ABC News | Paul Altmeyer – Mission Mind Control (1979)

Mission Mind Control (foto YouTube)

Mission Mind Control (1979)

Gepubliceerd 23 nov. 2020

Medeea Greere

CIA & NSA can Target Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime on Earth with DARPA Mind Control Assassin Programs.

The Dark Side Truth About CIA , NSA , DARPA Mind Control Assassin Programs.

CIA and NSA Operatives Targeting Brain of Monarch Program Victims of Mind Control Victims Day and Night, but Primarily in their Sleep When They Are Most Vulnerable.

Each human being has a unique brain wave pattern that is one of a kind, just like you have a unique set of fingerprints. That brain wave pattern is known as your ‘Specific Residence Frequency’ which no one else in the world has like yours. It is truly unique a one of a kind brain unique brain wave signal.

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