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DNA Mind Control (Exposed)

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Targeted Individuals, Gang Stalking and MK ULTRA (Documentary For Research, Long Version)

Published 19 jul. 2018

This is the Full Version of the Documentary. You can watch the Short Version here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t20sR34YWcQ&t=0s.

If you watched the Short Version already, skip the Introduction.

0.00:00 Introduction
1:54:42 Your Government just wants The Best for You!
2:42:23 Disinformation, Fake News, Propaganda, Character Assassination
3:20:07 Targeted Individuals (Whistleblowers, Doctors, Victims, Patents, Laws, Precedence, et cetera)
6:05:22 Mind Reading Technology, Brain Implants, Direct Neural Interfaces
7:25:28 Artificial Intelligence
7:59:01 Transhumanism
8:22:13 MK ULTRA They totally stopped Research and Development on this in 1973, and will never attempt it again.
9:42:10 Conclusion

I made this Documentary similar to a Basic Essay. Both the Introduction and Conclusion highlight the Key Factors and Main Points of the Targeted Individual Human Experimentation Subject, but do not cover All the Details Associated. The Body of the Documentary dives deep into the Details of all the Specific Areas that are discussed. Technically speaking one could just watch the Body of the Video and still have access to All the Information presented. Due to the Vast Amount of Information regarding this Subject I deduced it was Most Effective to have an Introduction and Conclusion highlighting the Most Vital Clips. I am aware the Length of this Documentary is very long, but keep in Mind I have done thousands of hours of Research regarding this Subject and I would rather Over Inform the Viewers as opposed to Under Inform them.

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Our Main Goal is to Enact The Neuro Specific Human Rights Bill into the Legislation of Every Country across the Globe. This will effectively eliminate the Vast Majority of Current Neurological Human Rights Abuses, and prevent Future Abuses from Reoccurring.

After we have established a Successful Foundation in Canada, we will branch out to Other Countries across the Globe. We will be focusing our Lobbying Efforts on the Political Administrations of Countries that have the Highest Probability of Successfully Enacting The Neuro Specific Human Rights Bill into Legislation. After a large enough Precedent has been set, other Countries will follow suit with Ease. We firmly believe that Neuro Specific Human rRghts will be a Foundational Principle of Every Constitution Worldwide. We constantly strive to reach that Result, and we will not stop until we achieve it.

February 25th 2019 We created the First Draft of The Neuro Specific Human Rights Bill Proposal.

March 6th 2019 Our Lobbying Campaign for the Implementation of Neuro Specific Human Rights into Canadian Legislation officially launched.

January 16th 2020 The World Congress of Bioethics Planning Committee and the International Association of Bioethics selected our Bill Proposal Abstract for a Live Presentation Slot during their 15th Annual Conference in Philadelphia, USA.

January 20th 2020 We attained the Support of MP Mark Strahl via an In Person Presentation.

February 26th 2020 The Canadian Bioethics Society selected Our Bill Proposal Abstract for a Live Presentation Slot during their 31st Annual conference in Toronto, Canada.

June 3rd 2020 We attained the Support of MP Michelle Rempell Garner via a Teleconference Presentation.

June 5th 2020 The World Congress of Bioethics advised us that our Bill Proposal Abstract received a Top Score, and it was Nominated for the Ehrenreich Prize for the North American region.

June 3rd 2021 We attained the Support of MP Wayne Easter via a Teleconference Presentation.

June 15th 2021 We attained the Support of MP Rachael Harder via a Teleconference Presentation.

June 28th 2021 MP Elizabeth May sponsored our Official ePetition to the House of Commons. The Petition calls for the Government to enshrine Neuro Specific Human Rights into Canadian Legislation. The Petition will have 120 days to accumulate as Many Signatures as possible. If 500 Signatures are collected, the Petition will receive Final Certification and it will be presented to the House of Commons! The Government is required to respond to the Petition within 45 calendar days following the HOC Presentation.

June 29th 2021 We attained the Support of MP Tako Van Popta via a Teleconference Presentation.


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