Alexei Navalny Fanclub – Putin’s Palace (Full Documentary)

Putin’s palace: History of world’s largest bribe (foto

$ 1 Billion $ Putin’s Palace (foto YouTube)

Navalny’s Anti Corruption Foundation investigates Putin’s billion dollar residence (foto Meduza)

Putin Tempel (foto Berliner Kurier)

The New Versailles (foto YouTube)

Residence at Cape Idokopas (1) (foto Imgur)

Residence at Cape Idokopas (2) (foto Imgur)

Резиденція Прасковеевка (foto Wikimapia)

Putin’s Palace (Full Documentary)

In première gegaan op 6 feb. 2021

Running Dog

The Story of the Worlds Biggest Bribe

We created this dub from existing subtitles out of a passion for the story.
The Navalny Team has updated their video with an English dub here.
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Our dub has more personality.

Understand the ongoing protests in Russia

Having recovered from poisoning Alexei Navalny has returned to Russia, where has was arrested immediately. This video was released shortly afterward. Navalny has now been sentenced to prison for three years, and his associates detained. Ongoing protests in Russia are being met with force and thousands of detentions


We are in no way affiliated with Alexei Navalny.
See this as a community service in the name of knowledge dissemination, and your ability to watch this on a cell phone at the gym or otherwise.
Please forgive our pronunciation.

Running Dog
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