Alejandro Jodorowsky – Santa Sangre ( 1989 ) (Full Movie in English)

Santa Sangre ( 1989 ) (Full Movie in English)

Gepubliceerd 19 Apr 2017

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Santa Sangre (Holy Blood) is a 1989 Mexican Italian Avant Garde Horror Film Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Written by Jodorowsky along with Claudio Argento and Roberto Leoni. It stars Axel Jodorowsky, Adan Jodorowsky, Teo Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra, Thelma Tixou and Guy Stockwell. Divided into Both A Flashback and A Flash Forward, the Film, which is Set in Mexico, tells the Story of Fenix, A Boy who Grew Up in A Circus, and his Life through Both Adolescence and Early Adulthood.


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