African Noise Foundation | Aryan Kaganof AKA Ian Kerkhof – SMS SUGAR MAN

Aryan Kaganof AKA Ian Kerkhof | 2008 | 81 min | mobile phone 3G files | English |

Women are sugars. Men are wallets. Money is God. Life is very simple.’ Such is the philosophy of Sugar Man, a pimp driving through Johannesburg on Christmas Eve with three of his ‘sugars‘. On a night like this, men become lonely and Sugar Man and his companions do good business driving from hotel to hotel. Selene, Grace and Anna are the names of these girls and that’s all we learn about them. True identities don’t exist in this world of shadows. Sugar Man (convincingly played by director Aryan Kaganof) has an eerie premonition, but we never find out why or about what. He acts the part of the amoral pimp, but seems to hide a genuine vulnerability.Why do you wear that mask?“, one of his girls wants to know. “Mask? That’s my business face“, he replies.
SMS SUGAR MAN has been described as ‘Tarantino meets early David Lynch‘, but it is unmistakably Kaganof’s film. Its shady characters, its mixture of sex and violence, its nihilism – all are typical characteristics of the director formerly known as Ian Kerkhof, who shot SMS Sugar Man using eight Sony Ericsson W900i cell phones with built in cameras.
Martijn Meijer
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A Original Score for SMS Sugar Man by Michael Blake
B Rec. 2006 at SABC Studios, Auckland Park, Johannesburg
C Michael Blake Ensemble conducted by Michael Blake
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