Amazing Polly – Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Injections, Masks and Swabs

What’s with the MAGNETS? (foto BitChute)

Amazing Polly (foto BitChute)

Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Injections, Masks and Swabs

First published at 15:56 UTC on June 17th, 2021.

I think it’s a possibility. Let me share some Research into Mind Control, the Magnetosphere, Magnetite, Magnetogenetics and how these Things are being used.

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Superparamegnetic Nano DNA Vaccines

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More Worms in COVID Swabs?

Persinger ‘No More Secrets

Persinger God Helmet (1)

Persinger God Helmet (2)
Sorry, I had this one saved on my machine for years. I can’t find it on the internet anymore. There are more on YouTube though, do a search.


Magneto Protein remotely controls Brain and Behaviour

Edge of Innovation | Graphene in Mask

Health Canada Safety Warning Graphene Mask

UN Meditation Room pamphlet from United Nations

PATENT, Microsoft, Cryptocurrency Mining using Body Functions

PATENT AT&T, Biological Interface


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