonin occurs Naturally in the Body. No One will be Disadvantaged in the Treatment. Vaccinated or Unvaccinated. Everyone is Treated Equally without Being Judged.

People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Other Mental Distress are Also Not Judged. People with Serious Illnesses are Obviously Preferred. Sophisticated Technology works at the Cellular DNA Level to Collect and Restore Everything. There is a Short Recovery Period between the Procedure and Recovery.

Most of the Benefit of Medbeds will be used to Prepare People for the Psychological Changes they will Experience. There will be No Post Operative Recovery. We have also heard that Reversing the Aging Process is Something Everyone can Benefit from. I was Not Told of Any Trial Limitations with this Procedure, Due to Brain Dysfunction Present. This was Confirmed to me Again the Day Before.

Most of the Information from this Paper is Real. These Technologies are Needed to be Able to Transition to 5D. Before Age can be Reversed, Damage to the Brain Must be Repaired.

There are Questions about the Secret Space Exploration Program, which by Now is No Longer a Secret. The Space Force is Meant by this. The Question is, since they have Already Done This, how will it be Done Repeatedly? I am Sure that This has Already been Looked At.

There is also a Question about Whether the Super Soldiers, Hybrids of Human and Alien DNA, can Also do the Reversal from Aging. Since they Do Not Know How the DNA of the Extraterrestrials reacts to it. These Things still need to be Researched. But the Majority of Us is Not Affected by It.

The New Money was Printed on Bonds in Contrast to the Currencies we are using Right Now.

The Fall of the Cabal: ‘Arrests and Executions’, “We Have It AllQ!

The End of the World as we Know it , The Fall of the CabalArrests and Executions’, “We Have It AllQ!

Just Facts and the TRUTH!

I know this Post could Get me in Trouble, Considering the Power of the Entities that I am Writing About, but it’s Important for me to Share this Anyway. I have Long had a Problem with them, Culminating with their Surveillance of me in my Private Life and Attempts to Censor my Writings in Various Platforms. If they are Under the Delusion that I am Going to Shut Up due to their Intimidation and Harassment, they have Thought Entirely Wrong.

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GITMO Which Presidents Are Going? Deep State, Treason, Military Tribunals, Official Documents, List of Indictments

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Medeea Greere, an Independent Publisher, is Now on Telegram at and exists Only on Reader Support as we publish Truth, Freedom and Love for Public Awareness. Thank You for Your Support!

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American Media Group, November 15, 2022

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