Alison McDowell – Cybernetic Conception: ROEing on the Blockchain, WADEing in Tokenized Water

Egg and  Digital Sperm, “Tokens are for Cybernetic Reinforcement Learning Programs” (foto pieceofmindf

Cybernetic Conception: ROEing on the Blockchain, de, Roe versus Waseing in Tokenized Water

Writer S Note

This is not an opinion piece on the pros and cons of abortion (it would be an understatement to assert that it is A complicated issue, see here and here), nor speculative with respect to who may be responsible for SCOTUS opinion leaks. While it is healthy and necessary to self reflect on matters of immense significance such as the conception and development of human life – entering into related debate keeps us in polarized states of mind and behavior. Watch here and here for A savvy perspective offered by my dear friend, Alison McDowell, on the real agenda and the intricacies behind potentially forced and contrived polarization, involving the strategic application of signals intelligence (review accompanying slide shows respectively, here and here). My aim is to explore deeper inquiries into the 1973 Roe Versus Wade Supreme Court decision (striking down state laws restricting abortion), and potential upcoming counter decisions (Dobbs versus Jackson Women S Health Organization), such as How do events surrounding Roe Versus Wade fit into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the Spatial Web, and the World Brain agenda? Why now?

Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies and the Cryptosphere (crypto currency, blockchain, tokens, DAO S, and NFT S) are relevant to assistive reproductive technology (id est, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and may also have relevance to the natural progression of pregnancy (regardless of being deemed wanted and planned or unwanted and unplanned). While I have not yet identified source material that directly evidences that naturally derived embryo S have already been placed on the blockchain, I suggest that the application of datafied and gamified blockchained strategies to all reproduction (across all species, not just human) may be forthcoming in the foreseeable future. Within this emerging paradigm, the bio cyberneticists may care very little about the definition of life, and how and when it begins or ends, but, rather, they may be most concerned about barcoding, bankrolling, and tokenizing the result, such that commodified, interoperable, and blockchained data (on which to hedge bets) begins to take on life via cybernetic conception, development, and reproduction, see Figure 4 here – usurping natural life in the process.

Data, itself, represents life in the Machine (regardless of whether or not that life ever truly existed tangibly in the flesh, and it is precisely this quantified data that will exhibit meaning immutably and eternally with no regard for the intrinsic immortality of the human spirit (nor the spirit of any living organism). It is for this reason that my essay focuses on the human capital element of the 4IR. It seems apparent, as the 4IR emerges in full (non consensual) force, that humans (and all living beings) will be perceived as digitally entangled data to train the emergent Artificial Intellingence (AI), and to be exploited as commodities no different than any object produced and distributed on A supply chain.

In July 2020, I examined the Trans Humanist AKA Humanity+ agenda, and specifically, the Global Brain, providing A link to A related discussion with Ben Goertzel (CEO and founder of SingularityNET). Nearly two years later, the Global Brain has become my research focus, as it seems all crypto roads and bio nano technology avenues lead to this synthetic symbiosis agenda.

The SCOTUS initial draft majority opinion to presumably strike down Roe Versus Wade was “leaked” on May 2, 2022 (see here and here). Incidentally, this was less than A week prior to Mother S Day. Curious timing. I could not help but consider how this (controlled?) leak may be involved with signals intelligence (SIGINT) and information warfare, see End Note (1).

The following day, May 3, 2022 (when many Twitter accounts were buzzing about this revelation), A succinct tweet was posted to the account of Monty CM Metzger, CEO and Founder of LCX – A digital currency trading venue.

The Future Will Be Tokenized.”

So, who is Monty CM Metzger, and what does his company, LCX, have to do with Roe Versus Wade?

To cut to the punchline () Founded in 2018, LCX (A member of the World Economic Forum, C4IR) “developed, created and deployed” the RVW Token, which is A tokenized security backed by the gross profits of the 2019Roe Versus Wade” film. The movie token was issued by RVW Limited.

According to this January 2021 analysis by Mohsin Arif published at

“Security Tokens, such as the RVW Movie Token, have different characteristics and functionalities than utility tokens, stablecoins, payment tokens or other digital assets like Bitcoin. LCX has been developing A new token standard called the “Liechtenstein Protocol” and will publish A detailed technical whitepaper in the coming months. The Liechtenstein Protocol defines useful smart contract elements in A new security token standard in accordance to financial market laws and compliance requirements () You can participate in the offering by registering at or”

Returning to Monty CM Metzger

“() Monty is CEO & Founder at LCX, the Liechtenstein Crypto Assets Exchange, Founder and General Partner Emeritus at Digital Leaders Ventures SarL Luxembourg and founder of Digital Leaders Inc. He is author of the acclaimed Book MOBILE FUTURE 2020. As A Technology Futurist Keynote Speaker he had done research on global future trends, emerging technologies and business models provides Fortune 500 companies with A roadmap for digital transformation. As A Thought Leader he is analyzing the habits of highly successful leaders, exploring tech innovation to deepen his future intelligence and re defining leadership rules for the internet age.”

As reported (in 2020) by the The Tokenizer, LCX was chosen to issue the RVW Token (and to be the exclusive blockchain service provider) by “Roe Versus Wade” film producers Nick Loeb (son of former US Ambassador and UN Delegate John L Loeb Jr) and Cathy Allyn.

Entrepreneur and filmmaker Nick Loeb (who sought crypto currency funding for his pro life leaning “Roe Versus Wade” film) was reportedly involved in A custody battle over IVF embryos, in which the embryos served as plaintiffs in the case. Purportedly, he brought the case against actress Sofia Vergara (together they created frozen pre embryos), in an attempt to gain full custody of the viable fertilized eggs. I have to wonder if there is more to this story than meets the eye, and this brought to mind the notion of smart contracts, which can be utilized to enforce transactions on the blockchain removing the need for any middle man or court based negotiation.

The reproductive services market is booming. As reported by BBN Times in November 2018, the global artificial insemination market is expected to reach $ 2.62 billion by 2025. Blockchain initiatives are being developed to address issues in the fertility health arena, including concerns around verification of reproductive materials and accountability across supply chains. Accordingly, this segues into blockchain babies () Yes, that is what I said () blockchain babies,see End Note (2).

In July 2021, Wei Escala, CEO of Eggschain (reportedly the first bio tech company on the bitcoin blockchain), submitted registration to trademark “Blockchain Babies,” to promote “babies or NFT S.” While this may seem less than descriptive, seeing the word “eggs,” see End Note (3), attached to the word “chain,” and seeing the word “blockchain” beside the word “babies,” gives me A highly unsettling feeling. Incidentally, Escala has stored her own eggs on the blockchain using her platform.

Earlier, in April 2021, I had discussed that IVF embryos were being digitally tagged and traced using QR coding and subsequently, I discovered that polysilicon barcode tagging was being implemented to track human oocytes and embryo S. However, I was not yet aware of blockchain platforms in the assistive reproduction space.

To grasp the current state of mind that seems to permeate the evolving blockchain industry in this health space following is an abbreviated excerpt from A fictional, futuristic scenario presented by Eggschain, A “pioneer in blockchain based digital chain of custody tracking of blood, genome, tissues, organs, DNA, RNA, sperm, eggs, embryo S, and more”:

“The year is 2099. Due to A cosmic collision of A rouge [sic] planet and earth, all men and women lost their abilities to reproduce. Men and women on earth have tried and failed to have A baby for many years and the clock is ticking towards the end of humanity () Legend goes that there are many frozen human eggs, embryo S and sperm somewhere, but no one knows exactly where, because the central ledger was destroyed () the blockchain [Eggschain] can save humanity since it can pinpoint the last known location of the lost sperm, eggs and embryos () All the sperm, eggs and embryo S are able to be returned to wombs of women on earth, and babies are once again being born using reproductive medicine () sperm can now be inserted into the eggs and even more babies are born () Since the cosmic radiation did not affect the eggs, sperm and embryo S, and since they were frozen in specialized made liquid nitrogen tanks, the babies on the blockchain were able to reproduce and save humanity (…) Eggschain allows women and men to love freely and naturally again.”

Escala (of Eggschain) spoke on May 14, 2022, in Austin, TX, at A symposium hosted by the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) and College of Reproductive Biology (CRB) discussing “Blockchain and Information Technology in Fertility Treatment.” The symposium is A forum for andrologists and embryologists to communicate and foster collaboration in the field of assisted reproductive technology.

Given that the vision of Eggschain is to track all genetic material on the blockchain, the company has plans to not only leverage embryo S and embryo implantations, but also to register all sperm donations on the blockchain ledger. In February 2022, her company announced its first NFT auction. Their debut NFT is titled “Into the Light,” displaying the meeting of A sperm and an egg as A light projection on A dark sky to evoke an “illustration of the art and science of IVF and the potential for future life.”

Do the cybernetic obsessed central planners want not only the eggs that transform into babies to be blockchained, but also to datafy ALL the eggs – including those unfertilized and unborn? If so, I imagine this could feed into global impact markets (see here and here) which may include natural reproduction and tech driven reproduction/birth (IVF), as well as the abortion market.

So, we will now turn our attention to cyber physical conception within the abortion arena ()

Cybernetic wizards behind the curtain have been very busy conceiving ways to flood the abortion market with crypto schemes. It seems this recent SCOTUS leak may have served to propel such mechanized strategies – already incubating behind the curtain – and pregnant women may be wading into previously uncharted waters. That is to say, the Cryptosphere has achieved penetration into the abortion space.

Presumably, the first woman to break water in this new territory is Elissa Maercklein, CEO of Crypto Chicks. In February 2022, she donated 5 ETH (crypto currency called Ether) to Planned Parenthood purportedly representing the first crypto donation to the organization. Paradoxically, Maercklein asserted that Crypto Chicks will harness The Giving Block, A cryptocurrency fundraising platform for non profits, which also already enables several pro life groups, including Alliance Defending Freedom, National Right to Life, and Students for Life of America. The Giving Block has no apparent issue dipping its feet into opposing streams.

Additional crypto fundraising programs for abortion are being incubated, applying both NFT S and DAO S. It seems there is A quickening occurring, and crypto for abortion could become A hot trend. Interestingly, with tele medicine burgeoning since the advent of COVID, presumably, tele abortion (virtually prescribing abortion pills) is gaining traction. It is reported that 54 percent of abortions are medication abortions (as opposed to surgical).

Gynuity Health Projects launched A TelAbortion Study in 2016 designed to evaluate the use of tele medicine for providing medication abortions to abortion seekers. In 2021 – five years into their study –  they reported that not only was their tele bortion initiative effective, they saw usage of the service double during the COVID era. Read here about the “philanthropic” funding of Gynuity. Another organization (launched in April 2021), Abortion on Demand (AOD), has also been wading in the waters of tele abortion. Coincidentally, AOD is an anagram of DAO. As I previously implied, DAO S for abortion may end up becoming all the rage.

I find it quite the oxymoron that cryptocurrency ostensibly awash with growth opportunities, and perceived as opening new doors could be used to finance dead ends. But, that may be the catch. You see, the cybernetic Machine only seeks to acquire data from which to learn, and may not care much for the preservation of human life. However, if crypto is attached to A life that is never actualized in the flesh, it may potentially produce A digital life. Is it possible for A never to be born embryo (or fetus) to have A virtual Doppelgänger? And if so, does that digital avatar take on life in the emerging Web 3.0? Who would own that digital twin? Would the female bearer of that initial life ever have knowledge of it S holographic surrogate twin A virtual life conceived via cybernetics, and sustained solely by digital input? Is it possible for A digital clone to develop thought? Could holographic replacements be sold and traded (trafficked?) on the blockchain, or even hacked? Can bio digital twins eventually reproduce (without human intervention) into more digital clones?

Researchers involved with developing an artificial uterus (the incubator 2.0) for premature babies are using digital twin technology to mimic the neonate. While this reflects digital twins coupled to newborns (preemies), could this same technology eventually be used for in utero fetuses?

Is this what Norbert Wiener (commonly referenced as the father of cybernetics), had in mind, or is it the cybernetic monstrosity that he also presciently warned about? In his 1964 book, God & Golem, Inc, Wiener espoused that the Machine being constructed by humans is the modern counterpart of the Golem (an initially shapeless automaton embryo of Adam) in the Jewish legend of Rabbi Judah Loew and the Golem of Prague.

Do you see why my mind is swirling with so many questions? We have some serious contemplation (and bold confrontation) to do. While this global cybernetic Golem is not A foregone conclusion, I sense there may be very little time left to pull the plug, as very few of us attempt to open the curtain to reveal it S architectural network of cybernetic sorcery. Learn more by reading here, and listening here to Alison S recent and timely discussion with Shai Danon on the Golem.

One key component to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is managing water resources to transform the smart “enabling environment” via decentralized systems, encompassing blockchain based smart contracts, asset backed tokens, digital currencies, remote sensors, nano materials (including graphene), AI, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Central to this accelerating smart infrastructure is the production and distribution of real time, interoperable water data. This is the crux of 21st century water management (and I suggest, this may also reflect management of all life in the near future).

Following is A highly relevant and revealing quote by Dr Albert Szent Györgyi (Nobel Prize recipient, Physiology or Medicine) from an essay I published in August 2020.

“Since the structure of Water is the essence of all Life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world. “

According to crypto architects, the environment (consisting mainly of water) needs crypto governance. Environmentalist Guillaume Chapron (who serves on the Workgroup at the Normandy Chair for Peace) suggests that smart contracts and the blockchain will guarantee that the energy being used is “clean.” Chapron and the Normandy Chair for Peace are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG S), comprised of 17 goals and 169 targets ostensibly to meet global economic, social, and environmental challenges.

Amidst these agendas, the SDG S are also applicable to reproductive rights and conversely, to women S access to safe and legal abortion.

It is crucial to understand that social impact investing and Pay for Success machinations (such as this maternal health study sponsored by the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health) only work when the outcomes on which future payments are based are measurable. Thus, why life beginnings (including eggs and sperm naturally derived or otherwise) and birth outcomes need to be reduced to 0 S and 1 S on the blockchain and hence, it is unsurprising that blockchain technology, impact tokens, and impact bonds are being employed to guide and measure intended outcomes of the SDG S, as reflected in 2019 by The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

“Impact tokens contribute to the UN SDG S and often represent A specific impact in the form of A measurement metric such as number of vaccinations, tonnes of carbon dioxide or number of children attending school. These tokens are registered on A blockchain and can be tracked along A supply chain. They offer proof that A positive impact has been delivered, which can then be attributed to A particular activity or investment.”

On the topic of SDG S and crypto () Sustainable Development Goal 6 is related to access to water and sanitation. One notable organization co founded in 2009 by actor Matt Damon – is, which claims to close the financing gap with innovative financial solutions to achieve universal, sustainable, and equitable access to water and sanitation (as aligned with UN SDG 6). To this end, Damon and his colleagues tap global capital markets. Is it any surprise, then, that Damon S Non Governmental Organization (NGO) has partnered (see here and here) with the Singapore based crypto platform (with stated aims to accelerate the world S transition to crypto currency) to raise the catalytic capital?

On the surface of the waters, while the Roe Versus Wade case and the new Dobbs case (as well as the “Roe Versus Wadefilmmaker) dispute the birthing (or un  birthing) of fertilized embryos and developing fetuses, I postulate that there is one underlying objectivewhich is to assist in birthing the cybernetic World Brain as conceived by Oliver L Reiser in his 1946 treatise, The World Sensorium | The Social Embryology of World Federation.

In Chapter V, titled “The Birthing of the World Brain,” he asserts.

“In our formulation of the problem we describe the structure which must be evolved as a World Brain, an organ that will serve the same function in society which the individual nervous system, the cerebra-spinal axis, serves in the vertebrate organism.”

On page 201, Reiser speaks to “nourishing the world foetus.”

“If society on the human level is to make good on it S promise fo becoming A high level organism, it must develop A social nervous system to centralize and coordinate the now loosely organized cell colonies of the world (“races,” “nations,” “religions,” “peoples”) and synthesize the planetary society which embodies that unitary functioning of the World Brain. To bring about the structuralization of this coming level of social synthesis, we must foster the growth of those existing organizations that give promise of nourishing the world foetus. These planetary agencies must supply the morphological forces for the guidance of the embryo which will ultimately mature into A full grown World Organism.”

As humans, we literally evolve in water. Amniotic fluid – comprised of 98% water and electrolytes surrounds the fetus during pregnancy, nourishing it, providing it sufficient mobility for it S optimal development, and protecting it from harm. We simply could not grow, nor exist, without water.

We are water based beings inherently capable of homeostasis and harmonization. What the cyberneticists desire is for water (inside of us, and all around us) to be tokenized – digitized for maximum extraction of data, enabling full spectrum domination (and digital incarceration) of our bodies and minds (artificial harmonization). We must ask ourselves, what do we want to fertilize – the natural or the synthetic, the authentic or the counterfeit, the holistic integration or the cybernetic synthesis? We still have A choice in this pre eminent matter, as long as physical matter still exists. It may be difficult and scary to imagine reality comprised mainly (or even solely) of digital dust, but this is potentially where digital interventionists and social embryologists (and their comradely bio engineers and geo engineers) desire to lead us.

Metaphorically speaking, are you an ostrich (ostriches are known for their very large eggs!) with your head held courageously above the sand? Will our fellow (hive minded?) ostriches get their heads out of the sand (granted, this is A myth), and simply start paying attention to what is being constructed to jettison what is genuine and pure? There is still time, and that time is now () before we are knee deep in A desert of sand consisting entirely of programmable digital particulates devoid of sacred water and life, wherein humans reside only in mythology.

End Notes

(1) After graduating from Princeton University – and prior to serving on the Third CircuitSupreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was commissioned as A second lieutenant in the US Army Signal Corps. Read here about how the Cyber Branch (cybernetics and information warfare) of the US Army originated with the Signal Corps. Applications of SIGINT involve knowledge of physics and electronic engineering, including circuits).

(2) Please see A hot take here by erudite researcher Sebs Solomon on tokenized pro creation. Thank you Sebs for mentioning my work!

(3) Of course, another word for eggs (specifically, in fish and some marine invertebrates) is roe. Here is Norma McCorvey AKA Jane Roe describing herself as the “big fish.” Oddly enough, it seems most people do not seem to take notice that the name “Jane Roe” (not her real name) was used to describe A woman who purportedly wanted to abort her naturally fertilized egg.

Alison McDowell,

Posted on, 25 mei 2022

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