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One of the things that fascinated me during my time at Catawiki was the rise of the ‘Art Collectables‘ auctions.

One of the reasons for that was because it raised questions like: Is it art? Or just the memory of it? Or just an easy way of making money? Well as you might guess; no real answer here.

Even objects produced out of sheer greed can be alluring. So it’s a bit complicated & confusing (that’s almost a definition of attraction in itself ;)).

But there are exceptions to this. Where the collectable is as much part of the artist’s work as ‘The Real Thing‘. This is the case with artists like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Banksy, Hayden Kays and let’s not forget Rob Scholte here.

Artists for whom the art they produce is not the final step in the proces. But just a next step in the ongoing proces of creating a piece of conceptual art at the largest scale possible.

Artists where the line between ’true art‘ and ‘nouveau rich rubbish‘ is deliberately vague and where sometimes the ‘rubbish‘ is even better than the real thing.

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Jeff Koons – Flower Puppy

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