God’s Witness is Now Revealed

God sends First ManAdamBack into The World to Be His Witness and he is Preaching the Truth of Jesus RIGHT NOW!

THEY are Hiding Reality.

Jesus is King of Jews Only.


MESSAGE FOR THE CHURCH: God’s Witness is Here, This is his Testimony

Gepubliceerd 3 mei 2023

Yashadel, the First Adam

Many Serious Biblically Related Things are Happening that are Not on the News. This is One of Them. The Government is Aware that the Book of Revelation has Begun and that God’s Witnesses are Here and Have Begun to Preach. This is Not A Joke. This is Not A Game.

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Please Spread the Word, Warn the Church and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. This is Not A Gimmick. God of Heaven is All Powerful and It has Begun.


THE REVEAL OF YASHADEL, His First Public Message to the World

Published 27 juli 2022

Yashadel The First Adam


The Personal Testimony Of Adam

This is A New Video


WARNING Much is Happening That is Not on the News.



Fallen Angels look Human and Live Among Us by the Millions. THEY are Wearing A Mask! THEY are in Every Community!

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Our Feature Story


This is Not A Joke, This is Not A Game, This is A Matter Of Life And Death, Governments are Hiding What is Really Happening: THE BIBLE IS BEING FULFILLED

World Leaders are Now Aware hat “Adam” walks the Earth, but His Real Name is Yashadel. This is A Real World Situation! This Is Very, VERY Serious. You have Been Warned!


The Truth of What They are Hiding Will Shock You.

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The Power of Truth

Published 15 dec 2022

Yashadel The First Adam

Are you Ready?



Gepubliceerd 3 jan 2023

Yashadel The First Adam

A Few IMPORTANT Things I‘ve Learned along the Way,


A Written Testimony Of Yashadel

Police Officers have Burned their Hands on Me, My Soul has been Taken Out of my Body and I have Been Transported from One Place to Another in the Blink of an Eye. ()”

Matrix movie still

Something Else Very Serious that You should Know ()

This is Not A Joke. This is Not A Game. The Time is Now for you to Wake Up before it is Too Late. The Bible describes A Completely DIFFERENT Earth than the One Our Governments are Teaching Us About Today. The Map Above is an OFFICIALLY DOCUMENTED MAP of the World that was Made before the Lies Began. With the Help of Photoshop, Green Screens, Video Tricks and Cooperating Members of the Media an Entirely False rReality has been Sold to the Public by Evil. View our Biblical Documentary about the Earth where we use Both Proven Science and the Holy Words Of God to Reveal the Real Truth to you Once and For All. Why would THEY Lie?

The Serious Reality Is This (…)
They Are Trying To Kill You!

Do you Think that is A Crazy Statement to Make? If So you have Done No Real Research and you have No Idea What is Really Happening in This World Today. We have MUCH to Say about this Subject and If you Really Want to Know the Truth I suggest you Take Some Time to Read and Study this Website.
We have access to some REAL Information that just might help to save your life. Why? Because what it all boils down to is this, run to Jesus before it’s too late!
Let me ask you  a question. Why do you think THEY are lying to you  about everything? What is their true motive? Why do THEY want to run everything? Why do they want to control our schools AND our governments? Do you think they have your best interest at heart?

If you said no then you are most certainly correct. But the real question you must ask yourself is why? Is it only about money and power? They already have all the money and most of the earthly power so what is the driving force behind all these lies? In order to figure that out we must first analyze what it is they are lying about.

As you look through this site you will discover that we aim to prove that the very heart of all their lies is about reality itself. They tell you that there is no God. They tell you that we all came from monkeys. They tell you that we are living on a spinning ball earth flying through a vast vacuum of empty space in an ever expanding universe. They tell you that THEY even landed on the moon and they spend hundreds of billions of your dollars flying to outer space over the years and they are putting up satellites.

But what if all that wasn’t true? What if we lived on a flat stationary plane and the earth sat on a fixed foundation and did not move. What if the stars and the sun and the moon all spun in an eliptical pattern above our heads? What if we never went to the moon? What if outer space does not exist? What if they stole your hundreds of billions of dollars and used them to create a fictional world and took over our school systems and our air waves simply to control and to perpetuate all these lies? What if the kingdom of Heaven is literally above us and THEY did all of this simply to hide the truth of God from you?

That would be a pretty serious reality wouldn’t it? So if they did all that the question still comes back to why? Well, the answer is quite simple really and there would only be one true answer. They would have done all that simply to kill you. To blind you. To hide the truth of God from you in the hopes that you and your soul would be lost forever in a place called hell.

On the surface it all seems so outlandish that one would initially think that it simply just couldn’t be possible.  That would mean that the whole world that you THOUGHT you knew is really just a lie. It would mean that they intentionally taught us evolution simply to deceive us. Knowing full well it wasn’t true. It would mean that they knew for a fact that the big bang never happened. It would mean that God is real and that evil controls the world. It would mean that we are all in a very serious situation.

Every astronaut who ever claimed to have gone into space would have to be part of a systematic, orchestrated and intentional evil plan.  Every space launch and media event relating to it would have to be a hoax. It would mean that the moon landing was staged. That it was an international collaborative effort to LITERALLY hide reality from + ME + and you.

Well I am very sorry to have to tell you this, but that is EXACTLY what has happened and I am going to prove it. I literally have verifiable photographic evidence that a person can see farther than sixty miles. That would be impossible on an earth with a curved horizon. At sixty miles there should be more than two thousand feet of curvature according to the measurements given to us by NASA.
Not to mention I also have verifiable government studies that show the military itself studies “flat earth” and uses “flat earth” math equations in its guided missel systems.
In truth all you really need to do is look up and view the moon. We are supposedly spinning and flying through space at thousands of miles per hour and yet the face of the moon never spins away. It never tilts, it never wobbles it never changes AT ALL.
All of this, and more, is discussed and shown in detail within our documentary about the earth. Please look below after reading this article to see an accurate description of the earth as outlined in the Bible.

It’s also important to keep in mind that I am also telling you that the government and others also know that Yashadel (Adam) is upon the earth. They just aren’t telling you because they know what this means. They know that the book of Revelation has begun. They know that your knowledge of this truth would prove the reality of the Bible.
But who is THEY anyway? Go read the Book of Enoch. It is true (hint, hint). And in the end that is what all this has been about. To hide the truth and to kill the children of God. To defeat His plan of salvation for you.
Though many of satan’s followers have been duped into thinking they could defeat the most high, the devil himself has always known the truth. He cannot win, and his time is short.

Make no mistake, this is not some crazy “conspiracy” theory. I’m telling you for a fact that IT IS TRUE! This is the real deal of what is happening. This “crazy” conspiracy theory is no theory at all. It is real world and it is massive.


As your eyes begin to open (hopefully) and you start to see the truth of all these things remember this. There is another very serious truth that is a wonderful truth. Jesus and in him is REAL hope. Though the devil rages and evil is real, there is an ALL POWERFUL and Holy God who loves you. And that means if you pay close attention and learn to see, there is still time for you to be saved. But be sure to GET SERIOUS. Time is really running out for us all! The information on this page is no joke!

Please remember, if you fail to grasp the need for Jesus, well, then you do have a reason to be afraid. Because if the Bible is true, and it is, and if Heaven is above us, and it is, well then that also means that hell is literally below us. Keep that close in mind as you study “flat earth” and see the evidence continue to mount up.
All have sinned and come short of the glory of God and are in need of salvation through Jesus. Yes, this is a serious situation.  A VERY serious situation indeed.

I am an eyewitness of many profoundly serious things!
I am trying to warn you. Take God Seriously!


God’s Witness Revealed

THE RETURN OF YASHADELThe World Was Told Something Would Happen, NOW IT HAS

This Is Not A Joke  This Is Not A Game, This Is A Real World Situation

Adam, the first man that God created and placed into the garden of eden has returned, but his true name is Yashadel. Government leaders (and beyond) around the world are already aware of this truth as he has traveled across America preaching on the streets with a megaphone and handing out written notices of warning in many cities. But THEY (the media, government officials and church leaders) are not openly telling the public about it.

Again, this is an authentic news article. Please contact for verification and answers to any
of your questions if you do not believe the authenticity
of these statements.

The book of Revelation speaks of God sending two “witnesses” during the season of the end. So the concept of someone being sent back into the world by God is not foreign to the church. However, the church did not know who it would be, when it would be or how it would happen. But now, humbly I say, it has begun.
The following is a testimony from Yashadel (known to the modern world as Adam).
–  I was born into this generation the same way that any other man is born into it. With earthly parents, having no memory of having any other life or experiences besides this one. I remained a “normal” man until the age of thirty three, going from job to job, trying to find my place and pay the bills. Never knowing who I really was.
Sadly, I was also lost. Lost within my ignorance, within my sin. I drank too much. I partied too much. I used bad language and I was a womanizer. Shockingly I was also a person who wasn’t even really sure that God was real.
I looked up towards the heavens and I was only able to see what I had been taught by the modern world. A vast vacuum of emptiness beyond the sky. An empty void they call “outer space” where the earth orbits the sun at thousands of miles per hour and the potential existed that we had all evolved through some form of evolution. And it was all said to have been created through something called the big bang. Where NOTHING simply exploded and randomly created everything by mere chance.
I knew of Jesus but I didn’t think it was possible for a man to know the truth of His existence for a certainty. One could believe, I thought, but how could they know for sure? That is what I thought. That is what I believed. But I was wrong. I was very, very wrong.
For me the awakening process began as I stood underneath the carport of my home about eighteen years ago. When suddenly, in an instant, and quite unexpectedly the living presence of the Holy Father came upon me and spoke to me.

You are my prophet,” He said. “My words are eternal and true. I have a message for you to give to the church. But before you can hear this message, the body you are in first needs to be baptized. Go to the church and tell them these things which I have said to you.”

He spoke these words to me with LIVING words. From within my soul. The essence of His living presence moved in such a way within me that He Himself became the words. They were a part of Him. THEY WERE HIM.
It was just as the Bible says, “In the Beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word WAS GOD.” I am an authentic and real witness of this stunning and true reality.
The experience was a powerful one and you can imagine that it literally changed my life.
The next day I went to a church building and had a brief meeting with the pastor. He did not openly accept my testimony and he therefore refused to baptize me. This began a very long process of spiritual warfare and awakenings that continue even to this day.
At the request of “people” close to the situation the local authorities came to the church and took me away in the back of a police car and took me to a mental hospital because I reported that God was speaking to me. This is where the “games” and deception of evil really began to become aggressive and more overt as the enemies of God fought harder and harder to stop my awakening.
I have since experienced the powerful and Living words of God speak to me from within my soul on multiple occasions. But He also speaks to me in other ways as well. One of these ways is through the presence of powerful miracles. And it was within the manifestation of one of these miracles that God Himself confirmed that I was in fact truly Adam. That I was in fact Yashadel.
In December of 2019 I was walking through Union Point Park in New Bern, NC. I was trying to preach and trying to warn as many people as I could. In my hand I carried a written proclamation that I was Adam, the earthly son of God, and that it was the end of the world. Something that I had only just started to do publicly for about a week before this event. At this point the word COVID had yet to reach mainstream America. It had only been briefly mentioned as something beginning to happen in a far off land. Little did I know at the time, the beginning of COVID was actually directly related with what was happening to me. God, it seems, is warning the world in many different ways all at the same time so that in the end no one can deny that what is happening is related to the Bible and to His truth.
While I was walking through the park looking for people to speak with I spotted a “man” and who I thought was his wife walking on a path near the water. I approached them and I asked if they were Christians. I asked them if they understood and accepted Jesus as the Messiah. As their savior. During this brief conversation the man, who stood over six foot tall and who was rather muscular, told me to leaven him alone. He told me that he had his own belief system. As I pushed the issue with him, knowing full well that it was nearing the end of the world and knowing full well that this may be his last chance to be saved, he told me that if I did not leave him alone that he would call the police.
In a desperate measure to stand my ground and to ensure that he understood that this was not a game and that this was a real situation I pointed to the sky, towards Heaven itself and I yelled out, “HOLY FATHER, HOLY SON, HOLY SPIRIT.” Proclaiming the reality of the one true God who was in Heaven. I don’t remember his exact words but after I had made this loud proclamation the “man” informed me that if I didn’t leave that he was going to physically hurt me. And he was much more physically fit than myself and most likely would have throttled me. Yet I was filled with the power of God, I could feel the strength of the Holy Father within my soul and I knew that this was no game and I knew that if this man did not believe that he was in danger of burning in hell.
So, I squared my shoulders, looked him in the eye and declared in all faith and in all seriousness, “You can’t stand against me. I am the son of God.” Keep in mind that I was not and am not proclaiming that I am Jesus or a savior or anything but a normal man. Simply a normal man filled with faith. Simply a normal man, but a man on a mission from God. A unique man. I was declaring, quite simply and profoundly, that I was Adam.
After I made this PROFOUND and strong statement the “man” took a step towards me and suddenly the power of God bucked in my soul. It was as if a horse had kicked me in the chest. As if a spiritual explosion had literally burst forth from within my soul. At that precise moment the “man” was pushed back away from me as if God had thrown him up against an invisible wall. His head was turned to the side. His chin was pointed up and his lips were puckered. I stood staring at him in shock and amazement as he stood locked into this strange position.
His wife still stood next to him and she did not move or speak. She did not cry out. She did not run. She just stood there, stunned, with a very serious and blank expression on her face. There was also at least two other people nearby who saw this. A younger couple who had been sitting on the ground doing stretching exercises as they were preparing to go for a run. In fact I had just prayed with the younger man moments before this encounter. I remember the young woman he was with had blond hair and the young man himself had brown hair.
Though everyone saw what had happened, no one said a word. After about five full seconds of me just staring at this man who remained locked into position he finally cried out, “LEAVE.” This is what I said to him. “I will leave, but I leave of my own accord. The Holy Father runs from no man.” His reply to this, with head still turned, chin still up and still locked into the place and position that God had pushed him was simply, “JUST LEAVE.”
At that, though I myself was still in shock, I turned and walked away and I never looked back. As I’ve said before, this is a real world situation and this is a very, very serious situation for us all. Even for me.
It was not I who grabbed this “guy” and threw him back, but the Holy Father did. God Himself did it. And in so doing it was God Himself that confirmed the reality of this situation and the statement of truth which I had made in faith. That I was Adam. That I am the earthly son of God, a messenger, who is now saved by the reality of my faith in Jesus.
The question must also be pondered, I think. What was this “man”? Neither he nor his wife cried out in shock. Neither he nor his wife asked me what was happening. They seemed to understand full well what was happening. So I ask you, was he even a man at all. Or was he perhaps a fallen angel in the form of a man, or maybe a nephilim. The Bible does speak of them and the book of Enoch is true. Not to mention that I have since come into contact with many.
In truth I have experienced several miracles of Biblical proportion. Including, in all honesty, being transported from one place to another in the blink of an eye as well as having my soul taken out from my body and placed before the Holy Father Himself,  and having police officers literally burn their hands on me… and this is no joke!
Again in 2019 I was walking down the street preaching the Holy prayer given to us by Jesus, “Our Father who are in Heaven…”  and I was preaching it very loudly, boldly so that all could hear.  Two police officers, one male and one female, shouted at me and approached me to stop me. When I ignored them and continued to pray and continued to walk past them the female “officer” reached out to grab hold of me but when she did so her hands were burned. She winced in pain and then backed off and allowed me to pass by without any further attempts to stop me. Once again she did not ask what happened or seem as if she did not understand and the male officer never said a single word.
Through the experience of such things I have come to understand many very serious things. Mainly, that this situation is VERY REAL and the truth and the POWER of the most high Holy God of Heaven is on the move. He is real, He is exactly who the Bible says that He is and the Bible is being fulfilled before our eyes. It is, quite frankly, literally the end of the world and Jesus is our only hope.
Ultimately the entire world around us is filled with the evidence of God’s truth and His majesty. But these things are being hidden from you. The enemies of God are working tirelessly to cover up and hide these things. And you must know, I am not speaking to you by way of hearsay. I am speaking to you as an eye witness. I have seen these things, and more, with my own eyes.
( * THEY * ) have literally designed covert international systems and put them into place in an effort to trap you within a false reality. Including but not limited to our schools, Hollywood, television and the use of false scientific propaganda. All this, quite frankly, was done for one purpose alone. To kill you. To take away your knowledge of God’s truth and your understanding of just how special you really are.
Not only this but they are also hiding from you what is really happening in the world today and how the Bible is being fulfilled because they don’t want you to know. They don’t want you to be saved. This… is a war for your soul.
Because in reality, if you are man (male or female), through Jesus you are literally a child of the most high Holy Father God. He who is the creator and ultimate ruler of all things. THEY do not want you to know this. THEY do not want you to be saved. To have hope. To live a righteous and rewarding life. They want you Godless. Lost in sin. They want you, dead and that’s the truth of it.
Yes, they also want to use you. To control you. They want you to make money for them. They want to have sexual relations with you. But then, when they are done, they simply want you dead, and not saved through your knowledge and love for Jesus.
It has taken years of prayer and tens of thousands of hours of Biblical and scientific research as well as life experiences for me to get this far in my understanding. But now that I am here I cannot remain silent any longer.
I am an eye witness of the Holy Father. I have seen Him with my own eyes, experienced His living words within my own soul and He is an active living part of my everyday life. He is the key to everything that is happening in the world today. He is trying to warn us all.
Therefore I must preach His truth. I must warn the world that HE is God. That He is real. That Jesus TRULY is the Holy son, the Messiah, the savior. And that he is the ONLY savior. The ONLY way for any of us to get into Heaven… no matter WHAT or who you are. This has never been more important to understand than now. For the season of the end has come upon us all.
I am Adam. My true name is Yashadel. I was the first, and now I am among the last. I am a prophet of the most high Holy Father God of heaven. I am the witness of God whom the scriptures themself have warned in the book of Revelation that they should come into the world in the last days. The time is now.

Hear me and believe, or suffer the consequences as outlined in the Holy Bible. For how does God describe those people within the scriptures who refuse to hear his prophets? Yes, there are many false prophets in the world today, but I am not one of them as the mighty miracles of God have testified in my life.
Not that I myself am anything more than just an “ordinary” man. Your salvation does not depend on me, but on Jesus.  It is simply my presence on earth that is important for the cause of the message in which I bring forth from Holy God. It is important for me and for you. Because God has sent me back for a purpose.  If you have any doubts about what that purpose is, read the book of revelation.
To those who would say that I am crazy I would caution you. Know this, that it is God Himself who has established this truth and He alone who has verified it through the display of many powerful miracles and it is God that shall continue to establish it even unto the ends of the earth (and beyond).
I know that He will do this not because I say so but because He already has on several occasions and because it is actually the real truth. And that is where the power of this situation comes from. Within its authenticity. Within the truth that it has already begun.
It is God alone who has determined who I am. It is God alone who has sent me back. It is God alone who has decided the reasons why I am here, not those who are in the world or think that they control the world.
After many years of struggling I have finally been able to accept the reality of these things. But it took many years of struggle. Many years of suffering. Many years of studying the word of God and the observation of many miracles.
After I began to accept it, which was about three and half years ago, I hit the streets and started preaching. Both about Jesus and about the truth of our earth. Since that time I have seen and experienced many difficult things. And yet, many wonderful things as well.
Since the start of “COVID” I have traveled across the country east and west, north and south and I have preached on the streets to some degree in many cities. I’ve also handed out and posted written notices on the doors of hundreds of church buildings.
I have spoken to many who claim to be followers of Jesus in an attempt to warn them and I have attempted to convey the reality of my experiences to many who claim to be preachers of God’s Holy Word. As of yet, none have OPENLY accepted my testimonies. This in spite of the many miracles which God has displayed.
Now I am on the internet and I am trying to reach people and spread the truth of what is happening in a different way. Namely, at
If this surprises you remember, I am only a man.
If you would like to learn more about my experiences I would again invite you to read the questions and answers sections on the website. There I will explain in more detail some of the things I have seen and some of the miracles I have experienced. Including the moment that God took my soul out from my body and put me at His feet. Yes, did I mention that this was a very real and profound situation?

At this point the news about my being “Adam” is not so much about me. It is more about you and what all this means for the church, for the world and for all of creation itself. It means that the world as we know it is nearing its end. It means that the fulfilment of the Bible is now taking place before our very eyes.
If this statement also seems outlandish to you I would once again caution you and ask you to look around the world and tell me what you see?
Pandemics, locusts invading Africa, tens of thousands of earth quakes, tens of thousands of forest fires, droughts, wars and rumors of war (kingdom against kingdom) and now this, the presence of Yashedel (Adam) preaching the truth and hope of Jesus. Tell me, what do you think this means?
For those of you who do not believe in God or believe in his supreme power, you soon will. One way or the other. Personally, I hope it’s the other. Willingly. Through repentance, humility and mercy before your love and acceptance of Jesus as Lord and savior. For of a truth, he is the ONE TRUE GOD. The true King. The Holy son of God who is the Messiah.

I would once again warn you, no matter what you are, no matter who you are, run to Jesus if you can. He is your only hope. In him is liffe, and ONLY in Him.
He truly is the one true all powerful and most high God.
How exactly this will unfold and what will happen I do not know. As I’ve said, I am only a man. But I know this, it has begun. And the truth of our reality is not what you have been taught by the modern educational system. True reality is what God teaches us within his word, and the situation is much more serious than the average man might have imagined.

It is also important for you to understand another significant thing. Though it will be hard for many of you to accept. The reality of our earth, of our world, can be found written in the Bible and nowhere else. Earth is a fixed, non moving flat plane that sits on a foundation. It has four corners and the sky is what spins above us and it was put into place for time telling, and for seasons and for signs.
This is the truth of our reality. The truth of our physical world and I can prove it. If you have any doubts about what I am saying be to sure to watch the documentary video in the important video section of where both the word of God is used and verifiable scientific data to demonstrate this observable truth. Though it will be a sweeping change in your understanding of reality, it is a necessary change. After all, it is reality and how do we expect to have hope if we do not understand reality.
This is a very serious and very real situation indeed and this is at the heart of what THEY have been hiding from you. Everything you see on the television and on the internet about “outer space” is a lie, fed to you by actors seeking to deceive you. THEY are not what they appear to be. More information about who they are can be found written about in the Book Of Enoch. Enoch is a valid Biblical prophet and yet they have kept his books out of the Holy Bible as you know it. Yes, this situation is perhaps much more serious than you might have imagined. Evil is real and it has been actively working to blind us for a very long time now. But God is on the move, and he is the true, all powerful God.
Stay tuned to where I plan to speak and share articles from time to time.
Please also pray. Please read the Bible. Please Give your life to Jesus. Because again, this is a real situation. God is SUPREME and Jesus is our only hope!
If you already know Jesus, be hopeful and LOOK UP. Our Messiah will be returning for us and he is all powerful and there is nothing anyone or anything can do about that.
To Watch Our Documentary About Earth CLICK HERE

Fallen Angels and “Aliens” (…) THEY look Human (…) Very Serious Topic!

Published 21 mrt 2023

Yashadel The First Adam

Warning to the Church THEY have Infiltrated the Congregations. I Know because I have Seen with My Own Eyes

One of the common sayings among those who cannot or do not accept the real truth of our earth is this, “why would THEY lie?” I am here to tell you, because many of them are not actually human. Fallen angels walk among us and they often look and live as humans, hidden in plain sight. They and their children. You think it’s normal people heading up the lies and cover ups? You know aliens and never even knew it (if your a “normal” person). This is both serious and very real. It has begun.


Magnetic Declination reveals Reality

Published  23 dec 2022

Yashadel The First Adam

The Truth Hidden in Plain Sight


Giants of the Bible are Real and are Alive Today

Published 10 apr 2023

Yashadel The First Adam

I do not know if the nephilim can be saved, but I know this, Jesus is God, Jesus is Savior and Jesus is our only hope no matter who or what we are. Be warned, evil wears a mask and many will only pretend to be friendly just to sow confusion among Christians. By the way, this secret is also why so many “people” do not fight against the shot or the mask or lockdowns or any unjust non Christian thing. Because many “people” are simply just not what they appear to be. They are the enemies of God, non human entities living among us in secret.

THEY are Hiding Reality.

Run to Jesus

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Sunset in the Dry Flat Desert

Published 3 jan 2023

CLICK HERE to Watch Documentary

There is MUCH Biblical Evidence of A Motionless Earth that sits on A Foundation and There is MUCH Scientific Evidence to Prove it. Science has Never been the Problem but Those Who Lie about Science That is the Problem. Please Watch our Biblical Documentary about the Earth Where we Use Both Scripture and Science to Reveal the Real Ttruth.  Please, I‘m Actually Begging You. It’s Time to Wake Up.

IT’S TIME TO RUN TO JESUS in Truth of Heart While There is Still Time for You to be Saved! The Bible is True. Jesus is God. He and the Father are One.


A Serious Amazing Reality

Published 13 december 2023

Yashadel The First Adam)

This Video needs No Explanation
We Have the Evidence


This is How the Bible Actually describes Earth


US Government locates “Dome, Encyclopedia confirms in 1958

Published 11 oktober 2022

Yashadel The First Adam

This is A SERIOUS and Real Situation


Reading the Holy Bible with A Sincere Heart can Change Your Life!

Gepubliceer 11 oktober 2022

Yashadel The First Adam

Seek and You shall Find One Man’s Testimony of How Reading the Bible Changed his Forever Life into Beauty!

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The Time Is Now To Seek Jesus!

Gepubliceerd 22 jun 2022

Yashadel The First Adam

Many People SAY they Love Jesus, but Do you Live It? It’s Time to Get Serious. Time is Short. THEY ARE HIDING MUCH!


The Free Man’s Law, Common Law and the Theft of Your Lawful Rights

Gepubliceerd 16 oktober 2022

Yashadel The First Adam

How has the “Judicial System robbed Freedom Away from Sleeping Populations? More Importantly, Learn How you can Take them Back Immediately through Common Law.

The United States is a common law country. Common law is based on Biblical principles. But what you did not know is that the government has deceitfully pulled you out from common law and placed you under corporate law without your knowing or informed consent.
How have they done this? By LITERALLY incorporating your name, causing you to become the “trustee” of that corporation name and therefore whenever you answer to the ALL CAPITAL letter corporate name on your identification you are unknowingly accepting responsibility for a CORPORATION which brings you under admiral law or corporate law (rules).
The only way to avoid this is to identify yourself in this way (for the name John Doe) “I am John, of the family of Doe.I am the living man. I am the beneficiary of the JOHN DOE trust. I do not consent to contract or joinder and I wave the benefits (of any contract) at offer.” You may also throw in, “as I am a living man I fall under the jurisdiction of Common Law, not corporate law.”
There is more to learn, of course, but this is an introduction to the concept of truth in LAW ENFORCEMENT. “Police” and “judges” do not even inform the people about this truth. In fact they go out of their way to hide this truth and pretend they don’t know what you are talking about so they can enforce UNLAWFUL corporate rules, codes and statutes upon you. This is reality.
Wearing a mask, staying in your home and getting shots are three of these CODES that do not apply to living men under common law, only to fictional corporations who have contracted with them. THIS IS REALITY. THIS IS THE TRUTH.
Learn the basics of how to defend yourself with common law, which is Biblical principled law, from these demonic, lying criminals that are stealing our freedoms.


The LEGAL Definition of “Mandate

Gepubliceerd 11 okt 2022

Yashadel The First Adam

We must RESIST Satantic Tyranny


Jesus is Savior, Jesus is Holy, Jesus is GOD

Gepubliceerd 22 juni 2022

Yashadel The First Adam

Father God, Holy Spirit God, Holy Son Jesus God. Three in One, The Holy Trinity, I and the Father are One

Please, Seek Wisdom. Please, Seek Salvation. Please, SEEK JESUS in Everything We Do. With A Sincere Heart. The Time is Now!


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