Alain Jomier – Yemen: Land of the legendary Queen of Sheba, who met King Solomon in Jerusalem

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Yemen: Land of the Legendary Queen of Sheba, who met King Solomon in Jerusalem

Gepubliceerd 23 dec. 2021


With Film Shot during Wendell Phillips 1950 Expedition and Footage of the Collection Housed in the Museum in Sana A, this Documentary is A Fascinating Insight into A Long Gone Civilization and A Queen who lives on in the Cultural Memory of her Country.

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The Name of the Queen of Sheba conjures A Vision of Eastern Exoticism. There is No Indisputable Evidence that she Ever Existed, though  Bible Story tells How she Journeyed to Jerusalem, Bearing Gold and Incense, to Visit King Solomon and to See for Her Self whether Tales of his Great Wisdom were True. The People of Yemen remain Convinced that the Queen of Sheba is A Historical, Not A Legendary, Figure and that she Ruled over the Ancient Kingdom of Saba, Now Part of their Country, which lies in the Extreme South of the Arabian Peninsula.
In the Past Fifty Years, Several Foreign Archaeological Expeditions have sought to Discover More about Yemen S Enigmatic Past and the Yemenites Them Selves are Now Endeavoring to Repossess their Heritage. The Museum of the University of Sana A, the Modern Day Capital of Yemen, is Assembling A Fine Collection of Artefacts that have been Found during Excavations around the Country. But this Largely Desert Country has been Reluctant to Yield Up It S Treasures. Several Ecavation Sites which have had to be Abandoned have Rapidly become Covered over Once More by Sand.

Produced by Institut du Monde Arabe

Directed by Alain Jomier

Licensed by Digital Classics Distribution


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