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On the Border

Published 1 okt 2010

sherrylynn70 AKA Sentimental Journey Production

On the Border” is One of Those Tunes that Always had Just A Special Magic Quality for me and Always brought Images of our Mexican Neighbors to Me () I was Inspired to Create my Vision of “On The Border” by my Sisters’ Recent Cruise to Cozumel and Calica. The First Four Photos were Made by her. I Love the Art, the Architecture and Music of Mexico () Not to Mention A Real Taco and All the Flavors and Aromas of the Mexican Culture () Some like it Hot!! Awe, to Watch and Hear the Beautiful Flamenco.

The Afternoon of the MorningOn The Border” was Born () I am Very Happy that I was Given A Place to Express my 03:29 Minutes Vision for It () I Just Wish I had Had Said Gracias Mi Amigas and Amigos () I Learn that from Paula, Curumina, and Randy, El Randy11, and Another Special Friend, Albert Valenzuela and his Beautiful Family of Characters () Fa’Real () Muchas Gracias, the One and Only Be to ♥

I, Remain Forever in Awe of the Mayan and Aztec Culture. One, of the Many Great Mysteries of this Life. Looking at the Center of the Mayan Calendar Seems to Lighten the Complexity and Brilliance of their Calendar. It is All Pretty Crazy and We might As Well Embrace the Trip.

Al Stewart, Born as Alastair Ian Stewart, 5 September 1945, is A Scottish [1] Singer Song Writer and Folk Rock Musician.

Stewart Came to Stardom as Part of the British Folk Revival in the 60’s and 70‘s, and Developed his Own Unique Style of Combining Folk Rock Songs with Delicately Woven Tales of the Great Characters and Events from History. [2]

He is Best Known for his Hit 1976 SingleYear of the Cat” from the Platinum Album Year of the Cat.

Though Year of the Cat and its 1978 Platinum Follow Up Time Passages brought Stewart his Biggest World Wide Commercial Successes, Earlier Albums Such as Past, Present and Future from 1973 are Often Seen as Better Examples of his Intimate Brand of Historical Folk Rock, A Style to Which he has Returned in Recent Albums. [3]

Stewart was A Key Figure in A Fertile Era in British Music and he Appears Throughout the Musical Folklore of the Age. He Played at the First Ever Glastonbury Festival in 1970, Knew Yoko Ono Pre Lennon, Shared A London Apartment with A Young Paul Simon, and Hosted at the Legendary Les Cousins Folk Club in London in the 1960‘s. [4]

Stewart has Released Eighteen Studio | Live Albums and Two Limited Edition Albums of B Sides and Rarities between Bedsitter Images in 1967 and Sparks of Ancient Light in 2008, and Continues to Tour Extensively around the US and Canada, Europe and the UK. In 2009, he Released Uncorked, Live with Dave Nachmanoff, on his Independent Label, Wallaby Trails Recordings. [5]

He has Worked with Alan Parsons, Jimmy Page, Rick Wakeman, Tori Amos and Tim Renwick and Currently Plays with Dave Nachmanoff and Former Wings Lead Guitarist Laurence Juber.


The Fishing Boats Go Out across the Evening Water
Smuggling Guns and Arms across the Spanish Border
The Wind Whips Up the Waves So Loud
The Ghost Moon Sails among the Clouds
Turns the Rifles into Silver On the Border

On my Wall the Colours of the Maps are Running
From Africa the Winds They Talk of Changes Coming
The Torches Flare Up in the Night
The Hand that Sets the Farms Alight
Has Spread the Word to Those Who’re Waiting On the Border

In the Village Where I Grew Up
Nothing Seems the Same
Still You Never See the Change from Day to Day
And No One Notices the Customs Slip Away
Late Last Night the Rain was Knocking at my Window

I Moved across the Darkened Room and in the Lamp Glow
I Thought I Saw Down in the Street
The Spirit of the Century
Telling Us That We’re All Standing On the Border

In the Islands Where I Grew Up
Nothing Seems the Same
It’s Just the Patterns that Remain
An Empty Shell
But There’s A Strangeness in the Air you Feel Too Well

The Fishing Boats Go Out across the Evening Water
Smuggling Guns and Arms across the Spanish Border
The Wind Whips Up the Waves So Loud
The Ghost Moon Sails Among the Clouds
Turns the Rifles into Silver On the Border

On the Border
On the Border
On the Border

I have Had Little Time for Visiting you Wonderful Folks I have Met Here () Life keeps me Rather Busy These Days () but, you are Always Near in Heart and Thoughts () I am Blessed by Knowing Each of You.


On the Border

Published 21 jan 2016

Top Pop

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Top Pop was the First Regular Dedicated Pop Music TV Show in the Dutch Language Area. Dutch Broadcaster AVRO Aired the Programme Weekly, from 1970 to 1988. Presenter Ad Visser Hosted the Show for Its First Fifteen Years.
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