Abbas Kiarostami – Certified Copy | Copie Conforme (2010) (English, French and Italian Audio) (English Subtitles)

Copie Conforme (2010) (English, French and Italian Audio) (English Subtitles)

Published 21 Oct 2022

Cinéma Français

Author Robert Teodor

Director & Screenwriter Abbas Kiarostami

Juliette Binoche, William Shimell, Jean Claude Carrière, Agathe Natanson, Gianna Giachetti, Adrian Moore, Angelo Barbagallo, Andrea Laurenzi, Filippo Trojano

Binoche plays A Gallery Owner living in A Tuscan Village who attends A Lecture by A British Author, Opera Star William Shimell, on Authenticity and Fakery in Art. Afterward, she invites him on A Tour of the Country Side, during which he is Mistaken for her Husband. They keep up the Pretense and continue on their Afternoon Out, discussing Love, Life and Art, and Increasingly Behaving like A Long Married Couple. But are they Play Acting on A Whim, or is There More to their Seemingly New Relationship than meets the Eye?

2010 Cannes Film Festival, Best ActressJuliette Binoche, Award of the Youth
2010 Seminci Valladolid International Film Festival, Best Film Ex Aequo
2010 Chicago International Film Festival Official Selection
2011 San Francisco Film Critics Circle, Best Foreign Language Film
2012 Australian Film Critics Association Awards, Best International Film Foreign Language
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