Altercurrent – Humanity Bamboozled | Planet X Nibiru System is the reason behind the lies and lockdowns

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Humanity Bamboozled | Planet X Nibiru System is the reason behind the lies and lockdowns

Gepubliceerd op 17 sep. 2020

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Here is a hypothesis to ponder.

The global elite are covering up the approach of the Planet X System with advanced orbital technology; and have known about its approach for forty years. Dr. Robert Harrington discussed the return of the system with Sumerian historian Zecharia Sitchin before he was sent to an early grave for daring to speak truth.

Universo Anunnaki – Zecharia Sitchin entrevista Dr Robert Harrington sobre o Planeta X

In première gegaan op 24 dec. 2019

Nessa entrevista, realizada nos anos 90, Zecharia Sitchin pede ao Dr. Harrington do Observatório Naval dos EUA, que fale sobre suas recentes descobertas a respeito do Planeta X. Harrington faz afirmações bastante interessantes e conclusivas e que, segundo ele mesmo deixa claro, confirmam a tese de Sitchin.
Essa entrevista já circulava pelo Youtube há alguns anos, mas a legenda continha falhas, o que dificultava o entendimento completo. Então eu pedi para o João Marcelo, da Equipe UFO (Revista UFO), que legendasse a icônica entrevista, o que ele fez muito gentilmente! 🙏😊

Esse vídeo postado aqui, teve sua versão original editada com algumas novas imagens, pelo canal The Sitchin Chronicles que está com o projeto de um filme documentário sobre Sitchin e os Anunnaki. Você pode acompanhar o projeto deles e assistir alguns teasers por aqui


The global elite will never admit it. They can’t! Think about it. If they tell that a huge swarm of planet like comets is suddenly upon the world, their credibility is destroyed in this epoch and the next if they’re not yanked from their mansions and drowned in tar and feathers before that.

After decades covering it up and spending trillions on hiding the signs of the planet X Nibiru system behind sun simulators, fresnel lenses, mirror arrays and project Blue Beam projector technology, not to mention a million lies, it’s certain to say they’re commited to the lie. Most of the mindless brainwashed minions they employ  won’t have a clue what’s happening either. Compartmentalization is great for keeping people in the dark. They likely believe the COVID narrative like most others do and think climate change is man made.

Years ago a great Chilean astronomer calculated the likelihood of a planet sized comet that passes and effects earth every three and a half thousand years or so. His name was Carlos Munoz Ferrada and he knew about this ancient harbinger decades ago and even spoke about it before his passing in the 1990′s.

Pamula Merryman – Hercolubus Is Coming Carlos Monoz Ferrada 2017

Published on 23 jan. 2018

A briliant astronomer Carlos Monoz Ferrada talks about what he calls a comet planet and he calls it Hercolubus. Just think has the first sign of it getting closer . Um dos maiores astrônomos.

El fin de los tiempo.

Oii Gente, Bem vindos ao meu vídeo e espero que gostem! Paz a todos vocês. Se Desejar ouvir mantras para desdobramento astral que se indicam nesse livro, pode fazê lo entrando em.

After getting some cords on what y and Jerzey Dolphons sent me today, I was just amazed. Think you will be also. Its lining up with what i have found in the Blue object caught be Merry.


Planet X is not new, it’s ancient knowlegde, the most ancient one could argue. The Sumerians in their histories called it Nibiru. It’s known as Wormwood in the bible, and Hercolubus to scholars of myth and legend, but we know it as Planet X today. It has been approaching us all our lives. If the webcam and skycam imagery can be believed, objects of the Planet X System are in the inner solar system now!

The Planet X system is long hypothesized to be dragging debris and a swarm of comets in its wake and oddly enough the world is witnessing a huge spike in near earth asteroids. Coincidence right?

In the news just a day or two ago is an amateur astronomer discovering that a huge storm is roiling on Venus. Could it be caused by the proximity of a planetary object like Planet X in the inner solar system?

They have been lying to us for decades, so believe them now and take your vaccine! They have only your health and wellness at heart just look at the love the elite spread to Libya, Iraq,and in Syria or the countless other countries our imperial elite have spread mayhem.

After decades of polio vaccines they still can’t figure out how to immunize against the actula polio virus without spreading the frigging disease! Here the WHO admits that polio is being spread in Africa by the polio vaccine, designed to eradicate it. Coinidence right? A common tiny mistake. Just take the Covid vaccine and shut up!

Could it be a distraction? A signal to those in the know. When the vaccine is finished it’s time to bug out.

The signs are apparent for any able to free themselves from the mainstream narrative, luckily for the global parasitical puppet masters, few care to connect the dots on controvserial things like geo-engineering, climate change, 5G, magnetic reversal, poleshifts and a rise in volcanism and earthquakes.

Few care to know or are capable of facing the unlikely cause as it’s so far out of our normal, the normal pushed on us by the same conspiring elite. The cataylst behind our messed up world and uncertain future is likely in the sky now. Don’t be decieved by the clear sky and sunlight. Instead examine the quality of sunlight in reflections. Is the light yellow like our sunlight, or white like a sun simulator?

The Human eye can only see a small percentage of the light spectrum. Can something as huge as a planetary body approach without our eyes seeing it from earth?

I’ll bet the answer is yes!

Three shots of a rotating cratered planetlike object over Alaska (foto Before It’s News)

For any following the subject, the signs are getting harder to ignore. The people are beginning to awaken to the danger of their global parasiticial masters, to their betrayal and deceptions.

The uber wealthy are busy building bunkers and doomsday refuges around the world. What do they know?

The government in the USA, among others, has been busy as a bee buying up emergency rations by the million. Almost like they’re prepping for something huge.

Though the Mainstream does claim in recent weeks that climate change and wildfires could lead to mass migration in American cities, they are careful never to discuss the reason climate change is happening.

This doesn’t include a bunch of arsonist antifa goons starting fires for political reasons, as that may be the case but wildfires are becoming more extreme, bigger and wider spread than ever before.

So if climate change is accelerating, as they claim, what is causing it?

If the magentic poles are reversing, as they claim, what is the reason?

Extreme weather and temperatures are now the norm, the jet stream is all over, temperatures swing crazily. Is it all because we Humans exist?

Then we have a swindling lying corrupt elite and their mainstream lackeys telling us that geo-engineering aka chemtrails is the only way to solve our climate problems, but if you notice it in the sky, you’re a frigging delusional conspiracy theorist!

They’re warning of the Big One on the west coast will happen soon, they have been warning of it for ages. Why now?

And this is only the tip of the ice berg on the changes our world, our civilization and earth are enduring under the increasing pressure from the Planet X Nibiru System and its proximity to our world.

Just look at the unseen influence earth is experiencing below.

Just look at the unseen influence earth is experiencing (foto Before It’s News)
The ‘sun’ passes an object seen in the morning sky (foto Before It’s News)
Sunlight is blocked in the morning from Mexico (foto Before It’s News)
Geo engineering is being used to hide celestial anomalies in Alaska, and alter the weather (foto Before It’s News)

There is a high chance that Humanity is being bamboozled, distracted and locked down because of what is seen and happening in the sky. Prepare while you can!

Good Luck!

Before It’s News, Sunday, September 20, 2020 9:51

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