Amazing Polly – The Iran Swamp Creatures of the USA (1) + IRANADA | Iran International Swamp (2)

The Iran Swamp Creatures of the USA (1)

Published on 14 jan. 2020

Starring John Kerry. Obama. Valerie Jarrett. Peter Strzok. Lisa Page. Frank Guistra. Bill Clinton.
And special appearances by many other creatures with names known and unknown until now!

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IRANADA | Iran International Swamp (2)

Published on 16 jan. 2020

Who were the people on the downed Ukrainian Airlines flight out of Tehran, Iran? Most passengers were bound for C-a-n-a-d-a.. why? Is this a re-run of the CIA’s Project AERODYNAMIC? What clues are there that the True North is infiltrated by operatives from that middle eastern country?
Also I give some updates & developments on my last video.

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